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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1014

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1014

However, at that moment, Neil actually said that he was called Jake Landry?

“Are you shocked that when you looked for Jake Landry in the hospital, it was not me?“

Perhaps he could see through what Luna was thinking about, Neil smiled. “Jake Landry is a very common name.“

Then, he touched his chin and looked at the skies in the distance. At that moment, the heavy rain stopped. The night skies were clear. The air was fresh.

He looked into the distance. “I have once asked why I was named such a common name like Jake. If it were me, I would name myself something much grander and sound much better.

“I should be called Neil, like the clouds, or a champion.“

Then, Neil shrugged his shoulders and said resignedly, “But, this idea was rejected. My family said that Jake sounded much better.“

Luna was stunned, looking at Neil smiling forcefully. She was extremely heartbroken as if someone had stabbed her in the heart.


This was his original name! Even if he had lost his memory, he still remained determined to keep his own name!

Luna wanted to rush forward and hug him. She wanted to tell him that he was Neil, that Neil was his original name!

However, she could not. She knew that it was not the time at that moment. It was not the best time to do so yet. Luna could not alarm Neil nor let Neil doubt his own identity.

If not, if Neil ever got into a fight with Aura, everything would be out of her control already!

Thus, Luna sniffled her nose. “Jake Landry is a nice name too. It has a nice ring to it. It sounds adorable too.“

Neil pursed his lips. “I ‘m a man. Why do I want to sound adorable?“

Then, he suddenly thought of something and immediately took a piece of paper and a pen, passing them to Luna.

“Leave your contact, let’s be friends.“

Luna paused for a while, then she directly wrote down her name and phone number.

“Okay, that way, we will be friends from now on.


When he received the pen and paper from Luna, he waved his hands at Luna and closed the door.

“Uncle Theo, drive.“

Theo, who was silent all this while, nodded and drove.

Luna stood outside Blue Bay Villa, looking at that black Bendley leaving. She could no longer hold back her tears.

Luna did not know whether she should be sad that Neil did not remember anything, or happy that even if he lost his memory, he still had a good feeling about her.

If not, why would he get his servants to get her into his car under the heavy rain? Neil was a smart kid. He should know that Aura got him to pretend to be Neil the last time because Aura hated her.

However, out of kindness, he still sent her home on a rainy night.

Luna sniffled her nose. It was until the car became a little black dot only then did Luna take a deep breath, wiped away her tears, and went back home.

In the black Bendley.

Neil closed his eyes. He crossed his arms and leaned back on the leather seat, like an arrogant and domineering boss.

“I got you her contact. Whether you could successfully pursue her, it’s on you.“

Theo nodded silently. His voice was as low as his status. “Thank you, Young Master.“

Neil waved his hands. “Uncle Theo, you and I went through fire and water together. Don’t need to thank me, but…“

Neil sighed, “I do like that woman quite a lot. I want to get close to her.“

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