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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1017

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1017

“A small matter?“

Joshua turned around. His deep, endless gaze bore into Fiona. “If Luna did not predict what you were about to do last night and intentionally added lots of crushed peanuts into the Grilled Cajun Shrimp, do you know what the ending would be!?“

He slowly approached Fiona. His voice was as cold and sharp as his tone. “You were the one that prepared the poison. You knew that it would kill an elderly! “

Joshua reached out and clasped Fiona’s chin. His gaze was so cold it could free Antarctica over. “I never had a mother since I was young. My dad was always not around. I was brought up by my grandmother.

“Granny Lynch used to dislike Luna. She used to dislike all the women by my side, but even if they were being targeted by Granny Lynch, they would never think to kill an eighty-year-old elderly woman!

“Fiona, I always thought that you were kind and gentle. How could you do such a thing? This time, you dared to do such a thing to the elderly to frame Luna. If I don’t send you away and let you continue staying with Granny Lynch and the children, who would be your next victim?“

Joshua flung her away violently. “Because you saved Nigel before, the Lynch family owe you a life, so I won’t announce to the public that you and I had split up and you have moved out, to let you have some dignity.

“If you think that this is just a small matter and you can’t even see what you have done wrong, I should just send you back abroad to where you should be! “

Then, Joshua turned and left.

Fiona bit her lips and immediately got up from the sofa. She ran to the entrance and grabbed Joshua’s arms.

“Joshua! “ Tears streamed down her face. “Joshua, you can’t treat me that way…

“Have you forgotten, you swore that you would accompany me till the end of my life. I’m a sick patient, you can’t…“

“Huh.“ Joshua flung her hand away coldly. He did not even bother turning his head back. He said, “ Fiona, if you’re not a terminal illness patient, if I have never promised you, do you think you’ll still be here staying at a hotel under my name?

“The Lynch family does owe you indeed, but not to the extent where you could joke about my grandmother’s life!

“If you would be obedient and good in the future, I would still leave you some basic respect. I won’t let the public know that you and I had already split up. If not, you know the consequences! “

Then, Joshua stormed off.

Looking at Joshua leaving coldly and determinedly. Fiona could no longer pretend to hold on. She slumped and fell to the ground. How could this have happened?

Her plan was supposed to be flawless. Why would Luna guess that she would drug Granny Lynch and do so many preparations in advance?

She should be the one fanning the flames in front of Joshua that day, taking care of Granny Lynch while sending Luna into prison…


Fiona gritted her teeth and immediately picked up her phone and dialed a number.

“My plan was so perfect, how did it leak? Did your men leak it to Luna?“

The woman on the other end of the call laughed at Fiona. At that moment, Aura was sitting in front of the French windows at the hotel. She gently played with the teacup in her hands. Her voice was elegant yet aloof.

“You were the one that treated Luna as a fool. How could you blame me? I only provided you with the drug. I never told you that Luna was an idiot that you could manipulate easily. If you have the time to blame me, why don’t you have a good look at yourself in the mirror? Look at how stupid you are.“

Then, Aura yawned and said flatly, “Fiona Blake. You should know that in the diagnosis by Robert Jenson’s team, you only have a year left to live.“

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