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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1036

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1036

The little finger on her left hand was now lying flatly on the ground as if it had no bones to support it. A heart -wrenching pain radiated from her smashed little finger. She was in so much pain her consciousness was starting to fade.

No matter how hard she tried to recall, she could not remember who it was who refused to let her go even when she was sent to an asylum. The only thing she remembered was the words Joshua said to the leader of the nurses yesterday when she was lifted out of Blue Bay Villa on a stretcher. “Treat her wounds when you’re at the hospital. Her hands are quite pretty, it would be a pity if they were scarred.“

Luna closed her eyes, Fiona’s baleful gaze floating in front of her eyes when Joshua said those words.

She laughed bitterly. She was already in this condition, and yet Fiona would still feel jealous of her just because of a single sentence out of Joshua’s mouth?

The severe pain prevented her from pondering on this issue for too long. The pain was all that filled her mind. Too much pain. No one treated her, no one dressed her wound. Every smashed blood vessel on that finger was clamoring and protesting, the pain was violent and severe. She had a high fever.

Only after lunch, two nurses came and fed her medicine, then washed her face with cold water.

“Wake up! Someone’s here to see you! “

After dressing her wound with a simple layer of gauze, Luna was dragged out of her ward to the same visiting room that felt like a prison visiting room. The last time she was here, she was outside. This time, she was inside.

Sitting behind the iron railing, Luna raised her eyes to look at the woman sitting outside. “It’s you?”

The woman sitting opposite her curled her lips in a smile, tucked her hair behind her ears gracefully,

and lifted her painted- red lips lightly, and said, ”Of course it’s me, dear sister.”

Sitting on the chair outside, Aura smiled gracefully. ” You have been looking for me for so long, now I have finally come to you, you must be delighted, right? ”

Seeing her again after a long time, Aura seemed to be enjoying life , dressed from head to tie in designer apparel, with her long chestnut-brown hair and sexy, red lips. However, Luna who was sitting opposite her behind the iron railing looked as disheveled as a crazy woman from a slum.

”So , it is you… ” Luna closed her eyes and scoffed. Since the day Neil reappeared and said that she was mentally ill, Luna had vaguely guessed that Aura was definitely behind the idea of sending her into an asylum.

Because back then Joshua had sent Aura her here too. So now, she was back for revenge.

”Didn’t you know that it was me a long time ago?” Aura lifted her lips in a proud and arrogant smile. ”So, how are the arrangements I made for you? Do you feel comfortable?”

With that, she shifted her eyes onto Luna’s tightly- bandaged little finger. She pressed her hand to her mouth in feigned shock. “My dear sister, what happened to your hand? Your hands are so pretty, what happened?”

Luna glared at Aura. “What did you come here to say?”

“I just wanted to tell you…” Aura raised her lips and laughed lightly. “You can never beat me.” She lowered her head elegantly and played with her diamond-encrusted fingernails. “Six years ago, you couldn’t beat me, and now six years later you still can’t beat me.”

Aura’s voice was cold like a gust of freezing winter air. “You are in an asylum now, just as miserable as I was back then. No…”

Her gaze landed on Luna’s little finger. “You’re worse off than I was.” She lifted her lips. “So, even if Joshua loves you and protects you, so what? He still sent you here.”

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