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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1011

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1011

Joshua ignored Fiona.

He immediately snatched Luna’s phone away and played the video on the phone once again.

The video recorded it clearly. Fiona, who kept saying she was allergic to shrimps, not only went near them, but she also ate one.

She even poisoned that dish!

Joshua squinted his eyes furiously. He turned to look at Fiona with an expression dangerously darkened. “ Fiona, how do you explain yourself?“

He threw the phone at Fiona. “I want to hear what you can come up with.“

The phone hit Fiona and fell to the ground. Fiona still had Joshua’s coat when she said she was cold earlier.

She bit her lips and violently trembled. “Joshua, I…“

“Ms. Blake.“ Luna smiled and warned her, “You better explain properly. Don’t think that just because you delete the video everything would be alright. Do you really think I would be as dumb as you to record everything with only a video?“

Luna gracefully took a few pin -hole cameras from the phone stand. “I still have a lot of evidence here.“

Fiona’s expressions were extremely ugly. She was careless!

She thought that Luna would only use the phone to monitor her so that she would not come up with any tricks. She never expected that Luna had done so many things to the phone stand!

Fiona bit her lips, raised her gaze, and looked at Joshua. “Joshua…“

What faced her was Joshua’s furious gaze. He glared at Fiona coldly.

“Fiona, how could you do such a thing! “

Clearly, Fiona going on and on about how she was allergic to shrimps and how she could not go near them was in preparation for framing Luna for poisoning the dish that night.

Meaning to say, from the beginning, Fiona wanted Luna to come over for dinner so that she could get rid of Granny Lynch and frame Luna for it!

Compared to her actions, Luna lacing the beverages with laxatives was already considered merciful!

After all, Luna did not know how serious her illness was. In Luna’s eyes, laxatives would only make her have diarrhea the entire night.

“Joshua, I…“

Fiona bit her lips hard. Tears were forming in her eyes. “I…“

Her arrogant aura of framing Luna previously has vanished.

Fiona, at that moment, was in an extremely

wretched state. She gritted hard and could not offer a single explanation.

At that moment, no matter how she explained, she could not escape from responsibility.

In the end, she directly rolled her eyes and passed out.

Joshua furrowed her brows. Looking at her series of actions, his eyes no longer had the concern he once had.


Right when Fiona was just about to fall, he still caught her.

“Doctor! “

No matter what, Fiona was still the one that saved Nigel’s life.

Seeing how there were no doctors in the corridors, Joshua furrowed his brows. In the end, he carried Fiona in his arms and walked to the emergency room.

Luna remained in the same spot, looking at Joshua taking Fiona away. She sneered one her lips froze.

After a while, she smiled and picked up the phone on the floor.

She was feeling extremely terrible, like something stabbing her heart.


Even if Fiona did such a thing, he still carried her to the emergency room.

In his heart, Fiona was still that important to him, so much so that even if Fiona tried killing his own grandmother, he could pretend that nothing had happened.

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