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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1499

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1499

Jumping with joy, Carmen latched herself to Lorelei. “Lola! When did you arrive?”

Lorelei warmed up to Carmen upon seeing the latter. “We’ll be welcoming the freshers today. They seem to be a little disobedient! How dare a bunch of newbies be so arrogant?”

The girls walked away while they chatted, but Lorelei didn’t speak with Bailey when they saw each other, as they both considered it sufficient as a greeting when they exchanged looks earlier. Therefore, Bailey pushed his bike while walking beside the girls as they spoke, all the while mentally exclaiming on how Lorelei had bloomed into her true self by staying with the Fletchers; that was where she truly belonged.

Lorelei was feared among the freshers. Furthermore, Flynn Clark had his name called out directly by her earlier, so he almost burst into tears out of his intense fear for her. At that moment, Poppy appeared out of nowhere to scare him. “Aha! You’re done for! The general called for you! Flynn, you should be prepared! The following month will be hell for you!”

Flynn was on the verge of tears. As if having realized something, he asked Poppy, “Is Carmen the commanding general’s sister?”

However, his question went unanswered as Poppy left to flatter Lorelei, or else it could easily be her turn to get singled out for the coming month. Flynn stared at Carmen—who seemed to be close to Lorelei—in confusion while she hugged Lorelei. She seemed to be totally different from who I thought she was! Lorelei hailed from the prestigious Fletcher Family, so does Carmen being her sister mean that she is also a Fletcher? No, that’s impossible! How could a Fletcher possibly work as a mere security guard?

Unfortunately, he would never get to know the truth, nor did he have time to brood on the subject any longer, as the military training would soon begin. Lasting for a period of a month, the training was an obstacle that one would be required to pass if one wished to enter Bayside University. Every year, there were a lot of students who would voluntarily drop out of the university as they couldn’t handle the training.

On the other hand, Lorelei already knew of Bailey and Carmen’s relationship. The Fletchers were also keeping a close eye on them. Cooper’s nuclear bomb and the Fletchers’ army were all targeting Bailey like thousands of knives that were pointing at him, so he had a lot of pressure on him. After all, being an old son-in-law was never easy. However, Bailey chose to go down that road nonetheless.

The sisters parted ways after briefly catching up with each other, since Lorelei had a job to do; she still had to train a bunch of youngsters. Poppy, Hope, Ashton and Albert, who were all among the same batch of freshers, were attending to Lorelei in hopes of getting on her good side, since they knew the military training would be taking a toll on them.

Upon leaving the school, Bailey rode on his bike with Carmen sitting behind him. While on their way back, Carmen suggested out of the blue, “Bailey, why don’t we join the military training too?”

She never knew what the military training was about, as she never was involved in it. Although the Fletchers would organize similar trainings for their children every summer, she missed out on all of them as she was studying away from home. Initially, she intended it as a joke, but unexpectedly, Bailey agreed to it without hesitation. “Sure.”

By the next day, the two of them got onto the bus that would take them to the military base. Seeing them on the bus devastated Poppy. “Why are you two here? You can literally go do anything else if you have too much free time to spare!”

However, Carmen didn’t answer her. Instead, she took a nap while leaning against Bailey’s shoulder. In turn, he held her shoulder too, which seemed to indicate that their relationship was making rapid progress. Nevertheless, Bailey still held on to his principle, for he would never cross that final line before she was eighteen. The previous incident was merely an accident considering that he was drunk.

On the other hand, Casper also applied to join the training after catching wind of their attendance, but he quickly realized that he had no business joining it in the first place. Carmen had a comfortable nap while leaning against Bailey’s shoulder before waking up at the military base.

Bailey looked extraordinary in the military uniform. Not only was he tall and handsome, but his emerald eyes gave him an air of mystery. His blond hair was also noticeable within the crowd who all had black hair. The military uniform he wore gave him an added advantage to attract the attention of young girls. As soon as they arrived at the base, Carmen noticed that a lot of girls were trying to strike a conversation with him as well as getting his contact.

The sight of it irked Carmen, so she hurried over to hold his hand, declaring her relationship with him before dragging him away just like a kitten trying to protect its food from being taken away. Bailey shook his head with a smile on his face, all the while turning his palm around to hold her hand and allowing her to drag him away. From then on, they had a tacit agreement to hold hands whenever they met up. Their relationship had seen major progress throughout the training program.

Since they were the ones who took the initiative to join the training, Lorelei wasn’t about to go easy on them, so she assigned them into the Superb Company. Almost all of the descendants from the Four Great Families and the Yard Family were assigned to that company due to their parents’ request. Contrary to the other parents who were worried that their children might suffer during the training program, the Four Great Families all put in requests to increase the intensity of their children’s training.

Lorelei oversaw the company’s training personally, as she was adamant to go about things the right way. Therefore, they started off their first day of the training program with a so-called ‘death match’.

Casper rubbed his palms together expectantly. With ten years of experience in mixed martial arts, he volunteered to join Bailey’s group to get a chance to fight him. He even signaled to Hope and Ashton to join him in the opportunity to defeat Bailey.

However, Hope shook his hands to indicate that he dared not join in the fray, nor did Ashton agree to it. The latter needed to maintain an immaculate outward appearance, as his career depended on it. Out of them all, Albert feared Bailey the most, as he didn’t want Carmen to clobber him like when they were still kids if he ever laid a finger on Bailey.

In the end, Casper stood in front of Bailey alone while saying savagely, “Bailey, we’ve known each other for a long time. I heard that you learned martial arts, so I’d like to have a match with you! Come on! You don’t have to hold back! Give me your best!”

“Sure. Let’s fight.”

With that, Casper got a good beating from Bailey in front of all the girls on the first day of the training, being repeatedly pummeled to the ground again and again, and again. Finally, Casper arrived before Carmen with bruises all over his face while he wept. “Bailey hit me! He hit me! Look at what he had done to me!”

However, Carmen didn’t take pity on him. “You got what you deserved! Bailey and Lola are from the same family, so you should’ve known how strong he is just by seeing how strong Lola is!” Bailey wouldn’t have survived if he were weak.

With that, Casper left tearfully with Hope’s support. In spite of his spectacular defeat, Casper still refused to admit it, so he continued to compete with Bailey in every other way he could find, only to realize that he seemed to fall short in all regards when it came to Bailey.

A month later, the military training ended with Casper having bruises all over his face. On the other hand, both Carmen and Bailey had a tan when they returned. They had also gotten to the stage of holding hands all the time with each other.

As usual, Cooper maintained his deathly glare when he met Bailey. He had arranged a group of people to join the military training, hoping that they could teach Bailey a lesson, but all of them wound up being intimidated by him. Geez! That bunch of cowards!

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