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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1054

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1054

Although Nigel kept reminding her to remain calm, Nellie could not contain herself any longer.

Since they were young, Mommy protected them from all the evil in the world, but now, they could not protect their mother. She was locked away in an asylum, and…even endured such suffering!

At the thought of the news that Nigel found out from the hospital records in Sea City, Nellie could not help herself and bit her lip, anger burning in her chest.

Mommy had a finger amputated today!

Among the two people in front of her, one was responsible for locking her up in an asylum, while the other wrongly accused her mother of being ill. These two were still fine; all of their fingers remained intact!

Facing the two enraged children, Fiona bid her lip, her eyes turning red. “Nellie, Nigel… That’s not what I meant, I…“

Her eyes flashed and she hurriedly poured another cup of tea for Nigel and handed it to him. “Don’t be angry. I shouldn’t have said that; I shou1d’ve been more tactful… “ As she spoke, she brought the cup of tea before Nellie.

“I don’t want it!“ Nellie angrily overturned the teacup that Fiona handed her. “What a fraud! “

“Ah—!” The boiling hot tea spilled on Fiona, dirtying the white linen dress she wore. Fiona screamed exaggeratedly and hurriedly grabbed some paper towels to wipe herself.

Nellie rolled her eyes at her and sneered. “What a good actress you are.“ She touched the cup when she overturned it, and it was not that hot.

With that, the little girl pulled at her brother’s arm. “ Nigel, let’s go!“

Joshua sat on the sofa and glanced at the two children who were about to leave, then shifted his eyes to Fiona who was anxiously wiping at her at the spots of her skin that had turned pink from the hot tea.

“Stop! “ The man’s voice is cold and unforgiving. “ Nellie, apologize to Aunty Fiona! “ No matter what, Nellie’s actions toward Fiona who just offered her a cup of tea was rude and ill-mannered!

Nellie bit her lip, turned, and glanced at her father coldly. “You never taught me my manners, so I won’t apologize. If you want to, you can apologize to her yourself! “ With that, the little girl wiped at her tears, dragged her brother behind her, and stomped up the stairs.

Joshua’s eyebrows furrowed together in anger.

“Joshua, forget it.“ Fiona intentionally placed the side of her hand that had been burned in front of Joshua, sighing and rubbing at it, acting as if she was in pain. “The children are still young, but if we try our best to take care and educate them, these bad habits will go away soon.“ Then, she could not help but sigh. “I thought… Since Luna cares about them so much, she’d educate them well. But now…”

Fiona shook her head helplessly. “They’re just six, and they’re already liars. They even kidnapped someone old enough to be their grandma! “

As she spoke, she lifted her eyes and studied Joshua carefully. “Joshua, say… Do you think Luna is mentally ill, and that’s why she secretly instilled a lot of bad ideas in the children?”

Joshua’s expression remained ugly and did not speak, but Fiona could tell from his gaze that his conviction was wavering. Thus, she sucked in a deep breath. “Joshua, in the future, I don’t think you should bring the children to visit Luna—in case she gives them any more bad ideas. What do you think?”

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