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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1008

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1008

Joshua could not understand why Luna wanted to go up against such an old person!

“Maybe…it was not Granny Lynch who offended Ms. Luna, it was me.“

Just when Joshua was clutching Luna’s neck questioning her, Fiona, who had been sitting on the chair in the distance, wiped her tears and stood up.

Tears were still in her eyes. She sobbed and looked at Joshua and Luna. “Ms. Luna must have known that Granny Lynch and I did not see eye to eye, so she tried to hurt Granny Lynch and framed it on me.“

Fiona cried until her eyes were reddened. “After all, in the entire Orchard Manor, only I would have the motive to hurt Granny…“ The more Fiona spoke the more aggrieved she was. She sobbed until her entire body started twitching.

Luna was being pinned against the wall by Joshua. She could not help but smile.

“Ms. Blake, your act of accusing me is done to perfection. Such great acting skills. It’s a pity you’re not in the entertainment industry! “

“Luna! “ Joshua’s expressions darkened instantly. “ What nonsense are you spewing?“

“I’m spewing nonsense?“ Luna smiled and looked at Joshua coldly. “Mr. Lynch, you’re darling Ms. Blake is the one spewing nonsense.“

Luna met Joshua’s gaze fearlessly. Her tone was much colder than her gaze.

“Ms. Blake said that I knew that only she in Orchard Manor would have the motive to harm Granny Lynch, so I deliberately drugged Granny Lynch to frame her.

“Let me ask the both of you. Do I look like an idiot to you? I know that Granny Lynch and Fiona do not see eye to eye. Why should I meddle in their affairs? I hate Fiona so much, why don’t I use Granny Lynch’s help to go up against Fiona more?“

The entire corridor was silenced upon Luna’s words.

Joshua furrowed his brows. His clutched on Luna relaxed a little. Luna took the opportunity to pry his hands away. Then she walked a few steps toward Fiona aloofly.

“If I wanted to screw with you, I would not have targeted Granny Lynch. I should just bad-mouth you in front of Granny Lynch, then please her well and proper. That way, you will live your days terribly.“

Fiona narrowed her eyes fiercely. A hint of resentment flashed across her eyes. However, on the surface, she still looked feeble and gentle. “But, Ms. Luna, don’t you hate Granny Lynch too?

“Maybe perhaps to you, killing Granny Lynch would make you much happier than pleasing her?“

Luna laughed.

She did not reply to Fiona’s question, on the contrary, she replied to Fiona’s question with another question.

“Ms. Blake, tell me. If you were to poison Granny Lynch, would you place the poison in a dish that only you made?”

Fiona’s face turned pale. “I…”

“At that time, only you and I were in the kitchen. You kept saying how you were allergic to the shrimp, so you can’t touch them.

“Tell me, how stupid would I be to poison the shrimp?”

Joshua  furrowed  his brows  a little at  Luna’s words.

After a while, he harrumphed coldly, “Since you said that you did not drug it, why did you admit to it?”

Luna smiled. “Mr. Lynch, I’m only admitting to the laxatives. Granny Lynch indeed drank the beverage that was laced with laxatives.”

She said while looking at Fiona calmly, “That cup was meant for Ms. Blake.”

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