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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1075

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1075

Joshua’s expression darkened upon hearing this. He put down his phone, then turned to glance at Luna. “ The doctors have concluded Fiona’s disease. Do you want to come with me to hear what they have to say?“

Luna contemplated this for a moment, then chuckled. “Of course I do.“

She got out of the car and added as they made their way to the hospital, “How can I miss the opportunity to witness the love of your life falling from her pedestal, Mr. Lynch?“

Joshua froze upon hearing this. A bitter smile crept across his face as he watched Luna walk further away.

The love of his life…

He would never allow her to fall from her pedestal.


The two made their way into the hospital and arrived at the 18th floor, where Fiona had been undergoing her checkup.

Initially, Luna thought that they would be met with the sight of a defeated-looking Fiona and a group of experienced doctors when they arrived.

To her surprise, however…

When she and Joshua entered the ward, the first thing they saw was Fiona casually munching on some fruits, sitting gracefully on the hospital bed with her legs crossed.

Meanwhile, a group of doctors was sitting on stools surrounding her, their faces etched with confusion and helplessness.

Luna frowned upon seeing this. She had a feeling that something was wrong.

Joshua, too, furrowed his brows when he entered the room.

As soon as they arrived, the head doctor immediately stood up and approached them. “Mr. Lynch.“

Joshua glanced at him impassively and said, “Tell me what happened.“

The doctor cleared his throat. “Basically, we cross — checked and compared Ms. Blake’s symptoms, and the conclusion is—

“Her symptoms match up with that of Dr. Robert’s diagnosis, so we believe that Dr. Jenson’s initial diagnosis was correct: Ms. Blake has indeed acquired a rare disease that causes her emotions to influence her physical health, and she has only less than eleven months to live.“

Luna immediately froze upon hearing this.

Joshua, too, frowned as he then asked icily, “What do you mean by this? Does this mean that after spending such a long time examining her, the conclusion you get is that her symptoms match with those that Dr. Jenson described, and so he’s correct?“

The doctor remained silent for a moment, then nodded. “Yes… That’s correct.“

Seeing that Joshua’s expression was growing darker by the minute, the doctor let out an awkward cough and lowered his head. “Mr. Lynch, please don’t blame us… Ms. Blake was diagnosed by Dr. Robert himself, and you should know that Dr. Jenson is a reputable and experienced doctor… He’s been in this field for more than forty years now and has never made a mistake. His diagnoses are always a hundred percent accurate.

“We’ve never seen anything like what Ms. Blake is experiencing before, so we didn’t dare come to another diagnosis. However, since Dr. Robert has stated that her illness is an incurable one…then it must be true…“

Luna immediately glanced in Fiona’s direction when she heard this.

At this moment, Fiona was sitting elegantly on the hospital bed, chewing on an orange nonchalantly.

Luna narrowed her eyes, and a cold sneer spread across her lips.

Fiona knew that not a single doctor dared to challenge Dr. Robert’s expertise for fear of offending him, and so she would not be exposed at all.

No wonder she did not seem worried at all. It turned out she had expected this to happen all along.

Joshua glared at the doctor in anger.

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