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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1056

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1056

”Nigel? ” Fiona curled her lips into a sneer. ”He’s at home right now, receiving punishment for what he did. Children should be punished if they’re disobedient and go against their elders’ orders.”

She shifted into a more comfortable position gracefully and continued, ”Joshua has already decided last night to adopt a stricter approach to the children, so now, he has confiscated all of their devices. Not only are you unable to contact them, but even if you go to Orchard Manor or Blue Bay Villa right away, you won’t be able to see them either.

”Joshua said that since they’ve been brainwashed by Luna, they’re now psychologically unsound, so he wants to send them to a professional education center. Even though it’s called an education center, in reality, it’s just a place to keep them shut in a windowless room… ”

Anne bit down on her lip when she heard this. Her hand gripped the phone so hard that her knuckles turned white. ”Nigel and Nellie are Joshua’s children. How can he treat them like this?”

Fiona chuckled upon hearing this. ”You should know by now that Joshua has never taken a liking to him and Luna’s children… Now that I’ve gotten pregnant, Joshua has no choice but to get rid of them now so that my child can have a better life in the future.

Don’t you think that makes perfect sense?”

Anne was so outraged that she immediately snapped, ”Where’s Joshua Lynch? Get him to answer the phone right now! I want to give him a piece of my mind! “

Fiona shrugged, then stood up gracefully. “He’s not around. He left this morning for the mental asylum outside Banyan City to question Luna. After all…Luna is the one responsible for the way Nigel and Nellie were raised.“

She curled her lips into a smirk. “Well, I shouldn’t waste any more of my time talking to you. I’d better focus my energy on planning my future together with Joshua. Goodbye now! “ With that, she hung up the phone.

After deleting the call history from Nigel’s phone, Fiona carefully placed the phone back into Joshua’s office drawer.

Meanwhile, Courtney watched from the door rather nervously and said, “Ms. Blake, you’d better come out of there soon. President Lynch ordered me to forbid you from entering his office…“

Fiona snickered. “What are you so afraid of? I’m going to become Joshua’s real wife soon anyway. “

With Luna admitted into a mental asylum, and Nigel and Nellie had kidnapped Janice… There was no way Joshua would take their sides. After all, this was a deranged woman and two rebellious children!

Fiona knew it was only a matter of time before she became the new Mrs. Lynch.

“I ‘m so frustrated! “ As soon as she heard the dial tone, Anne was so outraged that she hurled her phone onto the floor.

How could Joshua do this to his own children?

On the other hand, John was calmer and more level- headed as compared to Anne. ”Did she just say that Joshua went to the mental asylum to talk to Luna?”

Anne’s eyes widened upon hearing this. Oh, no. Joshua had left to find Luna!

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