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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1077

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1077

“Dr. Robert has been involved in a car accident.“ Joshua frowned and glanced at Luna as soon as he hung up. “He was on his way to see us.“

Dr. Robert was caught in an accident?

Luna felt her mind go blank as soon as she heard this. How did this happen?

Just a few minutes ago, Janice had told her that Dr. Robert was on his way to the hospital to see them and admit his mistakes in front of Joshua, so how could he suffer an accident so abruptly?

Was this simply a coincidence, or did someone plan this?

If this accident was intentional, then did Dr. Robert deliberately cause an accident to avoid telling the truth, or…

All of a sudden, Luna recalled the strange phone call that she had received just a few minutes ago.

The person who called her…was probably Dr. Robert himself!

Luna bit down on her lip and felt as though something was stirring in her heart.

Since Dr. Robert had called her immediately after he got into the accident, this meant that he was willing to face the truth and rectify his mistakes. Therefore, if this accident was not a coincidence, then someone else must have caused this to stop Dr. Robert from coming clean with the truth!

As soon as she thought of this, Luna bit down on her lip and lifted her head to gaze at Joshua. “I want to go to the site of the accident and see Dr. Robert.“

Joshua furrowed his brows slightly upon meeting Luna’s determined gaze. “Are you sure?“

The person who had called Joshua said that the accident was extremely serious and that Dr. Robert was barely holding on. He was trapped inside his car, unable to escape, and the firefighters were trying desperately to rescue him…

Therefore, he did not think it was appropriate for Luna to go to the accident scene since she had only recently recovered from her injuries.

Regardless, Luna bit down on her lip and stood her ground. “I’m sure. I want to go.“

If someone had deliberately planned this to murder Dr. Robert, then he could not possibly make it out alive. However, as he was still putting up a fight, Luna knew she had to rush over immediately to listen to what he had to say before it was too late.

Seeing that there was nothing he could do to change her mind, Joshua had no choice but to relent. He let out an exhale and strode out of the room. “Let’s go, then.“

Luna paused for a moment, then quickly followed after him.

When the two of them reached the elevator, one of the bodyguards caught up with them and asked, “Sir, what about Ms. Blake? Should I let her leave?“

Joshua narrowed his eyes. “No one is allowed to let her leave without my orders! “

“Yes, Sir! “

Joshua did not wait for the bodyguard’s response and instead got into the elevator with Luna and descended to the ground floor.

Throughout the drive from the hospital to the accident site, Luna put her hands together and prayed for Dr. Robert.

She knew that since Dr. Robert was willing to kill both Violet and Shaun Lewis so that he could be together with Janice, this was karma for what he had done in the past.

However, she had to obtain his final confession to prove that he had been lying all along and expose Fiona’s true colors.

The car soon arrived at the scene of the accident.

The air was filled with the stench of gasoline and blood. The accident scene had been sealed off with police tape, and the firefighters were hard at work, trying to rescue Dr. Robert from his car.

Luna initially wanted to rush to Dr. Robert’s side and talk to him, but…

He was trapped inside his car and so severely injured that some parts of his body had been punctured down to the bone, exposing his innards within. His limbs were paralyzed and bent in such crooked angles that he looked like a doll.

Just a single glimpse made Luna nauseous, and she had to stop by the roadside to vomit.

Joshua let out a sigh and patted her back while holding a bottle of mineral water. “I already told you not to come.”

Luna closed her eyes. She wanted to talk to Dr. Robert, but the sight of him was so mortifying that she felt as though her stomach would turn itself inside out.

She did not even dare to go near him, much less find out if he was still alive or not…

At this exact moment in the hospital, the elevator arrived on the 18th floor.

A young boy in a black tuxedo came out of the elevator.

The bodyguard caught sight of this boy and quickly approached him. “Young Master Nigel? Is that you?”

The boy remained silent for a moment, then nodded.

“Yes.” “Didn’t you go to the villa in the countryside with Granny Lynch? Why did you return so suddenly?”

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