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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1483

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1483

On the other side, the mathematics teacher caught hold of Carmen when she entered the class. “Carmen, not only are you late, but you didn’t even hand in your assignment. I want you to stand outside now!”

She looked at her mathematics teacher with a confused expression. I admit that I’m late, but when did I not submit my assignment? I remember that I already handed it in.

Usually, the carefree Carmen would render the mathematics teacher speechless by refuting him. Since he was furious and she did not want to argue with him, she decided to stand outside as instructed.

As she calmly stood outside, she was met with many gloating eyes from the class.

Then, the mathematics teacher continued to explain the questions, which the class did during the day. While feeling proud, he suddenly announced halfway through his lecture, “Today, I want to praise two students—Flynn and Kimberly. These last two questions were taken from a college entrance exam a few years ago. Back then, only a few people could answer the question. I only changed the numbers in the questions, so it is still difficult, but I’m surprised that they both were able to perfectly answer it! All their answers are absolutely correct! They are the only two students in the class who solved the question! Give them a round of applause!”

The whole class clapped their hands while Kimberly and Flynn gave a proud smile without maintaining any modesty.

After the loud applause, Carmen, who was listening to class outside the door, casually said, “Oh, they are so brilliant. Why don’t they come up and explain their answers to the class?”

The mathematics teacher quickly clapped his hands. “That’s right. Come up! Kimberly, you can explain the first question, and Flynn, you can explain the second one! Everyone, give them another round of applause!”

Again, a loud applause was heard from the class, but this time, Kimberly and Flynn could not smile as arrogantly as before. Quickly, their smiles faded while they became extremely embarrassed.

“Teacher, m-my throat is feeling a little uncomfortable…” she stuttered as she tried to swindle her way out of the situation. “I may not be able to speak…”

“I bet you copied the answers from somewhere!” Standing outside the door, Carmen spoke directly. “How could two slackers like them answer such a difficult question? I really can’t believe it.”

Flynn immediately stood up and refuted, “Carmen, don’t you accuse us!”

She sneered in return. “Then, why don’t you go up and explain? Flynn, didn’t you just win the national mathematics competition for senior year high schoolers? Come—everyone, please give a round of applause to the champion as he goes up the stage to explain the question to everyone! I bet you have two ways to solve this question, so why don’t you explain both?”

Carmen led everyone to clap their hands and stirred up the whole class. The math teacher even stepped down from his position and said enthusiastically, “Come and explain. You must have done something like this in the competition last time, so it must be easy for you. Come up. I’ll let you stand at my position. Kimberly has a sore throat, so why don’t you explain her question as well?”

Flynn did not even dare to move.

Only he knew how he won the competition. It was she who used a pinhole robot to take pictures of the questions during the competition, so she could answer them outside the venue before transmitting it inside to him by using high-tech communications. He even copied the answers for the two questions today, which meant he knew nothing.

Amidst everyone’s applause, his face was visibly and rapidly getting darker.

In the end, there were three people standing in class for the whole evening study from 7.30PM to 9.30PM—one was punished for being late and not handing in her assignment while the other two were punished for plagiarizing other people’s work.

The three of them stood outside class and enjoyed the gaze of the people walking past by.

At first, Flynn was still waiting for Carmen to talk to him on her own accord, but she kept on standing in a daze—as if she did not want to talk to him at all. Her behavior was beginning to make him feel anxious.

For her whole life, Kimberly had never been embarrassed like that before, so she felt ashamed and angry as she gave Carmen a furious stare.

Unexpectedly, Flynn suddenly asked Carmen, “Who is that boy you met earlier?”

However, she kept her eyes closed and she was not in the mood to answer.

The veins on his forehead were starting to bulge and he suddenly went over to her and grabbed her head. While gritting his teeth, he asked again, “Who is that boy you met earlier?”

Compared to the fact that she exposed him and Kimberly to the teacher for plagiarizing other people’s assignments, he was more concerned about the identity of the boy that she was intimate with earlier.

“Flynn?” Kimberly watched in disbelief. He’s actually grabbing her hand.

However, Carmen immediately withdrew her hand and slowly opened her eyes. “It’s none of your f*cking business.”

“You…” Flynn stared at her, but he was panicking in his heart. The power and advantage that he once thought he had was now completely gone for some reason because he finally realized that he never truly understood the girl. “I can’t believe you’ve quickly found a new boyfriend. Carmen, you really are a surprise to me!”

Even so, she still would not reply to him.

However, the more she ignored him, the angrier he became, so he lowered his voice and threatened her fiercely. “If you are doing this just to get my attention, I’m telling you that it’ll only anger me. I won’t let him go that easily!”

Carmen opened her eyes again and looked at him thoroughly without giving him an answer. Instead, a breath of rage came out of her nostrils and she seemed to smile before continuing to close her eyes.

On the sidelines, Kimberly was so furious that her nose and eyes were filled with blood. Who do they think I am? Am I invisible to them? How dare he ‘flirt’ with her right in front of me!

Today, Flynn was determined to know who that boy was, so he stretched out his hand again to grab her, but suddenly, he heard a voice. “Eh? Carmen, why are you here? Shouldn’t you be in class right now?”

The three of them concurrently looked at the source of the voice and saw Casper on the other end of the corridor. At that moment, he had already changed into casual clothes, which was the popular men’s casual blue cotton shirt along with a plaid scarf, making his appearance look clean and cheerful.

It’s him!

As Casper walked toward them, Flynn instinctively wanted to stand between him and Carmen. However, she had walked past him and headed toward Casper in surprise. “Cas, why are you here?”

Casper dangled the car keys in his hand and replied, “Your grandpa said that he is getting too old to guard the gates in the cold night, so he returned home first and asked me to pick you up. My car is now parked in his spot.” Then, he asked again. “Why are you standing outside? I thought your uncle, Hope, is your class teacher. Is he willing to punish you?”

She almost flew to him and covered his mouth because he had exposed all her secrets.

“What?” Flynn was the first to be shocked. “Our class teacher, Mr. Fletcher, is your uncle?!”

He always knew about Hope’s background, but it was the first time he heard that their teacher was actually Carmen’s uncle. That means she is a member of the Fletcher Family, who is Bayside City’s military force… Does that mean Theo Fletcher, who is the security guard at the gate, is actually Hope’s brother? Who is her grandpa? H-How is this possible?

Coincidentally, the bell rang, which meant that school was over, so Carmen took the chance to flee the scene. “Cas, wait for me here. I’ll go and take my bag.”

She rushed to her class to grab her bag and wrap herself with her scarf before leaving with Casper in a hurry.

Upon watching them leave, Flynn furiously followed them. Let’s see who Cas actually is!

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