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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1024

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1024

Fiona’s face instantly turned pale upon Luna’s words. She bit her lips and said in a low and aggrieved tone. “I ‘m here to apologize. Last night was indeed my fault. I should not have…poisoned the dish.“

Fiona lowered her head. Her voice was feeble yet aggrieved. “I did not sleep well last night. I regret my actions a lot. Thank goodness you know Granny Lynch is allergic to peanuts, that’s why you put so much crushed peanuts in that dish. If not, if Granny Lynch were to eat the dish that I poisoned. I…would have already regretted it for life! “

Fiona said while wiping her tears away. “So, Luna, I’m here not only to apologize to you. I came here to thank you too. I almost made the worst mistake of my life.“

Then, she subconsciously looked at Joshua in the distance with the corner of her eyes.

Once she noticed that Joshua had already put out his cigarette and was talking on the phone, she narrowed her eyes a little and continued, “If I really killed Granny Lynch, what would happen to Joshua’s child in my womb…“

Luna furrowed her brows a little at Fiona’s words. She looked at Fiona’s flat tummy and sneered, “ You’re pregnant?“

“Hmm…“ Fiona lied shamelessly without missing a beat. “I found out after I passed out last night.“

Fiona said while placing her hand on her abdomen as if she really had a child.

“It’s still early. I have not told Joshua yet. You should know that I ‘m ill. I still don’t know how to tell him. I want to give birth to this child. Although I did not tell him about the child, I told him that I would move out from the Orchard Manor.“

Then, she sighed, “Although Nellie and Nigel are good kids, what if one day they were instigated by someone to push me down. It would be a huge loss then.

“Joshua respects my opinion a lot. The moment I told him I did not want to continue staying in Orchard Manor with the kids and Granny Lynch, he agreed with me and moved me to the hotel.“

Luna narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms.

She could see that Fiona was not there to apologize. She was there to provoke.

First, she said that she was pregnant, then she said how much Joshua loved her to let her move out of the Orchard Manor.

Luna snickered, “So you two wait for me in front of my house so late at night just to show off? Great.

I’ve heard it. You can sod off already.“

Then, Luna turned and headed into the villa.

Fiona bit her lips and immediately caught after Luna. “Hold up! This is an address, come over at ten in the morning tomorrow. Joshua and I had arranged the best medical team for you to give you a thorough mental condition assessment.“

Luna raised her eyebrows.

For the past few days, Joshua has not mentioned her having mental issues. She thought that he had finally thought it through that she was not ill.

It turned out that he found a professional medical team to give her a full mental assessment and treatment?

Was she really mentally ill in Joshua’s eyes?

“Since you have a professional medical team to do a mental assessment and treatment…”

Luna looked at the address on the card in her hands coldly. Then, she immediately stuffed the card back in Fiona’s hands.

“Since there is a professional team, you and Joshua should not waste it. Both of you could properly check up on your brain and mental health. If you’re sick, cure it quickly. Don’t cause trouble at my house so late at night! “

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