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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1030

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1030

Luna bit her lips. Despair washed over her in waves.

If she could not get Robert to prove that Fiona’s diagnosis was fake, she could not bring Fiona down. She would not be able to let Joshua see Fiona’s true colors!

That would mean that she would not be able to flush Aura, who was hiding in the dark, out. She would also not be able to get Neil and Theo to return to her.

Even if she and Christian thoroughly investigated Robert’s most terrifying matter, at that moment, it looked like it was all in vain.

Robert and Fiona were a team. From the beginning, it was a dead-end. She could not solve it.

Looking at Luna’s pupils gradually turning lax, the light in her eyes dimming, Robert laughed smugly. He got up and kept his folder.

“I hear that the mental asylum in Banyan City is tightly guarded. No one could escape. Ms. Luna, I wish you all the best.“

Then, Robert opened the door and left. Luna lay in bed, her mind was in a mess.

She could vaguely hear Robert using a serious tone telling Joshua how serious her condition was.

“Although she looks normal now, if her illness flares up, she might not only hit her own son. She might even throw them off the stairs, or hurt someone

with a knife. It is also a possibility. Mr. Lynch, look. I have many examples of patients with this illness…“

What Robert said after that, Luna could not hear. She could not hear Joshua’s heavy sigh. She also could not hear Fiona’s pretense of lamenting.

Her mind was only filled with despair.

Aura has been once locked up in that mental asylum. Bonnie had been locked in there also. Jason too.

She had visited others at the mental asylum quite a few times. She never expected that this time, the person who was going in was her. The person that was locking her up was Joshua.

Her heart started to hurt. It was painful and numbing, prickling at her heart.

After a while, the conversations in the corridor stopped.

Luna heard a man’s footsteps approaching the bedroom.

A step, another step. It was like the devil from hell was coming for her. She was extremely terrified.

In the end, the door was opened. Joshua, by the door, looked at her in the bedroom and sighed heavily.

He walked over and sat on the bed by the side. His eyes were filled with worry and sadness. There was even reluctance in them.

“Luna. I know that Neil and Theo’s death is a huge blow to you, but I never would have thought…“

He never would have thought that Neil and Theo’s death would be such a huge blow and shock to her.

She had been hiding her grief very well. If it was not for Nigel running out, to tell the truth after donating blood, Joshua might very well be kept in the dark forever.

However, it was great too, at that moment. To find out about it earlier would be much better than when she left Banyan City with her children and her illness flared up later on.

What if her illness flared up like the videos of the patients that Robert showed him, not recognizing anyone, murdering ruthlessly.

When she came to her senses, she might feel even more terrible, right?

Luna lifted her head upon Joshua’s words.

He really knew how to find an excuse! He said that she had a mental disorder because of Neil and Theo’s death!

She lifted her head. Her hair was in a mess because of the struggles previously. Her limbs were tied up, she could not tidy them.

From a distance, Luna did indeed look like a lunatic. Through her hair, Luna coldly glared at him.

“What if I said that Theo and Neil are still alive?“

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