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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1048

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1048

The guard at the entrance never expected that the few temporary workers recruited from the recruitment agency would kidnap one of the patients, so he just registered their names in the visitor’s log and allowed them to leave.

The minivan flew across the expressway in the wee hours of the morning. When the effects of the painkillers faded gradually, Luna was in so much that she curled up in Gwen’s arms, trembling in pain.

“Hold on, Luna. Hold on.“ Gwen hugged her friend tightly, tears streaming down her face, the van flying toward Sea City. “We’ll be there soon! “

They did not dare to stay in Banyan City for too long, what more looking for a doctor to treat Luna. In the past, both Luke and Gwen did not believe that Joshua would be so cruel and ruthless to Luna. Until today… only now did they realize how cold-blooded he could be!

The minivan drove on for a few hours and finally when the sun peeked on the horizon, they arrived at a private hospital owned by Luke in Sea City.

An X-ray was finally taken of Luna’s smashed finger. When the film was finally developed, Luna had already fainted from the pain.

“The bones have been completely smashed.“ The old doctor looked at the X-ray film and sighed continuously, “It looks like it was smashed with a heavy object, but judging from the girl’s appearance, she doesn’t look like a laborer…“

Gwen covered her mouth in shock and despair. “So her finger…can it recover to its original state?“

“I’m afraid not.“ The old doctor shook his head. “At the moment the best option is to amputate the finger. Otherwise, when it gets infected, her entire hand will be affected. Signs of infection can already be seen, I would suggest amputating it immediately. Please make a decision as soon as possible, but the surgery would require the patient or her family member’s approval.“ With that, the old doctor turned and left.

After the doctor left, Gwen finally dissolved into tears. Luna had a pair of beautiful hands. And her hands were capable of designing the most beautiful pieces of jewelry in the world!

But now…

“Just cut it off.“ At one point, Luna who lay unconscious on the bed had regained consciousness. Her deadly-pale lips trembled as she spoke, her voice was low and hoarse, shaking with the effort it took to endure the pain. “I can survive with one less finger…“

Compared to staying in the asylum and having a finger smashed every day, amputating this little finger now was the best option for her.

Seeing Luna make this decision with feigned resilience, Gwen sobbed and threw herself onto Luna. “You decided to cut it off? Just like that? Do you want some more time to consider? We…we might have other options…“

Luna shook her head and smiled bitterly. “What other options do we have?“

She was not a child anymore. How can something that had been smashed to bits be reassembled once more? Just like her, could her heart that had been smashed to pieces by Joshua become whole again?

After signing the consent form for the surgery, Luna was wheeled into the operating theatre.

Gwen fell on the cold marble floor of the walkway, bawling her eyes out. Seeing her so heartbroken, Luke could not help but feel slightly fidgety. He walked to the end of the corridor, taking a puff at his cigarette as he sent a photo of Luna’s X-ray to Joshua. “What do you think caused this?“

By then, the morning sun was already shining brightly in the sky. Because he was worried about Luna, Joshua had been tossing and turning throughout the night. After hearing the news that Luna was fine, he silently heaved a sigh of relief and was about to head downstairs for breakfast when he received Luke’s message.

He studied the picture of the X-ray and smiled. “I ‘m not a professional doctor, how can I know? But seeing as the bone fragments are in such tiny pieces, it must be the work of a hammer of a big piece of rock, right? Whose is this, yours?“

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