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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1033

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1033

Luna bit her lip and threw herself on the floor, squashing the ball of paper beneath her. Then she turned and smiled cheerily at the nurse and said, “ This is fun…so fun! “

She exerted all her strength into twisting and turning her body, acting as if she had really lost her mind, and turned and laughed cheekily at the nurse.

The nurse must be used to seeing patients getting such attacks like this in the middle of the night, she merely frowned and slammed the door shut with a bang, shouting, “Get some sleep! “

Listening to the nurse’s retreating footsteps outside the door, Luna sighed a long breath of relief and wiped at the cold sweat beading on her forehead.

Finally, she took out the piece of paper hidden underneath her body.

Opening the ball of paper, she saw a line of strong, big letters that read, ‘Hang in there. I’m thinking of a way to contact your friends so they can come to save you. I’ll try to come up with a plan too. This is a communication device that I made. If it works, contact me anytime. From: Jake Landry.’

Reading the sentence written on the paper, tears instantly streamed down Luna’s face. It was Nigel! Her Nigel! He came looking for her, he came to save her!

She clutched the ball of paper to her chest and cried her eyes out.

Nigel still cared about her. Even though he lost his memories, even though he no longer remembered her, he still cared about her, still believed she was not really sick, and was even thinking of a way to save her.

After crying for a long while, she switched on the tiny communication device and slipped it into her ear. Besides the sound of crackling static, Luna did not hear anything else. She closed her eyes and sighed helplessly. The asylum must have installed a signal jamming device.

Before losing his memory, every time Neil followed in Nigel’s footsteps and tried to make a communication device, he was never able to bypass signal jammers. And now after losing his memory, the device he created still carried the same flaw.

She switched off the communication device, sat on the floor, and hugged her blankets to her chest as she watched the moonlight filtering in from outside her window. The moonlight looked cold and serene. Under the glow of the moon, she wondered what Nigel, Neil, and Nellie were doing at this moment…

Outside the asylum.

Neil sat in the passenger seat, pulled the comms device out of his ear, and threw it onto the seat angrily, shouting, “Why isn’t it working? Uncle Theo, didn’t you compliment me, saying that this version is much better than the previous one? Then why can’t it be used at all?“

Sitting in the driver’s seat, Theo hung his head low and muttered, “I meant that…it looks much better. “

Not to mention the fact that right now, in the eyes of the public he was just a simple-minded, slow-witted bodyguard cum driver, even in the past, he was just an artist who was good at painting and drawing! How would he know how to make a comms device that could bypass a jamming device?

Neil sighed and quietly took out his laptop, “ Something’s still wrong. I need to ask my brother.“

Hearing him mention the words ‘my brother’, Theo frowned and studied him through the rearview mirror. “Young Master, the brother you’re talking about…who is he?“

“A guy I met online.“ Neil continued typing away on his keyboard without even raising his head. “Last time when I embedded a virus in the video, he wanted to crack the video, so we became friends.

He’s good at this stuff, I should ask him.“

As he spoke, he tapped away at the keyboard and sent a message to an online user named ‘Midas’.

(Midas, Midas, I need your help! Why can’t the comms device that you taught me how to make bypass the jamming device?]

After sending the two messages, there was complete radio silence, as if the messages had disappeared into a digital void.

“Beep beep beep beep “

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