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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1004

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1004

“My memory is not that great. Plus, I haven’t seen Granny Lynch for such a long time.“

Then, Luna sighed helplessly. She swapped the Grilled Cajun Shrimp with the dish in front of Fiona. “Granny, here, try this instead. This tastes good too. I made them especially for you.“

Granny Lynch’s expressions relaxed a little. “Let’s eat, let’s eat. I’m starving! “

Seeing that Joshua was still staring at Luna with a darkened expression, Nellie immediately smiled and placed some food on Joshua’s dish.

“Daddy, try the Skinny Orange Chicken Mommy did. It’s really sweet and delicious! “

Joshua furrowed his brows and laughed a little. “


Fiona, by the side, looked at the scene in front of her. Her eyes turned even colder.

Nellie called Joshua Daddy and Luna Mommy. She even stressed those words. She was clearly trying to assert Luna’s dominance!

Both Joshua and Luna, one of them was Daddy, the other was Mommy. Fiona, on the other hand, was the outsider!

At that thought, her already annoyed mood was even worse.

The Grilled Cajun Shrimp was quietly laying in front of her. No one touched it at all. What should she do? She had planned thoroughly, but never had she thought that Granny Lynch would be allergic to peanuts, nor did she think Luna would put so many peanuts in that dish!

“What are you thinking about?“

Suddenly, Joshua’s voice pulled Fiona back. He gracefully placed some food in her dish and said calmly, “Didn’t you say that you have an important announcement to make tonight during dinner?“

Fiona shuddered violently! Joshua was reminding her to apologize to Luna! However, she only said she wanted to apologize to Luna as an excuse to get Luna over. She did not want to apologize to a b*tch like Luna.


Looking at how reluctant Fiona looked, Nigel and Nellie looked at each other. The both of them secretly laughed.

“What is she going to announce?“ Granny Lynch harrumphed coldly and swept Fiona a cold glance. “ What good could come out of her mouth?“

“Granny, don’t say that about Fiona.“ Then, he turned to look at Fiona gently. “When are you planning to announce?“

Fiona secretly clenched her fists tightly by her side.

Although she was clear that Joshua only agreed to help get Luna over for dinner because she said she was going to apologize to Luna.

However, at that moment, looking at how anxious Joshua wanted her to apologize to Luna, Fiona felt terrible. Was Luna really that important in his eyes?

“Ouch! “

At that moment, Granny Lynch, who only had a few mouths full of food when she suddenly turned pale and immediately clutched her stomach. “It hurts!”

Nigel and Nellie looked at each other, then they immediately imitated Granny Lynch and clutched their stomachs.

“My tummy hurts! “

“It hurts! ”

At that instant, the three of them started wailing in pain.

Joshua’s expressions instantly changed. He immediately picked up his phone. “Lucas, get the family doctor over! “

Fiona, by the side, was bewildered.


She looked at the Grilled Cajun Shrimp which no one touched.

What was going on?

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