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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1040

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1040

“Why are you being so fierce to your sister? In the future…in the future when I’m not with you, you have to take care of her, you cannot be so fierce to her.“

Nigel pursed his lips and nodded, his eyes staring intently at Luna’s gloved left hand. He wondered whether it was just an illusion…but when mommy held Nellie up and then put her down, he could clearly feel that Mommy’s little finger was out of control. Her little finger did not seem to be on the same track as her other fingers.

A bad premonition loomed in his chest. Nigel strode to her and grabbed her left hand. “Mommy, your hand.”

Luna paused and quickly pulled her hand back and hid it behind her. “I got a cut on my hand yesterday, so I ‘m wearing gloves to make sure I don’t get hurt again in the treatment process.“ With that, she sucked in a deep breath, forced the pain down, and said, “Nigel, take your sister home. Children shouldn’t be here, I…after I’m well, I’ll go home.

Don’t worry.“

Seeing Luna chase her away so quickly, Nellie could not hold back her tears anymore. “Mommy! “ The little girl sobbed and rushed into her mother’s arms again but was stopped by Nigel. She could only cry and sob. “Mommy, Nigel, and I looked for you for so long, we were so worried, and now we finally found you but you want us to leave… Mommy, how can you do this to us, do our worries mean nothing to you? We’re so worried about you…“

Looking at her daughter’s crying face, Luna felt as if a knife was slicing her heart into shreds. But she knew if she did not make them leave now… She could not take it anymore. Right now, every breath hurt for her.

“Alright, Nellie.“ Nigel sighed and pulled Nellie into his arms. “Mommy is having a tough time too, if she had a choice, she wouldn’t be here. We should go home now, don’t make Mommy worry.“

The little guy turned and glanced at his mother meaningfully. “Mommy, take care. “ With that, he held Nellie’s hand, turned, and strode away.

Luna knelt in her spot and smiled as she watched the children leave. When the big metal doors to the visiting room slammed shut, the smile on her face disappeared in an instant. With a loud plop, she slumped onto the floor, her body still in its kneeling position.

Tears flowed down her cheeks in rivulets, whether out of physical pain or from the heartache of seeing her children, she did not know.

“Luna! “ Outside in the surveillance room, Joshua saw the children leave and was about to turn and walk away when he saw Luna fall onto the floor. His mind exploded!

He pushed the person in charge out of the way and strode into the visiting room, heaving Luna into his arms. “What’s wrong?“

“It hurts…“

At that moment , the pain that she had hidden for so long exploded in an instant, muddling her mind slightly. But even so , when she saw that the person holding her was Joshua, she tried her best to push him away.

“Go… Go away…! “

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