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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1477

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1477

Needless to say, Flynn’s expression was extremely dark.

To him, Theo was practically seeking death by finding fault with him! The reason why he was doing that was none other than for his daughter’s sake.

“Look, you are merely a security guard, so do you think that I will fall in love with your daughter? Wake up, Kimberly and I are the perfect match. No matter how much you pick on me, I won’t accept your daughter!”

Theo was still impassive and his voice was cold and irrefutable. “I don’t understand what you are saying. Kimberly, please fix your looks in accordance with the school rules before coming to school.”

After he said that, he turned and faced the students, who were watching the commotion outside the school gate. “Please line up if you want to come in.”

Leaving Flynn and Kimberly at one side, he continued to check the student ID tags with his sharp eyes. There were more than 2000 teachers and students combined, but he knew everyone—including the janitors and the school’s usual delivery men. He definitely would not allow any suspicious people into the school.

Kimberly and Flynn were left at the school entrance just like that to endure the mockery and comments from the people around them. Carmen initially wanted to ask Theo to cut Flack some slack since she had severed all ties with him—they fought with each other and made complaints about each other. They would be walking separate paths from now on and she would not take any initiative to seek trouble with him in the future.

However, Theo’s action made it seem like she had intentionally asked him to pick on Flynn. The truth was that it was his usual strict and rigorous way of doing things.

After thinking for a moment, she gave up on the idea. She decided not to bother his work and continued to play with her phone.

Kimberly and Flynn, who were deserted at the gate and became the topic of comments of the surrounding crowd, pulled a long face. To them, it was a case of a lowly security guard abusing the little power he had to have his way.

Besides, the school took disciplinary actions against him because Carmen had reported about him. Under many pairs of watchful eyes, he had to teach the father and daughter a lesson.

While looking at the guard house where Carmen was, a smile of mockery appeared on Flynn’s face before he turned to the students, who were watching the commotion around them. He said in a loud voice, “Carmen, don’t think that everything will go according to your plan if you remain hidden in there and refuse to come out! Do you think that I won’t notice the dirty intentions that you and your father have? Stop wasting your time; Kimberly is the only one in my heart. We have matching family backgrounds, but yours are no match to mine! It is pointless to do all this; you will only end up harming your father. Do you know how difficult it is to work as a security guard in such a good school? If it wasn’t for your father’s good luck that landed him a job as a security guard in Bayside High School, don’t even dream that a girl like you will be able to study here! You and I belong to different worlds, so no matter how much you like me, it is just pointless.”

Poppy, who was sucking on her lollipop at one side, agreed with his words and responded to Carmen, who was still playing with her phone with her head bowed, “You and he belong to different worlds, so you shouldn’t dream of getting together with him. Love is something from our parents’ generation. The people at that time were much simpler, so only they would sacrifice themselves for love. But now, having matching family backgrounds is more important than love and you two are not compatible.” A poor guy like Flynn is really not a good match for you. Poppy totally agreed with what he said.

A poor girl like Carmen is not a good match for me. “Look, even your best friend is smarter than you. The most important condition in love is to have compatible family backgrounds! Don’t let the love story from decades ago cloud your mind and think that a prince like me will fall in love with a Cinderella like you.”

Poppy poked on Carmen’s shoulder and reminded, “Don’t let the love story from decades ago cloud your mind—it is impossible for a princess to fall in love with a frog.”

Carmen rolled her eyes.

Theo had checked the student ID tags of a few waves of students, but Flynn and Kimberly refused to leave and kept spewing nonsense while standing at the entrance.

Carmen finally could no longer hold herself back and she exited the guard house. She walked up to Flynn and sincerely uttered, “Flynn, I think that I have made myself very clear last night—from now on, let’s go separate ways. You climb the ladder through marriage and I will continue to be a nobody. I still want to enter Bayside University, so I have no intention to seek trouble with you. As for today, my father is really only doing his job and everything is done according to the school rules. He did not pick on you; he treats all students equally.” After saying that, she returned to the guard house.

Flynn, who was standing at the entrance, was beyond pissed by the pair of shameless father and daughter.

Theo came over and pushed him to the side. “Don’t stand at the entrance. You are blocking the way. Go to the side.”

It was obvious that his attitude toward Flynn was not exactly friendly.

Then again, his attitude toward Flynn had always been unfriendly. This guy is just like a low-rated version of my son, but my son is way more handsome than him.

From the moment Theo lay eyes on him, he thought that the kid was not a simple person. However, Carmen was chasing him at that time and he already knew that a day like that would come, sooner or later.

Fortunately, she was just like her mother—she was not a weak person.

A furious Flynn roared, “Carmen, you and your father should wait and see what I’m capable of!”

Kimberly, on the other hand, had returned to the car to wait for him to resolve the matter.

She was always stopped from entering the school by Theo whenever she came, so it was time to teach him a lesson.

Carmen, whose name had been called, saw Flynn making a call. After 30 minutes, many teachers and school management’s executives as well as the principal showed up.

She then saw him talking to them from a distance. He seemed worked up and his body movements were incredibly dramatic—he probably wanted them to fire Theo.

Not only did Carmen ignore them, she even thought that it would not be a bad idea for her grandfather to be fired—he could head home and rest earlier since he was now in his seventies and it was time to retire. Keeping an eye on her in school every day was not going to bring any difference to her school life.

The teachers came to persuade Theo to be less strict, but he insisted on stopping Kimberly from entering the school unless she fixed her looks according to the school rules. The school did not dare to fire him as well because it was Hope who recommended him the job.

The two of them shared the last name of Fletcher and they shared similar facial features.

The kids in school probably never realized it, but the teachers were all well aware that Theo could be one of the Fletchers. The Fletcher Family was a large family, so some of the members from the branch families were like ordinary people. After all, he was still one of the Fletcher Family, so it would not be wise to offend him. Nevertheless, both the Clark and Stafford Families were not folks whom one could easily mess with, so they had to be careful when they dealt with all of them.

It was only when Hope arrived that the matter was resolved.

Of course, he was on Theo’s side. “What? The new student colored and permed her hair? Ask her to fix it! Don’t come to our class if she doesn’t fix it!”

Flynn fell silent. Hope was able to contact Bailey through his personal number without going through his assistant, which illustrated how strong the connection was. Flynn did not dare to be rude and arrogant before a person like Hope.

The farce finally ended with Hope’s words. In the end, the Stafford Family’s car drove off with Flynn in it. The two of them were obviously upset as they cast Carmen a cold glare before they left, as if everything was under her command.

The next day, the two of them showed up together. Kimberly’s blond, wavy hair was replaced by straight black hair and her expression was as dark as her hair. Carmen was using the microwave oven to reheat her meal when they entered the school.

Upon realizing a hostile gaze on her, she turned and saw that Flynn and Kimberly were already in school. It seems like it won’t be peaceful after this.

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