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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1059

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1059

At the hospital in Sea City.

No matter how hard Gwen and Luke tried to stop Luna from seeing the news in Banyan City, she still found out about Fiona’s interview.

What Fiona said in her interview made Luna feel anxious and worried. Every single sentence she said had a double meaning to it, as though she could not wait to tell the entire world how bad Nigel and Nellie were for kidnapping Dr. Robert’s wife!

She even mentioned something about Joshua keeping Nigel and Nellie locked up at home for reeducation…

What kind of reeducation did she mean?

Luna clutched her phone and called Nigel and Nellie nonstop, but no matter how many times she called, there was no answer.

Finally, she had no choice but to dial Anne’s number.

Initially, Anne had wanted to hide everything from Luna as well. Still, she was a straightforward and outspoken person, so after a bit of coaxing and trickery on Luna’s part, Anne soon lost control of herself and blurted out everything, including what Fiona told her during the phone call.

As soon as she hung up the call with Anne, Luna felt her breathing become more labored.

Since she could not seem to get in touch with Nigel and Nellie, combined with what Fiona said about Joshua sending the children away to a youth education center…

Luna knew how cruel and heartless Joshua could be toward the children.

When Nigel and Nellie were sick, he was unwilling to pay a single dime for their medical bills…

Since he thought Luna was a psychiatric patient and that the children had committed a crime, Luna decided that it was entirely possible that Joshua had sent them away.

After contemplating for a moment, Luna got out of bed.

She could run, but she could not hide forever.

Her children were still with Joshua. Finally, she decided that it was better to return voluntarily instead of waiting until it was too late in letting Joshua find her.

If she returned on her own accord, maybe the children would suffer less.

Luna got out of bed and staggered to the door. Before she could walk out of the room, however, she came face-to -face with Gwen and Luke. “Where are you going?“

Luna’s body was still weak, and her face was as pale as a sheet of paper. Upon questioning, she answered in a feeble voice, “I’m…I’m going back to Banyan

City. I can’t let Nigel and Nellie continue to be under Joshua’s guard. I…“

Gwen furrowed her brows and pulled Luna into her arms. “Luna, did you forget everything that you went through in Banyan City? Do you think nine fingers is too much?“

Luna froze, then lowered her head to glance at her left hand.

Where her little finger used to be was a small stump.

She recalled the pain she had felt when her finger was smashed with a hammer. It was so excruciating that every time she was reminded of it, she felt as though the bones in her entire body trembled as well.

Despite this harrowing experience, she still thought she should return as soon as possible.

Was her finger…as important as Nigel and Nellie?

Even though Nigel had always been an intelligent child, Luna knew he was afraid of the dark. On the other hand, Nellie had been spoiled all her life, and she had only just recovered from her autism…

They could not afford to go through another round of torment again!

If Luna’s return to Banyan City could make Joshua change his mind about punishing the children, then she would gladly do so, even if it meant losing a few extra fingers.

As soon as she thought of this, Luna bit down on her lip and shoved Gwen aside, then staggered forward. “ I ‘m going back… Since I was the one who brought them into this world, I should be the one protecting them, too. If I can’t even protect them… What kind of mother am I?“

Gwen felt a twinge of pain shoot through her heart a s she watched Luna’s thin frame move slowly through the hallway. She immediately glanced meaningfully at the bodyguards.

The two bodyguards rushed forward and stopped Luna.

Initially, Luna tried to struggle from their grasp emotionlessly. “Let go of me… I want to find my children. Let go of me!”

However, her struggles were to no avail. She finally realized that her efforts were futile, and it was as though something had broken loose inside of her. She wailed in sorrow, screamed, and cried, “Joshua Lynch…! What do you even want from me?! “

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