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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1057

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1057

Meanwhile, at the mental asylum located on the city outskirts…

As soon as the director, Mr. Chase, found out that the famous Joshua Lynch had arrived, he was so startled that he rushed out to greet him without

even putting his clothes on properly.

“I want to see Luna, “ Joshua ordered coldly as he strode through the entrance.

Mr. Chase was so nervous that he broke out in cold sweats. “Mr. Lynch…um… Ms. Luna doesn’t want to see you…“

Joshua scoffed. “I don’t care. I want to see her! “

Mr. Chase could not help shuddering when he saw the cold, hard look in Joshua’s eyes.

He knew there was no hiding the truth anymore, so he gritted his teeth and got down on his knees in front of Joshua with a thud. “Mr. Lynch! I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I didn’t keep a strict eye on Luna, and she…ran away…“ Luna ran away?

Joshua was so shocked by this that he immediately stood up from his chair. He grabbed hold of Mr. Chase’s collar and snapped, his handsome features contorted in anger, “Didn’t you say you would assign more people to keep guard of her? How did she run away, then?“

This was the first time Mr. Chase had seen Joshua so livid and the first time he had ever seen this otherwise calm and elegant man look so furious. He was so terrified that he stammered, “I… I did assign more people to keep guard of her…but the problem was with the guards…“

Mr. Chase tilted his face away so as not to meet Joshua’s seething gaze. “The men dressed up as nurses to look after Luna… Then, in the middle of the night, they switched Luna out with another person while everyone was asleep… This isn’t our fault, Mr. Lynch!

“They claimed that one of the nurses had suffered heatstroke, and we believed them… After they left, we went to check on Luna’s ward, and there was another woman in there. She looked identical to Luna! Because it was so late at night, we didn’t check on her for fear of waking her, but then morning came.. and we discovered we had been tricked…“ Joshua narrowed his eyes fiercely.

Did this mean there was an entire group of people who came to break Luna out?

Joshua let go of Mr. Chase’s collar without warning, causing him to fall onto the ground with a loud thud.

However, Joshua took no notice of this and instead circled him and headed straight to the door. “Take me to the impostor right this instant.“

“Alright, alright! “ Mr. Chase hastily picked himself up from the ground and caught up with Joshua. “It’s a slightly older woman, but when we tried to question her, she refused to say anything at all… She’s very stubborn…“

As Mr. Chase continued to describe the situation, the two soon arrived at Luna’s ward.

Inside the room, a woman in a striped hospital gown was leaning against the wall in silence. Although her hair was tousled and messy, her eyes still shone clear and bright.

As soon as she saw Joshua, the woman lifted her head and smiled. “Hello, Mr. Lynch.“

Joshua’s pupils constricted when he made out the woman’s face.

It was none other than Janice!

The same woman that he and Dr. Robert’s men had been searching for an entire day!

Joshua strode into the ward. “What are you doing here, Mrs. Jenson?“

“I volunteered to come in here, “ Janice replied, smiling at Joshua. “I’ve met Luna myself, so I know better than anyone how her mental state is. She’s perfectly normal.

“Since my husband was the one who misdiagnosed her and forced her to suffer, then I should take her place and bear the pain for her.“

Joshua furrowed his brows upon hearing this but did not reply.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chase was so stunned by this sudden confession that he could not say a single word.

After a long while, he managed to squeeze out a few sentences.

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