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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1492

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1492


The sudden shock frightened Carmen and she gasped instinctively. However, her voice was immediately swallowed by Bailey’s burning kiss.

Not only was his kiss hot and domineering, it also felt powerful and aggressive, hardly giving her any breath to think. It expressed his love and possessiveness for her.

Carmen went to study abroad at a young age and she grew up under the foreign tutelage of freethought. It made her more open-minded so she didn’t feel offended by it. However, she was still surprised…

Aren’t things progressing a bit too fast?

She knew that she had feelings for him but they didn’t seem to have progressed to this point yet!

At the moment, Carmen was startled and she didn’t know how to react. Her mind was completely blank and her lungs were burning for air, while her face was flushed and her heart was beating extremely fast.

This was a strange feeling and it felt shocking, sweet and fantastical.

So, this is how a first kiss feels like.

Carmen didn’t even notice the maid who came up with a bowl of broth. When the maid saw the affection in the room, she left with the bowl and was kind enough to close the door.

The confused yet fascinated Carmen thought that this would usher in an important stage in her life.

However, the moment that she anticipated never came. Immediately, Bailey retreated and stopped right after kissing her softly. Without advancing to the next step, he hugged her and buried his face into her neck. Then, he chose a comfortable position for him to lie on while he smelled the unique fragrance of her body. His mouth was still exhaling his hot breath, as if he was tired and wanted to have a rest.


“Huh?” Carmen was a little disappointed but he was still pinning her down like a mountain, causing her to feel tense and nervous.

Bailey seemed to be speaking in his dreams as he slept.

“I’ve waited for so long…”


Bailey didn’t answer her as he started to speak in his dreams again. “I’ve waited for so long.”

Why did she grow up so slowly? I’ve always waited for her to grow up and it feels like I’ve waited for centuries but looking at her now, she is still a kid. I love her; I’ve loved her since a long, long time ago. I want to marry her not because of her family, but because of her. For the past few years, I’ve actually been watching her secretly as she grew from a sprout to a blooming flower…

Although Bailey had a burning love for her, he still had his own principles—he wanted to wait until she reached adulthood.

This time, he returned to Cethos mainly because of her and not the business.

Sophia once warned him that Carmen was still a kid. She allowed him to pursue her but if he ever did something unspeakable to her, Sophia would turn against him.

The feeling of holding back is so painful and uncomfortable, like a thousand ants feeding on my flesh.

Over the years, he relied on his own determination to get everything he wanted, except for Carmen.

It was always lonely to be at the top and in the end, he felt the loneliness, so he needed a soulmate to be with him—she was his soulmate.

His life was full of sorrow and despair. With his last breath, he fought his way out of that sorrowful pit but sadly, he had become one of the devils in the pit.

As for her, she was still that singing angel in heaven.

However, the devil wanted to be with the angel because he needed her warmth and love.

In the end, Bailey’s rationality overcame his desires, preventing him from taking that last step.

“Bailey, what are you saying?” Carmen looked at him but he remained silent. His breathing was now stable as he seemed to be asleep.

It looks like he’s really asleep this time.

At the moment, Carmen’s heartbeat was accelerating as she didn’t know where to put her limbs. The moment she saw that it was dark outside, she realized that she had been away from home for a long time so she quickly withdrew, but when she got up, her whole body was in pain due to Bailey’s pinch.


Carmen covered her face and ran out of his room. When she reached the living room, she could see the maid wiping the table. Seeing her coming down, the maid asked in shock, “Finished kissing so soon?”

Instantly, Carmen’s face became even more red as she ran off.

When she got home, Sophia was still trying to catch Stanley, who was drunk and crawling around the floor. Carmen came back with a red face so she went back to her room and took a bath before lying on her bed. As soon as she remembered what just happened, she blushed again.

Oh my goodness; what have I done today? Why didn’t I resist just now? Ah! This is so embarrassing!

A while later, Sophia came and knocked on her door.

“Sweetie, it’s time for dinner.”

“Mom, I don’t want to eat. You guys can eat first. I’m going to sleep!” Carmen covered her head with her blanket.

A while later, Sophia murmured from outside, “Did you and Bailey—”

“No; we didn’t! I only went to his house and sat for a while!” Carmen had a huge reaction while kicking the blanket on her bed with an embarrassed expression.

Sophia stood at the door and giggled secretly. “Alright. I know you did nothing. I just came here to remind you that girls need to know how to protect themselves. You are still underage, so there’s some things that you can’t do yet!”

“I didn’t! I really didn’t!”

Truth was, Sophia knew what had happened in Bailey’s house.

This old son-in-law is quite disciplined. Not bad… I like him.

Sophia stood outside the door for a while before leaving.

At night, Carmen had a wet dream. Just as she was about to take the next step with Bailey, she was woken up by her alarm clock at six in the morning. When she got up, she realized that she was expelled from school so she promptly went back to sleep.

I’ll rest for a few days before enrolling into Bayside University.

Moments after she closed her eyes, Bailey was there again…


Something seemed to have hit the glass window and it woke Carmen up. When she got up to have a look, she realized that Casper was now throwing pebbles at her glass window. She looked at the time to find that it was only eight in the morning.

“Cas, are you crazy?” Carmen, who just got woken up from her wet dream, opened the window with sleepy eyes and glared at Casper downstairs.

“Today is the weekend. The sun is out and the weather is nice. Come on; we’ll bring you to the university to have some fun!”

Behind him were Maisie and Audrey. They were in their junior year, so they didn’t have class on weekends.

Immediately, Poppy ran into her room.

“Let’s go! I’ve already skipped class just to come out and play!”

Today, Cooper prepared another ‘beauty contest’ for Carmen, so there were a bunch of talented hunks waiting for her to choose from!

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