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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1041

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1041

Joshua was pushed to the side roughly by Luna. He staggered, his body unbalanced, and he almost fell down. He frowned and was about to speak when Luna curled up like a cooked prawn. She trembled, curled up in a ball on the ground, almost every bone and blood vessel in her body was quivering. “It hurts… ” These were the only two words she could say.

Seeing her like this, a trace of pain flashed in Joshua’s eyes. How could this happen? Yesterday when she came here, she was fine. How come she was in this condition today?

He leaned in again, trying to pick her up again. But even if pain blurred her consciousness, she could still identify Joshua’s smell. She was so familiar with him, the moment he approached her, she could tell that it was him without lifting an eyelid.

Joshua reached out and wanted to pull her into his arms but she pushed him away. Her movements were small but powerful. Beads of sweat appeared on her forehead, he wondered whether it was out of pain, but because her actions exhausted her.

Joshua was dazed. She was in so much pain, and yet she exerted all her strength to push him away. To her. Did she hate him that much?

At that moment, the person in charge of the asylum rushed in. “Help her back to her ward! Prepare medication! “

Watching as the nurses lifted her up from the floor, the person in charge smiled brightly and turned to Joshua. ”Mr. Lynch, are you okay? I saw that you were pushed by the patient… Such patients are usually very strong, you’re not hurt, are you?”

Joshua frowned and ignored him. He stared intently at Luna who was being carried away by the nurses.

When they walked past the entrance, the little finger on Luna’s left hand accidentally bumped into the door frame. It swayed limply in the air. Then, Luna sucked in a cold breath in pain.

Joshua’s eyebrows furrowed. Something was wrong! Something was wrong with her hand!

He immediately pushed away the person in charge standing in front of him and rushed up to her, grabbing onto her left wrist. The moment his fingers touched her left hand, he heard her gasp in pain again.

”What is this?” Joshua grabbed the glove on her left hand and dragged it off. The scene that met his eyes was shocking.

Luna’s originally pale and slender left hand was filled with tiny holes and pits that she dug out herself with her nails. And her little finger was

wrapped in a layer of thick bandages. But even so, he could easily see that her little finger…did not listen to her brain’s command and was out of control.

A flash of pain streaked across his eyes. He grabbed her hand and was about to undo the bandages to see what lay under them when the person in charge stopped him.

He pulled at Joshua’s arm. “Mr. Lynch, please, don’t look…”

Joshua frowned, his voice turning cold. “Mr. Chase, you promised you would take good care of her. Is this what you mean by taking good care of her?!”

Mr. Chase hurriedly lowered Luna’s hand and ordered the nurses to return her to her ward. He sighed faintly and said, “Mr. Lynch, yesterday Luna dug out of her own flesh right in front of you, you saw it too. A mental patient like her will start to harm herself when she feels nervous or cornered.”

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