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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1478

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1478

Sigh, this is all my fault. Everyone has their idiotic moments. I wish I could travel back in time to a year ago and strangle myself to death. Why did I give up on my peaceful life abroad and insist on returning to study high school again? Idiocy really is an illness that has to be treated.

When she returned to the classroom after having her meal in the guard house, she noticed the weird aura in the classroom. Flynn used to sit next to her, but now that he had moved to the first row to enjoy the smell of marker pens, the seat next to her was empty. Now, there was a new desk next to hers.

A bag, which was a new product from the Ronney Group, was placed on the desk as today was the day that Kimberly officially transferred to their class.

If Carmen was not mistaken, the person sitting next to her was the new student—Kimberly.

In the school, students were arranged to sit in pairs and Kimberly’s seat was next to Carmen’s. So, Kimberly is the student who is going to sit next to me.

Both Kimberly and Flynn were in the classroom. Right after she joined the class, she immediately formed her clique. Although she was previously not a student of Bayside High School, she was quite famous in the circle of young ladies and daughters of rich families in Bayside City. That was the reason why she had a lot of friends in the class. As she was the campus belle and a famous student in her previous school, she was determined to obtain the same title in this school.

Upon seeing Carmen entering the class, everyone seemed to gloat at her.

The moment she stepped into the classroom, she was rendered speechless as she felt the hostile air around Kimberly. I was wrong. I shouldn’t have believed Flynn’s sweet words. I shouldn’t have come all the way back for this f*cking love. I should have waited at home until Mom recommended a boyfriend with compatible family backgrounds to me before we would date for eight to ten years before getting married and having kids.

Both Carmen and Kimberly were rather pitiful as they had been cheated by Flynn. However, Kimberly came to resent her since she had been forced to fix her hair by Theo and Flynn’s opportunity to meet a big shot was screwed up.

Flynn deliberately spoke to Kimberly in an affectionate manner, as if the closer they were with each other, the more damage they would inflict on Carmen. However, after they were done with their intimate conversation, he turned to her, only to notice that she was doing exercise on her workbook with her head bowed—as if she was unfazed by their actions.

The sight of the indifferent Carmen inexplicably annoyed Flynn. No, she must be sad, but she is just pretending to be unperturbed.

The bell then rang, indicating that it was time for their class to start. Kimberly returned to her seat, which was next to Carmen. The atmosphere around Kimberly seemed different the moment she sat down.

Even the students around them felt uneasy with their hair standing on the end, which made them wonder how Carmen would feel as the person who was directly affected by Kimberly’s aura. Cinderella, who had no idea where she stood, had persistently pursued the prince. Now that the princess showed up, would Cinderella feel inferior to the former and feel embarrassed of herself?

Nevertheless, Cinderella displayed stable emotions and continued to focus on doing her homework.

The class in the afternoon had begun. All the students in the senior year needed to do was complete practice exercises and memorize contents. As they were not separated into art and science streams and the entire class aimed to enroll in the Bayside University, they had to face immense pressure in their studies.

As permanent residents of Bayside City with rich family backgrounds, the students had many channels to get extra credits, but academic results were still a necessity in order to enter the top 5 universities in the whole world.

After the first period, Carmen rose to her full height and said to Kimberly, “Excuse me, please give way. I want to head.”

Kimberly, who pretended not to hear Carmen, continued to chat with female students behind her. She even leaned over to the back to block Carmen’s way.

Carmen rolled her eyes at her. As she really had no intention to have a conflict with her, she repeated, “Kimberly, please give way.”

Kimberly did not react, which made it obvious that her action was intentional.

Carmen had no choice but to hold it in. She refused to find fault with Kimberly since she was the one who was in the wrong first, although she never knew that Flynn had always been Kimberly’s partner and unknowingly became a ‘mistress’.

After resisting for one period, Kimberly finally left her seat in the next period and Carmen took the opportunity to head to the washroom.

When Carmen was not around, Kimberly and her few female friends badmouthed about her while pointing at her desk.

“Look at her book. It looks so new without any notes written on it. She surely is a weak student.”

“Her lip balm looks like the kind where you can get it at the school entrance with 10.”

“Her bag is the one that the school has issued to everyone at the beginning of the semester. I can’t believe that there’s actually someone who is willing to use such a tasteless bag.”

The few girls then touched up on their makeup together while sharing it with each other. Kimberly took out her lipstick and applied it on her lips while looking in the mirror. The moment she did so, everyone instantly recognized it.

“The lipstick is Dusk’s latest release! The color is simply gorgeous!”

Upon hearing her peers’ praises, Kimberly calmly pursed her lips and explained in a slightly proud tone, “It’s a gift from Flynn. He gave me a full set with all 12 colors in it.”

Dusk was a luxury brand under the Ronney Group. It was the first high-tech luxury brand launched by the Ronney Group after they had decided to launch high-tech luxury products. The brand consisted of women’s luxury goods such as lipsticks and handbags, which were the perfect combinations of technology and fashion.

For instance, the lipstick was made using high-technology and safe ingredients to ensure the color could remain bright and lasting. Besides, the color would change according to temperature. The tiny little lipstick contained built-in sterilization and thermoregulatory functions. While it looked pretty on the outside, there were hidden functions on the inside.

As a loyal fan of the Ronney Group, everything that Kimberly used had to be products from the Ronney Group, including her accessories, purses, shoes, and even tiny mugs. Therefore, using Ronney products was her personal trademark and she was given the nickname of ‘Ronney’s Little Princess’.

After applying her lipsticks, she put down the mirror, closed the lipstick’s cover, and suddenly saw Carmen’s unzipped bag.

Her gaze flicked to her lipstick and back to Carmen’s bag before it returned to her lipstick…

The last period in the afternoon was Hope’s class. After the bell rang, Hope entered the classroom with a cold face and following behind him was an upset Kimberly.

With a dark expression, he tossed the stack of exam papers in his hands on the teacher’s desk. “Yesterday, someone went to the nightclub. Today, someone actually stole another student’s belongings! Who is the one who stole Kimberly’s lipstick? Stand up now!”

Stole Kimberly’s lipstick?

Most students in the class came from rich family backgrounds, so who in the right mind would steal her lipstick?

For some unknown reason, everyone turned to the only student with an ordinary background in the class in unison—Carmen.

It gave Carmen a sense of foreboding. Subconsciously, she reached into her bag and fumbled around before she found an unfamiliar tube that felt like a lipstick. F*ck! She seemed to realize what was going on.

Kimberly was still sobbing as she felt sad for the lost lipstick. Hope urged the students, “After school, the student who took the lipstick should come over to my place and admit to your mistake. I won’t look into your faults.”

After saying that, he was going to start his lecture. However, Kimberly, who lost her lipstick, suddenly chimed in dissatisfaction, “No, that lipstick is my 17th birthday’s gift from my mother. It meant more than a lipstick to me. I have to find it! If we wait until after school, the person who stole my lipstick will surely be gone!”

Flynn suddenly uttered in fury, “That’s such an expensive lipstick! We shouldn’t let this slide! Mr. Fletcher, I hope that you can allow Kimberly to search everyone’s bag. The lipstick must still be in school!”

Search everyone’s bag! This is going to be fun!

Another student agreed. “That’s right! Let’s search everyone’s bag! Our class, the Alpha class, has always been the best class in Bayside High School. We cannot allow such a thing to happen. We must locate the thief and confront this person! We must teach this person a lesson!”

The students kicked up a fuss. Although their words did not make it clear that they were talking about a particular person, Carmen was able to feel their gaze on her. Tsk, it’s not like I can’t afford to buy lipsticks!

She merely thought that a student should dress modestly, so she had never worn any accessories or makeup in school. She only had lip balm in her bag and applied some moisturizer before leaving her home. Does everyone think that I am an easy target?

Amidst the boisterous noise, Kimberly, who was feigning sadness, secretly smiled.

However, Carmen suddenly sprang up from her seat and she disagreed in a loud voice, “I disagree. Searching the students’ school bags is a violation of privacy. I disagree with this idea!”

When a sensitive figure like her became the first student to stand up and disagree, one of the students immediately accused in a surly manner, “Why are you against this idea? I bet that you are the one who stole the lipstick!”

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