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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1010

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1010

Fiona wanted to see what evidence Luna could produce when Lucas brought the phone over!

lo minutes later, Lucas rushed over with a few cups of beverages, the phone, and the phone stand.

Although Joshua only asked for two beverages, when he took them, he noticed that Nigel’s and Nellie’s beverages were not finished yet and it was placed together, so he simply took them together.

The doctor took the beverages to check upon them. In the end, he only brought the lemon iced tea out.

“Mr. Lynch, only this cup has been laced with laxatives. From the results, the ingredients were matched with the ones Granny Lynch consumed.

“As for the other three cups, there is nothing. Especially in the herbal tea. Not only has it not been drugged, but it was also added with many vitamins good for the elderly.“

Then, the doctor stuffed the results in Joshua’s hand, turned, and left.

Clutching the results, Joshua furrowed his brows a little.

Fiona went over to have a look. Then she loudly reprimanded Luna, “Great, how dare you laced my drink with laxatives! Luna, laxatives will almost kill me! How vicious of you! “

Fiona yelled while placing the blame for the poisoned Grilled Cajun Shrimp on Luna.

“She laced my beverage with laxatives while poisoning Granny Lynch! She’s terrible! “


Suddenly, Joshua, who was behind Fiona, looked at Luna coldly. “What’s going on with the shrimp?“

If Luna was truly like what Fiona said, trying to harm Fiona with laxatives while killing Granny Lynch with poison, then why did she add all those healthy vitamins that were good for the elderly into the herbal tea for Granny Lynch?

It was illogical.

Actually, during dinner, he was extremely suspicious. Luna knew that Granny Lynch was allergic to peanuts, yet she absurdly placed the peanuts in such a conspicuous place. The peanuts were as much as the shrimp.

It was as if she was afraid no one could see them. “Mr. Lynch, what do you think?“

Luna smiled and waved the phone in her hands. “The answers you want are all in this phone.“

Joshua furrowed his brows and gave Luna a look. He signaled at her to turn on her phone.

Fiona noticed how confident Luna looked. She could not help but secretly sneer at her.

Fiona has long deleted those videos on the phone that would look bad on her! She wanted to see what tricks Luna had up her sleeves!

However, the next second, her face suddenly turned pale.

Because the video Luna played was of her smiling smugly picking the phone up deleting the video!

Fiona’s face turned pale.



Luna smiled and continued rewinding the video to the point before Fiona deleted the video.

In the video, Fiona, who kept emphasizing being allergic to shrimps, not only picked up the shrimps with her utensils and had a taste, she even took out a small packet of medication from her pocket and placed them into the Grilled Cajun Shrimp!

Then, she smiled and placed the dish back to its original place, then turned around to delete the video.

The atmosphere in the entire corridor was so heavy it made one’s heart palpitate.

Fiona clenched her fists tightly.

“Joshua…” Fiona said with a hoarse voice, “l-let me… let me explain.”

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