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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1490

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1490

When the thought came to mind, Carmen glanced at Bailey discreetly.

He seems to be the same gentle brother I remembered. However, ten years have passed. Not only has he become more mature inside, his appearance also lost its youthfulness. Now, he has completely become an adult, and a charming one at that.

After peeking at him, Carmen lowered her head and peeked again a while later.

As for Bailey, he sat straight while receiving death stares from Cooper.

Linus knew that a death stare was useless toward Bailey, so he acted naturally.

The entire family was now back together again and Casper, who lived next door, insisted on joining even though he could have eaten at his own home. He purposely sat on the opposite side of Bailey while emitting the same death stare as Cooper.

However, all of these seemed to be useless toward Bailey. The moment the dishes were served on the table, he casually picked up his utensils and started eating with Carmen’s family.

Ten years ago, he didn’t quite know how to use chopsticks but ten years later, he fell in love with eating preserved eggs and any kind of animal offal; his favorite was delicious chicken feet with pickled peppers.

At the moment, he had perfectly adapted to their family’s food and taste buds. Lately, he was even trying out Michael’s favorite eel dish.

After the dishes were served on the table, everyone started eating. When Anna noticed that Cooper was still staring at Bailey, she couldn’t help herself and murmured, “Alright, alright. Carmen’s grandpa, let’s eat first.”

Cooper was sulking as he never felt this aggrieved in his life but Bailey was like the deep ocean. Therefore, all of Cooper’s mental attacks were useless when it came to him.

Suddenly, Cooper seemed to remember something so he said to Bailey, “Bailey, please stay after dinner. I have something to tell you.” Meanwhile, he made a phone call to Stanley. “Stupid dog, come over here. I’m opening a good bottle of wine.”

In almost a matter of seconds, Stanley suddenly appeared. “Ha! Mr. Cooper, what are we having today?”

Then, Cooper stared at Bailey furiously. “Get him drunk!”

Immediately, Stanley understood Cooper’s intentions and he rubbed his hands with excitement. “Alright. I got it!”

Today, I must get Bailey drunk so that he’ll show his true self afterward, Cooper thought to himself. If he embarrasses himself in front of Carmen, she’ll definitely hate him. I don’t want him to be my old grandson-in-law!

Casper also happily joined their scheme. Although he was just 19 years old and he only started to drink a few days ago, he just couldn’t back down now!

Cooper couldn’t drink and his three sons weren’t that good with alcohol, so he called in Stanley. On top of that, Stanley invited Joel and Justin, who were on leave, to come over. When Harry and Dana knew that they were drinking wine, they also came to join in the fun.

At the moment, their ‘alcoholic’ plan was starting to take shape as they set their trap everywhere, so Bailey was in trouble.

Sean also arrived with her second son, who was the cultivated offspring of Stanley’s genes after he married her.

“Stan, don’t drink that much. Cut him some slack!” Sean reminded him.

Stanley’s eyes lit up when he saw the wine but he nodded. “Alright.”

Sarah also rushed over to remind Harry. “Old Wolf, Bailey is just a kid so please don’t be too harsh on him!”

Yet, the light Harry’s eyes were now flickering.

Today, I must defeat Bailey.

At the same time, Carmen was also very worried so she quietly tugged Bailey’s sleeve. “They want to get you drunk. I think you better leave.”

However, Bailey was already holding a glass of wine as he said, “A thousand glasses of wine is nothing among friends. Let’s stop talking and drink.”

They couldn’t persuade them to stop, so they could only let them drink.

They drank quite a variety of alcohol from red and white wine to beers, and there were even peanuts on the table to go with it. Any party with Stanley would always be this lively because he was able to stir up the atmosphere in no time.

Casper felt ambitious as he was determined to get Bailey drunk but after two glasses of liquor, Casper’s mind was beginning to drift.

In the meantime, Carmen hung out in the living room and watched television while she chatted with Sophia, Alice, Sarah, Maddie and others. From time to time, she would run into the dining room to check on the ‘battle’.

The first time she checked on them, the ambitious Casper was already lying on the floor while Bailey was still smiling at the situation. He raised his glass and drank whatever wine was given to him.

However, Casper fought back and stood up abruptly as his eyes stared blankly. “Wait for me. I’ll go take a pee first.”

Stanley and Justin also got up as they prepared to pee first before continuing their battle.

This insurance guy is quite f*cking good.

Suddenly, Bailey also put down his glass and stood up, so Stanley and Justin looked at each other before sitting back down silently…

They watched while the unknowing Casper entered the men’s washroom with Bailey. When they came back, Casper seemed to have sustained some sort of defeat because his face was now gloomy. After two glasses of wine, he was completely drunk so Alice asked someone to carry him away.

Casper was disqualified but the battle continued.

However, Bailey didn’t seem to be drunk at all and his face still looked normal. As Stanley was starting to panic, he secretly called Derek and asked him to come over.

Everyone around the table, including Stanley, Joel, Cooper, Linus, Callum and Cade, Justin, Derek, Harry as well as Dana were all trying to get Bailey drunk.

After Casper was defeated, Carmen soon realized that her three uncles and grandpa were all wiped out as they stumbled their way back to their rooms to sleep.

Quickly, the whole Mitchell Family was defeated. Justin wasn’t that good with alcohol and he was replaced by Nathan who just rushed over. As for Derek, he was so drunk that he started rolling on the floor, so he was taken to the guest room to rest.

At the moment, the Fletcher Family and the Winston Family were fighting side by side. These two groups of people were the strongest and they also lasted the longest.

Everyone ate and drank as plates of peanuts were served again and again. The oldest among them, Joel, was the first to be wiped out, so he was carried away by Drew and Maddie.

After Joel was defeated, the Fletcher Family fell one after another. Nathan was completely drunk and Stanley kept on crying while hugging Judge. “My son! Why did you leave me so soon? How could you allow a father to send away his own son!”

Sean pulled him aside resignedly. “Judge left after living for 17 years, which is equivalent to a hundred years for a human. You don’t need to be sad. This is Judge Junior; he isn’t the original Judge!”

As the Fletchers fell one by one, the pressure grew on the Winston Family as Harry tried to keep himself awake.

As her godfather, I can’t back down in front of the old son-in-law.

But in the end, he couldn’t hold on much longer since he wasn’t young any more. After all, he was already 50 years old.

Time is not forgiving…

When the last one standing—Harry—collapsed onto the table, Bailey silently put down his glass, as if he was a king among heroes. Looking at the drunk group of people and Stanley, who was sleeping on the floor while hugging a dog, Bailey sneered and stood up before walking out of the dining room as he put on his jacket, much like a warrior returning from a battlefield.

At the moment, dinner was about to start but everyone was now in the living room watching Stanley rolling around while hugging a dog. Jude and Layton, who just entered middle school, had also returned home but when they saw the scene in the house, both of them revealed an identical disgusted expression. “Stan is drunk again.”

Suddenly, everyone could see Bailey coming out of the dining room alone. Carmen was shocked so she quickly went up to support him. “Bailey, are you alright? I told you that you shouldn’t drink that much…”

Even though he wasn’t drunk after drinking that much, his face was still flushed red. Whenever he spoke, the smell of alcohol that came out of his mouth would hit Carmen on the face, seemingly causing her to be drunk and her face to turn red again…

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