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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1061

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1061

Meanwhile, Luna and Gwen were hidden inside the room. They tilted their heads and eavesdropped on the conversation happening outside the door.

The color drained from Luna’s face as soon she heard what Joshua said.

As soon as she heard that Joshua had arrived, Luna guessed that Joshua had probably found out she was here and rushed over to talk to her.

Otherwise, he would not have arrived without giving Luke a heads-up, considering how close he and Luke were.

What he had just told Luke, however, was that the reason he came was that Luke had meddled with something that belonged to him.

Luna pressed her lips into a thin line.

It turned out that she was nothing more than an object to Joshua.

“What do you mean by this? What thing of yours did I touch?“ Meanwhile, in the hallway outside the door, Luke gave Joshua an impassive glance and spoke, a cold smirk playing on his lips, “I can’t seem to remember what it is.“

“Is that so? “ Joshua curled his lips into a sneer and fixated his cold, penetrating gaze on the closed door behind Luke. “Do you need me to remind you? A few nights ago, you brought your men to Banyan City and took something from me. Don’t you remember?“

With that, he shifted his icy stare onto Luke. “Luke, you should know that the only reason you’re the person you are today is because of me. Is this how you pay me back for helping you in the past?“

Luke narrowed his eyes upon hearing this but did not say a word.

He knew that since Joshua had come all the way to the hospital, he must have been loo-percent sure that Luna was here.

Yesterday, when Luke showed the X-ray to Joshua, it was actually a form of reminder. However…

Since Gwen was inside the room with Luna, eavesdropping on their conversation, he could not possibly tell Joshua the truth and hand Luna over to him.

Seeing that Luke did not reply, Joshua curled his thin lips into a smirk and said, “Since you don’t know why I’m here, let me tell you what’s been happening, then.

“Luna has been diagnosed with severe mental illness. Not only does she abuse the children during her episodes, but she’d also harm herself and even broke her own finger.

“However, after I sent her into a mental asylum, someone came and broke her out of there. I’ve already looked into this incident and found out that both she and my son, Nigel, were involved in this. Nigel even kidnapped the wife of the doctor who diagnosed Luna, Dr. Robert, in an attempt to get the doctor to redact his psychological evaluation.

“Therefore, as Nigel’s father, I am responsible for educating him.“

Luke narrowed his eyes upon hearing this. “How are you going to do that?“

“I have two choices.“ Joshua lifted his gaze to stare at the closed door. “The first one is after I find Luna,

I’ll let her re-educate the children and let them know that this behavior was entirely wrong. Then, I’ll observe to see if there’s any improvement.

“The other one is…“

Joshua raised his voice and continued, “If I can’t find Luna, then I ‘ll have to send the children to a youth education center and let them be schooled in a strict, no-nonsense approach. That’ll show them how to behave like good children.“

Inside the ward.

Luna balled her right hand tightly when she heard what Joshua had said.

It turned out that everything Fiona told Anne on the phone was true.

Joshua had decided to send the children to an education center, where they would be locked in a windowless room!

Luna gritted her teeth in anger. How could this man be so cruel and heartless?

Was this because Fiona had successfully gotten pregnant with his children, so he did not like Nigel and Nellie anymore?

Even though Luna had never been to the youth education center that Joshua mentioned before, she knew that this kind of school was no different from prison!

Nigel and Nellie were only six years old! How could Joshua do this to them? Meanwhile, outside the door, Luke had the exact same reaction as Luna. ”A youth education center?”

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