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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1072

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1072

With that, Luna turned and left.

Joshua walked out of the mental asylum with Luna following behind.

While on their way to Fiona’s hotel, Luna called Dr. Robert to tell him that Janice was in the mental asylum.

“It must’ve been you! “ Dr. Robert was very agitated as soon as he heard this. “It must’ve been your fault! If it weren’t for you, why would Janice want to take your place in the mental asylum and refuse to come out? I diagnosed you as mentally insane, and you forced my wife to take your place as a patient instead! You’re a cold, heartless b*tch! “

Luna could not help but feel amused by how distressed Dr. Robert sounded. “Me? Heartless? If you think I’m heartless, then what do you call someone who intentionally murdered Ms. Janice’s ex-husband and daughter just to get back together with her?“

Dr. Robert was so astounded by this that he did not know what to reply. Finally, after a long while, he snarled through gritted teeth, “Just you wait! As soon as I get Janice out of there, I’ll make you pay for this! “

Luna could not be bothered by his threats and instead hung up the phone.

However, as soon as she hung up the phone, she rubbed her temples in frustration.

She was a little worried about this. Seeing how distressed Dr. Robert was, she doubted if Janice would be able to convince him to come clean with the truth.

The car soon arrived at the hotel Fiona was staying in.

Fiona strode out of the hotel entrance as soon as the car pulled up, with the same bodyguard who had smashed Luna’s finger with a hammer following closely behind.

As soon as she caught sight of the bodyguard, Luna’s entire body stiffened. She bit down on her lip and clenched her right hand into a fist.

Seeing how nervous and uneasy she was, Joshua furrowed his brows. Just as he was about to say something to comfort her, however, Fiona had already arrived in front of their car.

“Hello, Joshua! “ Fiona smiled and waved from outside the window.

Luna immediately frowned and pressed her body flat against the backseat of the car so that Fiona and the bodyguard would not be able to see her.

Joshua watched all this unfold and furrowed his brows slightly, then rolled down the car window impassively.

“Joshua, I heard you went to Sea City to capture Luna.“ Fiona gently laid her head against the window, smiling from ear to ear. “How did it go? Did you manage to find her?“

Joshua narrowed his eyes and curled his lips into a smirk. “No.”

“You didn’t find her?” A glimmer of delight flashed across Fiona’s eyes. However, a split second later, she regained her composure and put on an expression of regret. “That’s too bad. I thought that you’d be able to find Luna and make things right for Nigel and Nellie…

“After all, they had kidnapped Janice only a day after they saw Luna. If you managed to track her down, you might be able to tell the media that Luna was the one behind all this instead of the children. Otherwise…the children would have to go to jail on charges of kidnapping, and this will definitely affect their future.”

Joshua continued to watch her coldly. As soon as she finished her sentence, he curled his lips into a sneer and glanced at Fiona impassively. “Didn’t you already say that to the media?”

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