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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1019

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1019

Luna was so excited she almost jumped! Robert’s team was actually at Banyan City!

Coincidentally, they were also staying at Bonnie’s hotel!

“I’ll come over now! “

Then, Luna immediately hung up and changed into formal yet decent clothes.

Luna roughly knew the reason Robert’s team gave Fiona a fake medical certificate. Last night, at the hospital, Christian sent a few voice messages to her.

Although Christian’s voice was rather muffled, Luna roughly understood what happened.

Back then, Violet Lewis, who was accidentally pushed down the building by Christian, as well as her father who died in the accident, were both resuscitated by Robert!

Robert was a famous doctor, yet he failed to save them both. This was a huge scandal for the hospital a t that time, so the hospital spent a huge effort to cover that incident up.

Even Robert’s current wife did not know that Robert failed to save the both of them.

Because of that, Luna speculated that Robert’s team giving Fiona a fake medical certificate had something to do with Violet and her father’s death.

After all, after Violet and Shaun passed away, Robert immediately married Janice Yale, who was more than lo years younger than him.

Robert benefited the most from this.

Thinking about that, Luna’s taxi had already arrived at the Yacht Club Hotel.

When Bonnie saw her, she immediately approached Luna and rolled her eyes at her.

“Why won’t you listen to me finish talking? I told you that Robert and his team are staying at my hotel and I asked you if you want to take this opportunity, but I didn’t ask you to come now! “

Bonnie helplessly raised her finger with bejeweled fingernails and poked Luna’s head.

“The news of Robert’s team arriving at Banyan City has spread all over the medical world in Banyan City. Robert’s team barely checked in when they were whisked away. They’re Central Hospital giving a talk right now. I’m not sure when they will be back. Only their family members are in the hotel right now.“

Bonnie sighed and continued, “I also asked their family members. Is the big boss that hired them not anxious to get them over to treat them?

“Guess what they said? They said that the big boss arranged for tomorrow, so they had today to themselves.“

Bonnie pulled Luna into the hotel, walking while grumbling angrily, “Back then, when I got them to take some time to come over, they were extremely unwilling! Yet they dare say they have time for themselves now! “

Looking at how undignified Bonnie was, Luna could not help but laugh.

“Don’t get angry. Them being in Banyan City is a good outcome.“

Bonnie also sighed and turned to look at Luna, “ Then, do you want to head back home first? I don’t know when they will return.“

Luna shook her head and sat down on the sofa in the lobby. “I ‘ll just wait for them here.“ Luna was afraid the moment she went home they would return. She would rather waste her time waiting there than miss the opportunity to meet Robert Jenson’s medical team.

This was because she had a feeling that she would not be able to get him to tell the truth just by meeting him once. This was a long battle and Luna was ready for it.

Bonnie initially wanted to persuade Luna to go back, but seeing how serious Luna looked, she could only sigh and wait with her.

The entire morning passed yet no one from Robert’s team appeared.

By noon, Bonnie could no longer take it. She started to persuade Luna to leave. In the end, she realized that she could not get through Luna. Bonnie could only get the hotel staff to prepare lunch for Luna and secretly ran off.

Luna was not angry at all. She knew that waiting for someone was a boring thing to do.

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