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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1034

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1034

In the Orchard Manor, Nigel’s computer kept beeping, notifying him that a new message had been received. But the little guy was not in the mood to check his messages at all. At that moment, he and his little sister were busy conducting a hunger strike to protest against Joshua.

Throughout the entire day, no matter what they did, they failed to get in touch with Luna. At first, they thought she was sleeping at home and did not pay much thought to it. But later on, no matter how many calls they made, they still failed to contact her in person. In the end, her phone was even switched off completely. So Neil contacted Anne.

Anne and John rushed to the Blue Bay Villa but did not see Luna, instead, they saw Joshua and Fiona walking out one after the other. There was someone else with them, an old man with snow-white hair and wearing a pair of wire-rimmed glasses.

After that, no one could contact Luna, no matter who it was. Nellie and Nigel contacted everyone they knew but no one had any idea where she was.

Nellie sobbed out of anxiety but Nigel was certain that their mommy’s disappearance must have something to do with Fiona and Joshua.

That’s why the two children both agreed to go on a hunger strike, to protest against Joshua with physical action, and force him to tell them about Luna’s whereabouts!

”Oh, dear Gods! ” Granny Lynch tried to feed Nigel and Nellie some dessert, but the two children would not take a single bite. Especially Nellie who usually loved desserts, kept her lips sewn tightly together. Even when the old lady held the spoonful of cake to her lips, Nellie turned away, refusing to take a single bite.

”Joshua, what’s wrong? Why did you hide Luna away?”

Seeing the two children obstinately refuse to eat anything, Granny Lynch slammed the spoon in her hand on the table and turned to scream her head off a t Joshua, saying, ”You know better than I do how important Luna is to Nellie and Nigel! Why are you hiding Luna away?”

Joshua frowned and glanced at the stubborn little boy, then turned to sweep his eyes across at Nellie whose cheeks were puffed in anger, and finally sighed deeply. He lifted his legs and walked toward her, pulling her softly into his arms. ”Nellie, Mommy is sick, Daddy just sent her to get treated. I didn’t tell you where she is because I was worried you would get in the way of her treatment.”

Before Nellie could say anything, Nigel scoffed from his position seated beside her. ”What sickness can Mommy have? She’s well and healthy. She’s waiting to bring Nellie and me abroad to see Uncle Malcolm, what sickness can she have?”

Hearing Nigel mention Malcolm Quinn, Joshua’s eyebrows screwed together tightly. He glanced at Nigel coldly. ”Your mother is mentally ill, she often hits you, weren’t you the one who said all these?”

Nigel lifted his eyes and met Joshua’s gaze fearlessly. “I told you, I never said all these! “

Joshua obviously did not believe him. He narrowed his eyes. “You’ve been polluted by Luna. You’re so young and yet how can you deny what you said yourself?“

Nigel rolled his eyes at him fiercely. “I told you I never said them, and that means I never did! “ With that, he sat down on the sofa firmly. “Mr. Lynch, if you insist on keeping my mommy’s whereabouts a secret, I can find her myself! I’m sure I can find her a s long as I search through all the CCTV recordings in the city! “

He raised his head and looked at Joshua coldly. “But. If I realize Mommy is hurt in any way during this time where we can’t find her… Nellie and I will no longer see you as our father! “

When the words left the little guy’s mouth, the entire villa fell silent. Joshua looked at the little boy in front of him who was only six years old but with a sharp gaze despite his young age and was about to say something when the little girl in his arms wrangled herself free.

The little girl jogged to stand beside her brother and hurriedly held his hand. “I agree with Nigel. If Mommy is hurt, then I don’t want Daddy anymore! “

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