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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1043

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1043

Because of Joshua’s appearance, Luna who had been in pain the entire day, finally received a painkiller.

When the medicine took effect, the pain faded, and Luna was finally able to lie on the bed, quietly looking at her smashed little finger. The finger that originally belonged to her now hung from her hand lifelessly, like a piece of décor. Luna remembered the words that the man said that morning when he smashed her finger. “Boss said, one finger a day. The number of fingers she can preserve depends on how long Mr. Lynch wants her to stay here.“

She looked at her fingers sadly. After staying here for ten days, would she become completely disabled? But who knew that her hands were capable of creating world-class jewelry designs…

At that moment, the door to her hospital ward opened. Joshua stood there, sorrow and despair written clearly on his face. Hearing noises from the entrance, Luna paused and turned toward the door unconsciously. Immediately, she saw the tall and lean man. Previously when she saw him, her mind was addled from the pain. She rejected him and even asked him to leave…

But now, when she saw him again, she climbed off her bed and smiled sweetly at him. “Joshua.“

Seeing the smile on Luna’s face, Joshua’s entire body stiffened for a second. How long had she not smiled at him like this? How long had she not called him by his name?

How nice it would be if she was not mentally ill…

He sighed, walked into the room, and sat down by her bed, his eyes falling on her little finger wrapped in bandages. “Don’t hurt yourself like this anymore.”

A chill ran through Luna’s chest. Joshua thought that.. her little finger became like this because she was hurting herself?

What a joke!

Even if she was indeed mentally ill, was she numb to pain? Did he know how much pain she would have to ensure to snap her own finger into two like this?

How careless and indifferent was he toward her that he would take her as a crazy woman who would snap her own finger in half when she suffered an attack!

But even though those were her innermost thoughts, the smile on her face remained in place. She was gentle and obedient. “Alright, I won’t do it again.“

As she spoke, she tugged on his sleeve with her uninjured hand and whined at him, just like Fiona. “ Joshua, can you take me out of here, please? I’ll do anything you ask, I ‘ll obey your every order, okay?“

She wanted to leave. She wanted to leave this place so badly. She was worried that if she stayed, her fingers would slowly be smashed with every passing day, and one day she would become a disabled person who was unable to take care of herself! She still had to take care of Nellie and Nigel, and Neil and Theo were waiting for her to rescue them. She could not become disabled, she could not!

But right now, she did not have other chances to escape from this place. She could only beg Joshua. Beg him to consider their history together, the fact that she gave him three children, and that her love for him in the past was pure and sincere, beg him to take that into consideration and have mercy on her and take her out of this hellhole.

“Joshua.” Seeing him remain silent, Luna tugged on his sleeve harder. “Take me out of here, I’ll get treated outside, okay? In the day, I’ll be with Granny Lynch and the children, and at night you can either tie me up or lock me up, anything. Or…”

She bit her lip, and a hint of shyness even appeared on her face. “If you want me to accompany you, I can do it too. We can have another child, to make up for the one we lost, okay?” Luna forced down her nausea, to leave this place, she was willing to say anything. “We haven’t slept together in a long time, and I, I want you…”

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