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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1042

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1042

“We’ve tried our best to ensure her safety, but the doctors and nurses can’t be keeping an eye on her at every moment…“ With that, he sighed.

“Last night, Ms. Luna was completely fine, our nurses never expected that she would…in the middle of the night when everyone else was resting…she would…snap her own finger into two.“

Snap her own finger into two. Even though he would like to think of himself as a worldly man who was no stranger to violence, hearing those six words shocked Joshua so badly that he could not speak.

Snapping her own finger into two…how badly must it have hurt?

Seeing Joshua remain silent, Mr. Chase knew that Joshua had accepted his explanation, so he sighed and said, “You saw it too, we made her wear gloves today to stop her from hurting herself again. You said that she has pretty hands, you don’t want them to be scarred. I remember.“

Joshua’s fists tightened beside him. He grabbed the other man’s collar and lifted him up as if he was holding a slab of pork chop. “You remember and yet you allow her to get hurt? I think you’re tired of your job! “

Mr. Chase was starting to panic. Knowing Joshua for so many years, this was the first time he had seen the elegant, noble, and steady man become so angry that he resorted to violence!

His lips trembled; every word that escaped his mouth sounded shaky. ”This, this, this… This is our fault for not supervising her properly, we… ”

Joshua gave a cold snort and released his grip indifferently. With a loud bang, Mr. Chase fell directly to the ground. Joshua turned away from him and said, ”Arrange for her discharge. Since you are unable to supervise her properly, I will take her home right now.”

Luna’s face, deadly pain and writhing in pain, appeared before his eyes. Joshua’s heart hurt so badly, as if someone was plunging a knife into his chest repeatedly. Since Mr. Chase and the many members of his staff were unable to supervise Luna, to the extent that she would snap her finger in half when she had an attack…

Then he would take care of her himself. He would not allow something like this to happen to her!

Seeing that Joshua seemed to be serious, Mr. Chase bit his lip and hurriedly climbed off the floor. ”Mr. Lynch, Mr. Lynch, please. I know Ms. Luna is very important to you. The fact that her finger was broken is indeed our oversight. I’ll order four or even five times more nurses to take care of Luna!

Please don’t discharge her, at our hospital, she can receive the most systematic treatment. We also have sedatives and other medication to calm her down when she suffers an attack. If you discharge her, then when she suffers an attack… Hurting herself will not be your major concern. If she accidentally hurts your two children, it will not be worth the loss!

Joshua’s eyes narrowed slightly at the doctor’s words. He knew very well that he was not a professional doctor, facing Luna’s current symptoms…

What could he do?

The man sighed and lowered his voice and said, “Mr. Chase, I can consider the condition you mentioned earlier. But only if you take good care of her. I’ll make another visit in a few days, if she’s hurt again Joshua turned and looked at the other man coldly. “I don’t mind snapping your fingers into two, one by one either.”

Joshua’s cold voice and stern gaze made the other man shudder. He could tell that Joshua was serious. He really wanted to snap his fingers in half! So he nodded hurriedly. “Yes, yes, of course! We will take good care of her, make sure she never hurts herself again…” Joshua closed his eyes and sighed, “Let me see her.”

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