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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1015

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1015

When Luna returned home, it was already past 10. “Ms. Luna, why are you drenched?“

Lily immediately rushed forward when she saw Luna returning home. She greeted Luna and sent her into the bathroom.

In the bathtub, Neil’s cold and aloof face in the car a moment ago appeared on her mind. Previously, she never thought that Neil looked like Joshua, until seeing him that night…

It turns out that when Neil became cold and arrogant, it was similar to Joshua. Only that one was the adult version while the other was the kid’s version.

However, at the thought of Joshua, Luna could not help but think back at the scene where Joshua anxiously carried Fiona to look for a doctor at the hospital.

Luna sighed. If it were not for trying to bring Fiona down to force Aura to personally take action, after that night’s events, she did not want to have anything to do with Joshua anymore.

He deserved it for being lied to by Fiona!

After her bath, Luna received a call from Nigel and Nellie. They had already returned to Orchard Manor with Granny Lynch. Granny Lynch found out about the laxative matter, yet she was not angry.

To put it in her words, what Granny Lynch said was,

“Even I would want to lace her drinks with laxatives, let alone Luna. Let her learn a lesson! “

Also, Granny Lynch mistakenly consuming the laxatives meant for Fiona was a blessing in disguise. It cured her problem of being constipated for days.

Not only was Granny Lynch not angry, but she was also extremely happy, asking when Luna would visit them again. She also said that she wanted to try Luna’s Grilled Cajun Shrimp sans peanuts.

“Let’s talk about it another time.“

Luna sighed and calmly comforted Nigel a little before hanging up. The both of them knowingly avoided mentioning Fiona or Joshua, because they did not know whether Fiona’s scheme this time considered a success or a failure.

They had already exposed Fiona for who she was, yet Joshua still remained next to her the entire night, waiting for her to be resuscitated.

After hanging up, Luna slumped on the huge bed, closed her eyes, and fell asleep.

She had a dream.

In her dreams, the children and she were back to the house when they were abroad.

In that small rented house, she was being busy in the kitchen with Neil helping her. In the living area, Nigel was on his laptop on the rug, his fingers flying across the keyboard. Next to him, Nellie was sketching on her sketch board, leaning on the sofa like her brother, sketching a jewelry design.

Neil was busy helping Luna out in the kitchen, while he helplessly looked at his siblings on the sofa.

“You two, come over and help! Mommy works hard! “

Seeing how the both of them barely responded, Neil placed his arms on his waist and said in an adult manner.

“You, especially, Nellie! Nigel is sick, he can’t simply move about and help. You! Why don’t you care a little for me and Mommy?“

Nellie smiled and looked at Neil. “I ‘m in bad shape too. You’re doing great, Neil! Things like helping Mommy out and taking care of her, we’ll leave it to you, the great one! “

Nigel, next to Nellie, sighed. He closed his laptop shut and stood up. “I’m coming.“

Neil immediately pressed Nigel back down on the sofa.

“Nigel, do your thing. I was just joking! Mommy has me to help her out! It’s more than enough! “

Then, Neil went back to the kitchen and helped Luna out with the cooking. Soon, the meal was done. The family of four sat harmoniously together, having a meal.

Right at that moment, two women appeared at the entrance. One was Aura, the other was Fiona.

Neil’s expression also changed immediately. He turned cold and strange.

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