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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1007

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1007


Facing Joshua’s stunned expressions, the doctor cleared his throat. “Granny Lynch has been taken to the toilet with the help of the nurses. Although it

was laxative, she had been constipated recently. I guess it’s a blessing in disguise.

“As for Nigel and Nellie, they did not consume any laxatives. Perhaps they consumed cold things during the afternoon which caused them to have a tummy ache. I’ve already prescribed them some medicine. “

The doctor sighed, “But, Mr. Lynch, although it’s only a scare, the food at home has truly been poisoned. You have to carefully investigate this matter.

“Also, Granny Lynch can’t consume too many drugs like laxatives.“

Then, the doctor closed his file, turned, and left.

Joshua furrowed his brows while looking at the doctor leaving. After a while, he turned around. Behind him, Fiona was sitting on the bench with teary eyes. She sobbed while wiping her tears away.

“Thank goodness, thank goodness that Granny Lynch only had laxatives. If she ate the dish that Luna poisoned, the consequences  would be dire… “

Luna was leaning against the wall opposite her, playing on her phone leisurely.

Occasionally, she would play a voice message on her phone. Joshua would recognize from the tone that it was Christian from the voice message. He furrowed his brows tightly.

It was at such a serious moment, yet Luna still had the mood to chat with Christian!

Not only Granny Lynch was sent to the emergency room, but also her two kids! Luna kept saying that she had no mental illness. She kept saying that she loved her children.

Was that how she showed her love?

Joshua stared at Luna for a very long time. It was until Luna finished chatting with Christian only then did she notice Joshua staring at her.

She kept her phone and looked at Joshua calmly. “Mr. Lynch, is there anything?“

Joshua narrowed his eyes fiercely. He forced the words out of his mouth. “The laxatives. Was it you?“

How would they have laxatives at home out of nowhere? Also, when he sent his men to follow Luna back home the night before, they said that she stopped by the pharmacy on her way home.

It was hard for Joshua to not link the poisoned Grilled Cajun Shrimp with the laxatives Granny Lynch consumed with Luna.

Luna paused for a while. In the end, she shrugged. “ The laxatives? Yes, I did it.“

Joshua’s pupils dilated upon her words! Luna actually openly admitted to it? He was infuriated. He immediately rushed forward and clasped her chin.

“Do you know how old Granny Lynch is? You drugged her so heavily. Are you trying to kill her? Since when has Granny Lynch offended you?”

Joshua admitted. When Luna just came back to the country, Granny Lynch had indeed gone up against Luna because of Aura and Alice.

However, later one, when he explained to Granny Lynch how hard it was for Luna to single -handedly raise such great children, Granny Lynch’s impression of Luna changed too.

Even at that moment, Granny Lynch despised Fiona because, in her mind, Luna was far greater!

However, Luna would dare to viciously drug an elderly who only thought well of her!

It was poison as well as laxatives!

What was she trying to do? Was she heartless?

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