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Novel “Fated To The Alpha” by Jessical Hall Chapter 241

This Blake turned out to be one of Kyan’s warriors and a close friend of Lucas. The silver Audi pulled up out the manor’s front, and I climbed out. Kyan’s car wasn’t here, and it appeared no one was home when Lucas opened up the front door.

“Mara, quick come, come,” Lucas ushered me over to him, and the car left instantly, driving out.

“Hey Lucas,” I called to him as I walked toward him.

“So glad, about time you came home where you belong,” Lucas said, embracing me. He hugged me tightly while rubbing my back.

“So, where is Kyan?” I asked.

“Oh, he will be back sometime tonight, lets go make lunch; I made scones. You like scones with cream. I made the jam myself,” He says, tugging me into the house. I shake my head at his excitement but follow him anyway. It made me wonder how Kyan was so cold all the time when he had a loving father and an Uncle who seemed so cheerful and excitable.

He fed me scones, every sort of scone you could think of, my stomach felt like it would burst, and I think I tried about twenty of his homemade jams, I didn’t even know so many types of jams existed, and he made them all.

“Try this one. This is peach and mango jam,” Lucas said. I shake my head, trying to s*w the last scone down. I didn’t want to be rude, but I seriously couldn’t eat anymore. My pants felt like they were about to burst, and half an hour ago, I had to undo the top button on my pants. I didn’t want to be rude, yet he kept feeding me them.

“No, thank you,” I tell him feeling woozy. Kora even felt queasy, and it was my body, not hers.

“I feel like he is trying to fatten us up. You sure he ain’t a witch too, the sort that tried to eat Hansel and Gretal,” Kora also whines in a food coma.

“How about some tea? I will make you some tea,”

“have a feeling he doesn’t get too many guests here,” Kora whines.

“No, thank you. What time did you say Kyan would be back. I had texted Jonah but hadn’t received a reply yet. Kyan’s phone just kept ringing out, so I had no idea what I was supposed to do with myself besides allowing Lucas to fatten me up for Kyan’s cauldron. I snicker to myself, wondering if he had one. All the sugar was getting to me and making me giggly.

“Ah, sometime soon, I am sure,” He answers vaguely.

“Okay, can I look around, maybe borrow a shirt and shower? This one has Jonah’s blood on it,” I tell him, lifting Jonah’s hoodie to show him my top.

“Why didn’t you say something? Follow me; you can use Kyan’s one. Feel free to steal one of his shirts. I will have to organize some clothes, Kyan did say you didn’t bring any, and he was supposed to have some sent to Jonah’s apartment. Must have slipped his mind,” He says, dusting his hands off on a tea towel. I felt so bloated as I stood, and my g*d, did every limb feel heavy. I wobble on my feet, the room spinning slightly. I had to clutch the table, and I was glad I had a hoodie on because I had the suspicion my belly was bulging.

I followed him to the stairs and groaned at how many steps I was about to walk up. Did it look like someone added extras? Suddenly, the staircase looked so steep, and I don’t remember it being so many stairs? Lucas rattled on the entire way. The man could talk, I nodded and made noises that I was listening to him, but his words sounded like one long one I couldn’t keep up. Why do I feel so heavy?

“Come on, three more steps. You can do it, mush, mush, mush,” Kora chants in my head as I stumble up the steps.

“At least you can work off those scones you ate; I swear I can feel my a*s growing wider already,” Kora mumbled as I did the terrible climb up them before sluggishly making my way to Kyan’s bedroom.

“Just help yourself,” Lucas says, shutting the door as I step inside his room. His room was perfectly made up, not a thing out of place, and I glanced at his bed longingly, wanting to crawl in and d*e from overeating. The thought became better and better as I shuffled my swollen guts over to it and fell face first.

“I am never eating another scone,” I mumble to Kora.

“Don’t blame you. I lost count after the 13th one. If it was a scone eating competition, it was Marabella for the win, woohoo,”

“Don’t make me laugh, it hurts and wants out, and I am not sure which end,” I tell her rolling on my side. She scrunches her face up at me before yawning herself. Who would have thought stuffing one’s face would be so exhausting.

“Let’s take a wolf nap,”

“Think the term is cat nap,” I groan, unbuttoning my pants and kicking them off.

“Wolf nap,” Kora argues, but I was too exhausted to correct her. My dignity went out the window with that last scone. I didn’t care how Kyan found me, I was d***g here, and I refused to move. He will have to roll me out. I wasn’t walking.

Kyan POV

Finally getting home, I walked to my bedroom. Jonah was still out searching for Rose. G*d knows where and Marabella had been unreachable all day since I had no phone. Although, I did stop to check in on her. However, she was nowhere to be found, and I had been worrying since.

Maybe Jonah came back for her, I knew she was safe, yet as I climbed the stairs, I had the strangest sensation she was close, and I opened the bond to her. That became a realization when I pushed my door open, and she was face down on my bed in her panties and a hoodie. Kaif shoves forward at her state of undress, instantly wanting to get his hands on her.

I peek back out to the hall, wondering why she was here, when Lucas poked his head out his door suspiciously, and I narrowed my eyes at him before stalking off down the hall towards him. His eyes widened, and he tried to shut the door in my face; I shoved it open.

“Why is Marabella in my bed half-naked,”

“Oh, she is, I must have missed her,” Lucas says, but I could smell a lie, but strangely enough, I wasn’t even upset. Honestly, my Uncle loved to meddle and meddle he had.

I raise an eyebrow at him and suddenly begins rambling about how she should be here, and yadda yadda.

“You done?” He snaps his mouth closed. I clicked my fingers at him wanting my phone, and he walked over to his old bedside table that made me grit my teeth. I had been trying to replace his furnishings for ages. He returns, placing my phone in my waiting hand.

“Okay,” I tell him, turning on my heel to leave his room.

“That’s it?” I stop wondering what he is talking about.


“You are not mad?”

“No, I have been worried about her all d**n day. I stopped by there this morning, and I couldn’t find her; I am just glad she is safe,”

“And half-naked,” Kaif purrs in my head. Lucas scratches his head and nods.

“I’m not mad,” I tell him, trying to reassure him.

“Okay, I expected an outburst, so I made sure she wouldn’t escape,”

“You what?” I ask him.

“I kept feeding her scones, I was shocked she kept eating them. I think she thought she would hurt my feelings, but she just kept chugging along like a trooper eating whatever I handed her, but she did look a little uncomfortable, got a good appetite to fatten up pups one day,”‘ He prattles. I facepalm myself. My Uncle and his dn jams he was so proud of! No wonder she is sprawled out looking dd in my bed.

“No, pups, just let me get over the shock of her passed out in my bed,”

“I may have put some brandy in the cream, or maybe a lot of brandy in cream,” he adds, blinking at me.


“You couldn’t kick her out if she couldn’t move too well, though I am surprised how long she lasted; I expected her to pass out on the floor after the first 10,” I gape at him 10, wait, first ten how many did her feed her?

“You got my mate drunk?”

“No, I mean yes, she is quite talkative when drunk, glowing like a star, her face was so red, you should have watched her wobble up the stairs, took us a good 5 minutes as she stumbled her way to your room,” He chuckles, and I shake my head.

“Lucas,” I sigh but also laugh, unable to contain it. I know his heart is in the right place, but d**n that was too far.

“Fine, she can stay, but no feeding her anymore scones,”

“What about cookies? I baked her a tray,”

“No brandy?”

“No brandy,” he repeats, and I shake my head before heading back to my room.

Pushing the door open, she was in the same spot, still snoring lightly though now she had a wedgie, one side of her blue panties slivered up her a*s.

Walking over to her, I shake her shoulder, and she mumbles incoherently.

“Ella?” I ask her.

“I have a wedgie; it is in my butt,” she slurs.

“I can’t reach my butt,” she added. I laugh at her finding this very amusing, she would be mortified in the morning, but she seemed rather carefree for now.

“Your uncle tried to k**l me with songs,” She mumbled, and I tried to roll her onto her back. I felt her queasiness the moment I rolled her when she suddenly lurched forward and threw up on me. I froze in shock, not expecting her to projectile vomit. I then blinked down at her as she proceeded to wipe her mouth on my shirt as she fumbled and untucked it.

“Sorry, I feel better now,” She mumbled while I remained covered in her vomit and highly grossed out. Kaif laughed his head off, finding it hilarious when she suddenly slumped forward, her head resting where she just emptied her stomach on me. My OCD brain is trying to register the mess without throwing the mate in the bin. My entire body was screaming abort mission to save the meltdown I was trying not to have right now.


“Oh, you big baby, move over,” I never called him to take over my body willingly, but this was too much. This I could not handle.

“Well, while you’re down there love,” Kaif said as her head slid down my crotch, she swatted at the air, and I was pretty sure she was trying to hit us or some imaginary midget behind us. Kaif scoops her up, walking toward the bathroom, and I mind-linked Lucas to clean the mess in my room since it was his fault. Kaif quickly undresses her but lingers way too long in areas and I had to snap at him twice and remind him she was off her head. He placed her in the bottom of the shower before looking in the mirror.

“Get it off!” I tell him, disgusted with the thought of touching my clothes. He rolls my eyes, unbuttoning my shirt before growling and tearing it when my fingers don’t do what they are supposed to. My clothes fell away in tatters as he gave up, shredding them, and for once, I had no issues. I was sure I would have burned them anyway.

Turning toward the shower, she jolts when the cold water hits her, and I adjust the temperature as she slumps forward again.

“I won’t fit in the cauldron, and your Luca can’t eat me,”

“No, you definitely won’t fit in my cauldron because I don’t have one,” I tell her, stepping in a grabbing a washcloth. I quickly washed before sliding down to sit on the floor next to her. I pulled her over to me so I could wash her.

She was not a cooperative drunk, fighting me every step of the way with her swatting hands, saying I was scrubbing too hard or not hard enough.

“Ella, stop,” I whine at her trying to pull chunks of gunk from her hair.

“I am to seconds away from pinning you under the water and waterboarding you,” I tell her when she complains I am pulling her hairs before eventually passing out again. I was going to kl him, b**y feed her scones laced with liquor. Lucas knocks on the door.

“Everything alright in there,”

“No, but I can handle it,” I growl back at him, and I thought I heard him laugh.

“Room is clean and fresh linen,” He says before I hear the bedroom door shut. Groaning, I move her around and shut the water off before wrapping a towel around my waist and picking her drunken a*s up off the floor. I placed her on the bed while I put some boxers on before dressing her.

“It’s too hot,” She whines, tugging the shirt off that I painstakingly put on her. Before tugging the blanket back up, I growled when she kept kicking it off us. I grabbed her, tucking her against me and locking her feet between my legs so she would stop squirming and kicking the blankets off.

“It’s hot, Kyan,” She says, thrashing and kicking her legs out. I growl at her when she suddenly rolls her very naked body against mine and tosses her leg over my waist, getting comfortable while I tried to lay and not get hard with be p*y resting, against my hip. She starts purring, and I could hear Kora purring too and Kaif chuckles.

“I like her like this. Let Lucas look after her more often,” Kaif laughs out.

“That’s because she didn’t puke on you like the d**n exorcist.” I snap at him when she starts squirming again.

“Will you rub my butt,” She says, and I raise an eyebrow when she tries reaching for my hand. She growls at me when I tug my hand away.

“Fine, I will rub your butt. Just go to sleep, ” I growl before moving to rub her butt as she asks.

I had been rubbing her a*s for twenty minutes when Jonah finally got here.


“Found,” He say, shrugging off his shirt before turning to look at the bed.

“Does she know she is naked?”

“Don’t ask, I have been rubbing her as for twenty minutes, and my arm is sore, you can take over the as rubbing she growls when you stop,” I warn him even though she was d**d to the world and I am pretty sure she was drooling on me.

“She is going to wake up so angry. Is she in heat?”

“No, she is drunk; blame Lucas,” I tell him.

“Here, take over,” I tell him, letting my arm finally fall.

“Gladly, one butt message coming up,” He says, rubbing his hands together before replacing my hand. “What a strange f*g night.” I yawned.

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