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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1045

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1045

Outside the asylum.

In the black Masevati, Nellie crossed her arms over her chest and curled up in a corner of the car in anger. “Nigel, how could you? I didn’t even have much time to talk to Mommy! “

Not far away from her, Nigel had his laptop open on his lap, his short fingers tapping away at the keyboard as if he could not hear her at all.

Nellie felt even worse now. She snatched Nigel’s laptop out of his lap. “Stop playing! Didn’t you see what Mommy looked like just now! “

The little girl bit her lip, aggrieved tears swimming in her eyes. “Daddy lied! Mommy is suffering here, I can tell! Nigel, you’re a bad guy too! You stopped me from spending more time with Mommy! “

She came here happily today, thinking that Mommy was really just sick. But after she arrived, she realized this was not a hospital at all, it was more like a prison that kept her Mommy locked up!

Seeing his sister’s reaction, Nigel sighed faintly. He took his laptop out of her hands and showed his sister the information displayed on the screen. “I looked into it. Mommy was locked up here because a group of internationally renowned doctors conducted a psychiatric assessment on Mommy and she was diagnosed with mental illness. That means, Mr. Lynch only sent Mommy here because he truly believes that she is mentally ill. And what’s interesting is that Mr. Robert Jenson not only diagnosed Mommy with mental illness, he also diagnosed Ms. Fiona Blake to be critically ill.”

Nellie’s eyes widened instantly. ”Both reports are fake?”

”Most probably.” Nige lowered his head and continued tapping away at the keyboard, his eyebrows furrowed as he spoke, ”Don’ t forget our goal in coining here today. We’re not here to bond with Mommy, we’re here to confirm her location and the things she experienced.”

The little guy handed a pen and a piece of paper to Nellie. ”You have a good memory, almost perfect and you’re good at drawing. Did you take a good look at the structure of the building and the directions? ”

Seeing her brother’s serious expression, Nellie wiped at her tears and nodded. ”I remember.”

The moment she wanted to put pen to paper, Nigel stopped her. ”Just draw a rough sketch, in case Joshua becomes suspicious.”

With that, he took a deep breath and said, ”I contacted Aunt Bonnie and our cousin Christian. I know what happened now. Mommy didn’t tell us about a lot of things, she didn’t want us to worry. ”

Finally, Nigel drew up a photo from one of the files on his computer. ”This old lady is Janice Yale. We have to get in touch with her by today. She has quite a good impression of Mommy, she might provide us with a breakthrough.”

Nellie memorized the woman’s face and was about to say something when the sound of footsteps was

heard outside. The two children exchanged meaningful glances. Nellie returned to her spot next to the door and pretended to doodle on the paper in anger. Nigel on the other hand continued tapping away at the keyboard quietly.

A tired Joshua opened the door and got into the car. ” Lucas, head home.”

“Yes, sir.” Lucas, who had been standing outside waiting for Joshua, got into the car.

The car engine started.

Nellie sat by the window, watching as the asylum drifted further and further away behind her, her eyebrows furrowing slightly. “Daddy, what took you so long, were you exchanging secrets with Mommy just now?“

His confrontation with Luna exhausted him both mentally and physically. He sighed faintly and pulled the little girl into his arms. “Yeah. I was encouraging her to cooperate with the doctors, so she can be discharged as soon as possible and travel the world with you.“ Sitting in her father’s arms, Nellie could not help but pout. “I don’t want to travel the world.“

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