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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1073

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1073

Fiona’s expression darkened upon hearing this.

Since Joshua had brought this up, this meant that he had seen the interviews she did, but…

She had already downloaded the application that Jake had given her into both Joshua and Lucas’

phones…so how could he have found out about the interviews?

“You told the media that even though Nigel and Nellie are just children, they’re already wise beyond their age. Doesn’t that imply that they had indeed kidnapped Janice?“

Fiona pursed her lips slightly. “That wasn’t what I meant. All I wanted to say was that they were intelligent kids…“

“Is that so?“ Joshua curled his lips into a cold sneer and opened the passenger side door. “Come on in. I have something to tell you.“

Fiona contemplated for a moment before finally getting into the car.

As soon as he saw her entering, the bodyguard that had been keeping an eye on Fiona followed suit.

However, before he could even open the door to the backseat, Joshua stopped him and said, “I want to thank you for protecting Ms. Blake these few days, so go find Lucas to retrieve your reward.“

The bodyguard was delighted to hear this. He immediately nodded and scampered off to find Lucas.

As soon as the bodyguard left, Joshua locked the car doors and started the engine. Fiona sat in the passenger seat and said in a gentle voice, “Joshua, I thought that you’d be able to find Luna in Sea City and bring her back.“

With that, she let out a sigh and added, “I pity Luna. If her children hadn’t died, she wouldn’t have lost her mind due to the emotional trauma and gone crazy. I was even thinking of visiting her at the mental asylum, but she escaped before I could do so Joshua narrowed his eyes slightly and smiled as he drove. “How did you know that Luna escaped?“

Joshua knew that even before he went to the mental asylum, Mr. Chase had kept Luna’s escape a secret to prevent the public from finding out. Even after he had gone to the mental asylum and discovered that Luna had broken out, Joshua, too, instructed Mr.

Chase not to leak the news to the public. Despite that, Fiona somehow knew of this.

Fiona was a little startled by this question. Then, after a long pause, she let out an awkward cough and said, “Actually, I… I heard this from— “

“You heard this news from Mr. Chase,“ a cold, female’s voice interrupted Fiona before she could finish.

Luna straightened up and fixated her gaze on Fiona, sneering. “You and Mr. Chase were in on this together, weren’t you?“

“Luna?! “ Fiona was so shocked by Luna’s voice and sudden appearance that she could not even say a single word.

She turned to glance at Luna, then at Joshua, her face as pale as a ghost.

Since Luna was sitting in Joshua’s car at this moment, utterly unscathed, this could only mean one thing…

Joshua and Luna had overcome their misunderstanding.

Fiona slumped feebly against the seat and glanced out the window, trying desperately to figure out an excuse to explain her behavior.

All of a sudden, she was struck with a realization.

“We’re not heading to Orchard Manor! “ Fiona turned to stare at Joshua in shock. “Joshua, where are you taking me?“

Joshua stared at the road ahead of him with an expression of nonchalance. “The hospital.“

Fiona’s eyes widened. “Why are we going to the hospital?“

“I’ve made an appointment with another expert medical team to diagnose and treat you. I want to find out if there’s a cure for your disease or not.“

Fiona’s face flushed scarlet immediately upon hearing this.

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