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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1038

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1038

Neil sighed and patted Theos’ shoulder lightly. “But don’t worry, Uncle Theo. You risked your life for me, back then, you lost your memories because you tried to save me. That’s why you’re in this state now. I ‘ll help you get your girl, whether she’s a good woman or not.“

“Who does your Uncle Theo like?“

The moment Neil’s words left his mouth, the door to the backseat of the car was opened. Aura put on the same pair of sunglasses and settled into the backseat, asking faintly, “You’re just a boy and already you’re helping a man pursue a woman?“

Seeing that Aura was back, Neil laughed awkwardly and said, “No, it was just a joke. Uncle Theo isn’t young anymore, I was just wondering whether he used to have feelings for a woman…“

Aura scoffed, “He was in love with a woman once. But unfortunately, she’s about to die soon.“

Theo’s body stiffened violently. Luna…was about to die? The last time he saw her, she was still fine…

Seeing the slow-witted expression on Theo’s face, Aura waved her hand impatiently and ordered, “Just drive.“ He irritated her so much. If she had known this would happen, she would not have given him the memory-loss pills. Let him remember Luna, so he could watch her die bit by bit. That would be wonderful…

The black Bendley’s engine was ignited, Not long after it drove out of the asylum, a black Masevati drove past it. At that moment, Neil, who was never curious about anything, raised his head and glanced at the car. In the backseat, there was a little girl wearing a pink dress with her hair tied up in two little pigtails. Her lips were red, her teeth pearly white, with big and bright eyes, she looked so beautiful, as if she had just walked out of a painting.

He stared at her dazedly, not because she was pretty, but because…somehow, she seemed familiar. As if in his past life, she was a part of his family, as if she was his younger sister.

The two cars sped past each other. Soon, the other car was nothing but a black dot in his line of sight.

Neil sighed and shook his head. What was he thinking? His mommy only had one child, him, where would he find a sister?

Sitting in the backseat of the Masevati, Joshua looked at Nellie who was lying on the window, staring into the rearview mirror. He frowned and could not help but ask, “Nellie, what are you looking at?“

Nellie pouted and reluctantly shifted her eyes back to him. “I saw a cute boy in sunglasses sitting in the passenger seat of that car.“

Beside her, Nigel side-eyed her. “How can you still be looking at cute boys at a time like this? Mommy is suffering! “

Nellie flattened her lips and was about to say something to explain but swallowed the words back into her stomach.

Actually…she was staring at that cute boy not because he was cute. But because…that boy felt like Neil. But now, she could not bring up Neil at any moment, because Nigel told her, if she talked about him too much, she might end up like Mommy, Daddy might send her to an asylum!

The two children’s conversation made Joshua’s eyebrows screw tightly together. He turned and looked at Nigel. “Nigel, your mommy is receiving treatment in hospital, she’s not in pain or suffering.”

“Is that so? ” Nigel scoffed and threw the newspaper report detailing the murders and suicides of the patients in the asylum to Joshua. “Do you have to wait for Mommy to appear in these newspapers before you think she is suffering?”

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