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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1027

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1027

Luna also wanted to know the answer to Fiona’s question. She cocked her ears and listened to the sounds outside. She breathed cautiously as if she was afraid that if she breathed heavily, she would miss out on hearing Joshua’s answer.

After a long time, Joshua’s low and indifferent voice came from outside. “If she’s sick, I’ll treat her. If it’s serious, I’ll send her to the hospital.“

Luna closed her eyes. Her heart sank instantly. The hospital that Joshua mentioned was no ordinary hospital. It was the prison-like mental asylum that locked up Aura and Bonnie previously.

She bit her lips. Her hands were tied up together. Her fingernails dug into her flesh. She was bleeding, but Luna could not feel it.

The despair in her heart washed over her. The mental asylum was tightly guarded. Even a criminal like Jason Lane could not even escape!

If she was locked up, would she still have her freedom? Nigel, Nellie, as well as Neil and Theo. She would not be able to do anything in the future!

When she heard Robert’s name, Luna already knew what her mental assessment outcome would be.

However, before she woke up that morning, she knew nothing about this! At that moment, she did not even have a chance of asking for help. At that moment, the phone on her nightstand rang.

Luna immediately opened her eyes and looked at the man in black guarding her beside her bed pleadingly.

“Can you pick the call up for me?“

The bodyguard hesitated for a while. He did not move.

Luna took a long breath. Her gaze turned cold. “Mr. Lynch only suspects that I have a mental condition. Nothing is set in stone yet. Also, even if I have a mental disorder, I am not a prisoner! Can’t I even pick up the phone and contact the outside world? “

Her voice was cold. Her gaze was arrogant.

The bodyguard hesitated for a while. In the end, he was persuaded. He picked her phone up and answered the call. He put it on the loudspeaker.

“Hello.“ A clear child voice came from the other end of the line.

“Luna, right?“

Luna was violently stunned. This voice…was Neil!

Luna immediately pursed her lips. “That’s me.“

“Hello. “ The child’s voice on the other end of the line was clear and aloof.

“I’m Jake Landry, the kid that looked exactly like your son. Initially, I asked you for your phone number to help my driver and bodyguard, Uncle Theo.

“But, Uncle Theo is cowardly and stupid. He does not know how to pursue a woman. Your identity is rather special too, so he is even more afraid.

“That is why I called you. Uncle Theo wanted to ask you out to meet by the beach tonight. Do you have the time?”

Luna bit her lips hard to not let her tears fall.

In such a desperate moment, she received Neil’s call. Is that not the work of the universe?

The universe did not want her to despair too much. Luna took a deep breath and cut to the chase.

“I don’t think I have the time tonight. I’m getting prepared to go through a mental assessment. If the assessment deems my mental condition serious, I would become a patient in the mental asylum even before nightfall, so I don’t have the time.” Neil, on the other end of the line, furrowed his brows upon Luna’s words. “That serious?”

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