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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1006

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1006

“But all this while, Granny had been telling me that you’re a good person. She said that know how to take good care of others! How could you…poisoned Granny Lynch! “

Joshua frowned hard at Fiona’s words. He swept Luna a cold glance. “You’re the one that made this dish, right?“

Luna sneered, “It was me.“

Joshua closed his eyes. He secretly clenched his fist.

“Fiona’s right. Although Granny did not used to like you, throughout this time, she had always been thinking  about  the good you do! How could you… “

Before Joshua could finish his sentence, the ambulance arrived. Granny Lynch, Nigel, and Nellie were placed into the ambulance. Joshua was worried so he planned to follow them to the hospital.

“I’ll come along.“ Fiona worriedly bit her lips. Tears kept falling. “Granny Lynch is already so old. She must be extremely uncomfortable.“

Then, she could not help but look at Luna. “How could you be so cruel?“

Although Fiona did not know why Granny Lynch would be in pain even though she did not eat that dish, she knew that this was a great opportunity!

Although the process was different, the results were the same. Granny Lynch was admitted to the hospital, Luna taking the blame. This was her purpose that night!

“Yes, I don’t know how she could be so cruel.“ Joshua picked his coat up. He put on his coat while looking at Luna coldly. “A person who used to be gentle and kind hearted. I don’t know when she became so cruel and nasty.“

Luna sneered.

She calmly looked at Joshua. “Joshua, the results are not out yet, why do you have to side with Fiona, so eagerly trying to place the blame of poisoning on me?“

Joshua harrumphed coldly, “If it’s not you, could it be Fiona? She would not do such things! Also, the test results have come out. The problem lies with the Grilled Cajun Shrimp! Fiona did not touch that dish because she’s allergic to them! Are you still trying to deny it?“

Then, Joshua immediately threw his coat at Luna. “ Put on your coat. Follow us to the hospital! If anything happens to Granny Lynch, you’re the one to blame! “

Luna sneered. She put on her coat and followed them out the door.

“It’s cold.“ The moment they stepped out, Fiona shivered. Joshua hesitated a little before hugging Fiona in his arms. “It is quite cold tonight.“

Luna was walking behind them. Looking at Joshua and Fiona, she was disheartened. She secretly hugged her coat tighter.

Joshua’s words a moment ago rang in her ears.

“If it’s not you, could it be Fiona? She would not do such things! “

Luna sneered. Joshua trusted Fiona so much, yet he did not trust her at all.

“Mr. Lynch, the results are out. It was just a scare. Although the dish on the table was drugged, Granny Lynch was not poisoned. She only had some… laxatives.”

Joshua raised his eyebrows. “Laxatives?”

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