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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1064

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1064

Joshua stormed into the stairwell without any hesitation, with Luna still in his arms.

“Let go of me…“ Luna protested weakly.

However, she was too tired and in so much pain that her struggles were futile.

“I won’t.“ Joshua zipped down the flights of stairs and, holding Luna tightly against his chest, said, “ I’ve appointed three more teams of medical professionals to reassess your mental condition. You have to go home with me right now. If Dr. Robert’s diagnosis is wrong… I won’t forgive him for this! “

Luna let out a bitter smile as she listened to the thumping of Joshua’s heart against his chest. “Three medical teams…“

Her voice was so hoarse that it seemed even a simple sentence like this used up all the strength in her body. “So you still need to hire some doctors to determine if I’m mentally insane or not, don’t you? You don’t believe me after all…“

Joshua’s entire body stiffened when he heard this. Was that true? Did he not believe her?

All of a sudden, Joshua recalled what Janice had said when he saw her at Banyan City Mental Asylum.

“I didn’t know how rigid and unrelenting of a person you are, Mr. Lynch. I guess in the end, you’d rather believe some words on a page than a living, breathing human being, don’t you? Can’t you tell

the difference between someone who’s really sick and who’s not?“

Joshua felt his heart sink. He wanted more than anything to believe Luna, but…

He let out an exhale and said in a low voice, “You’re too weak now. Don’t talk.“

Luna curled her lips into a bitter smile and nodded. “ Okay. I’ll shut up.“

She should not be talking to him anyway. After all, what use was it to speak to someone who did not believe her at all?

Even though Joshua was holding her like this, Luna knew that in his mind, she was still a mentally insane patient, a crazy woman who would abuse both her own son and herself.

Luna was sent into the operating room.

Six hours passed before she was finally wheeled out of the operating room.

“The reason she vomited blood was because of an infection in her blood, “ the doctor explained, sighing at the same time. “She had been through so much within such a short time, and even after her finger was broken, no one treated the wound, and it got infected. Even though the finger is already unviable, the infection didn’t clear up in time, so it spread into her bloodstream and caused her to vomit blood.“

With that, he lifted his head to glance at Joshua. “ How are you related to the patient?“

Joshua fell into silence for a moment, then finally answered, “I’m her husband.”

“Her husband?” The doctor stared at Joshua incredulously, then said in a tone that was as frosty as his gaze, “What kind of husband are you? How can you let your wife suffer like this? Don’t you know how much it hurts to have your finger crushed like that?”

The doctor let out a sigh and added, “I’ve seen many patients in my day, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen anything like this. The bones in her finger were fractured into so many pieces that there was no way of reconnecting them anymore! “

With that, he slammed his folder shut and turned to leave. “Talk about irresponsible!”

Joshua remained motionless, his expression dark.

After a moment, he took out his phone and barked an order, “Find Mr. Chase and lock him up immediately! I have some questions for him!”

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