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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1035

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1035

Joshua sighed and glanced at the two children in front of him. For Luna, they refused to eat or drink and insisted on confronting him. He knew that if he did not give them an answer tonight, they would not give up.

“Joshua, say something! “ Beside them, Granny Lynch wiped at her sweat anxiously and sat on the chair coughing. The two children had not eaten or drunk any water in the last 13 hours!

Joshua sighed, and promised reluctantly, saying, “ Eat, I’ll bring you to see Luna tomorrow.“

Nellie turned and met her brother’s eyes. He gave her a meaningful glance.

Even though he and Joshua had not known each other for long, he understood how difficult it was to make someone like Joshua, who was resolutely firm in all his business decisions, offer them a compromise in such a short period of time. They should not cross the line. Otherwise, if they angered him, they might not even be able to meet their mommy.

The two children exchanged glances, then climbed onto their chairs and started shoveling food into their mouths. After forgoing food and water for 13 hours, they were starving!

“Look, children are so easy to please, why do you insist on locking horns with them?“ Watching Nellie and Nigel eat, the old lady could not help but sigh.

However, Joshua’s eyebrows screwed tighter together. They know how and when to negotiate, pushing forward when they need to and taking a step back when the time calls for it. Nellie and Nigel…

They were not as simple as they seemed.

The next day.

Early in the morning, Luna was rudely awakened by the curses and insults of the staff nurse. She wore the hospital gown, caught the slice of bread and bowl of sauerkraut the nurse threw into the room and lay on the door eating the food. As she ate, she looked at the sky through the window.

It was a sunny day. On a day like this, Nellie would most probably put on a little dress, and drag Nigel to the gardens to play with her. Nigel would sit in the pavilion with his laptop on his laptop and watch as the little girl jumped around excitedly on the grass…

Luna closed her eyes and sighed. Probably after losing freedom and self-esteem here, she would miss her children more , right? Since last night, as soon as she closed her eyes, the figures of her three children appeared in front of her eyes.

Soon, she was done with breakfast.

The moment Luna pushed the empty tray out from beneath the gap under the door, she heard the nurses shouting outside that it was time for treatment. She closed her eyes in despair, thinking that today would be the same as yesterday, that she would have to endure such inhuman torture again. But after a long while, still, none of the nurses came for her.

Right when she was confused as to the lack of movement, her door was pushed open. A man wrapped tightly in a white coat and a mask walked in. He glanced at the nurse indifferently and asked, “ This is the woman?“

The nurses nodded. “Yes. It’s her.“

The man scoffed and walked toward Luna, ordering the nurse to press one of Luna’s hands to the ground.

“Boss says you have very pretty hands.“ Then, under Luna’s shocked gaze, he lifted a hammer — —

“Ah— —! “ A scream of pain and despair rang throughout the entire asylum. He had smashed one o f her fingers with the hammer.

Luna was in so much pain she fainted immediately.

Seeing him smash one finger, the nurse went to press another finger to the ground but the man shook his head. “Boss said, one finger a day. The number of fingers she can preserve depends on how long Mr. Lynch wants her to stay here.“ With that, he walked away with his hammer in his hands.   The nurse threw Luna back into her room in disgust. Sometime later, Luna awoke from the pain.

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