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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1476

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1476

Carmen swore that she knew that she screwed up. She should not have used such a weird analogy yesterday to illustrate that she was now an adult.

From yesterday until today, the news that she was going to use a condom seemed to have spread to everyone in her family and all her relatives had texted her to ask about it.

Callum texted, ‘Darling Carmen, men are roses with thorns. You must be a good girl and ensure that you always have a condom with you. Let me recommend you a durable brand. They are new and I’ve sent them to your house. I’ll ask your mother to receive it.’

Cade texted, ‘Carmen, be a good girl. I love you, but condoms are a thing that you shouldn’t use too often. You are still growing, so be good and focus on eating while growing up. That would be a better option instead.”

Linus texted, ‘Dear Carmen, I’m going to develop a condom with a built-in thermoregulation system. It will alert you when it comes in contact with a virus and you can use it repeatedly. Be a good girl and wait for it.’

Anna texted, ‘Carmen, love is not the only thing in life, but one of the spices of life. Life can still continue without love, but it will be destined to be bland and boring. By the way, you must always have condoms.’

Cooper texted, ‘Who’s that brat?’

Lorelei texted, ‘I heard that you have started using a condom. Not bad, you have started earlier than me.’

Nathan texted, ‘Who’s that person?’

Carmen was at a loss for words as it was just an exaggerated analogy!

She suspected that they had secretly created a group without her knowledge so that they could bad mouth her behind her back. What should I do to make them accept the fact that I am already an adult? I’ve grown up—I have stopped acting for stupid dramas and I have stopped selling bolsters online. I’m really not a child anymore!

Unfortunately, she would forever be a child in the eyes of her family. She really wished that she could go abroad and stay far away from them; otherwise, they would annoy the hell out of her!

Before she finished her lunch, the disciplinary notice against Flynn had been posted on the notice board at the school entrance. Not only was his discipline score deducted, but a disciplinary action was taken against him. With the dark record, he practically bade goodbye for his admission into Bayside University to be guaranteed.

Not only did Flynn not meet Carmen at the little woods in the hill behind the school, but he was even made fun of by those who went to watch the show. When he came out from the hill to go and have lunch, he saw her washing dishes in the security room after having her lunch. Disgusting daughter of a peasant! She actually does disgusting jobs like washing dishes!

After she had washed the dishes, cleared the cutlery, and wiped the table, she sat in the security room and played with her phone while enjoying the heater. Theo had left to catch the students who disobeyed the rules. As it was a school for the nobles, it had a complete set of rules and regulations—food or parcel delivery people were not allowed to enter the school, strangers must register to enter and exit the school, they were not allowed to dye their hair, wear makeup, and bring their pets. On top of that, students had to wear their student ID tags when they entered or exited the school and they had to wear their uniform in school.

However, the school rules were not well enforced in the past. After all, the students were all from wealthy and influential backgrounds. Therefore, the security guards could not afford to mess with the students, so they used to turn a blind eye on their behaviors. However, ever since Theo arrived, he made sure that all the school rules were strictly enforced.

He strictly kept an eye on all the students with his sharp eyes every day for the fear that the delinquents would blend with the students and become a bad influence to his darling.

What was more terrifying was that he could recognize every single student in the whole school. He was able to match their student ID tags with their faces. In other words, outsiders would not be able to enter the school even if they wore a school uniform.

On top of that, he was not afraid of any student’s family background. He caught everyone who disobeyed the rules without any mercy, which had aroused some dissatisfaction among a number of students in the school.

Rumors had it that some brats from wealthy families declared that they would take revenge on Theo, but nobody saw them taking any action.

Poppy, who went outside the school to have lunch, was caught by Theo the moment she arrived at the school gate. “Poppy, properly zip up your uniform! Roll down your pants leg.”

The delinquent Poppy, who used to talk back to teachers in school, was as meek as a puppy before Theo. Obediently, she zipped up her uniform, rolled down her pants leg, and adjusted her student ID tag before she dared to walk into the school. She even took a secret glance at Carmen, who was enjoying the heater in the security room, before extending her hand into the room through the window to steal the hot chestnuts on the latter’s table.

Maisie, who was now in her sophomore year of high school, had left a bag of chestnuts in the security room when she passed by the school entrance earlier. Before Carmen could even eat two of them, Poppy actually stole almost all of them.

When they were eating chestnuts, Theo, who was standing at the entrance, suddenly shouted in a stern voice. “That student over there, please come over for a moment.”

As it was a peak time for students who went out to have lunch to return, there was a line at the school entrance for student ID verification purposes. Upon hearing his stern voice, everyone surrounded them to watch the commotion as it seemed like someone had been caught again.

Carmen was using the phone to check the share market and her stocks when she suddenly heard Theo’s voice. Raising her head, she looked out of the window of the security room and saw Kimberly and Flynn holding each other’s hand when they were stopped by Theo.

Upon seeing him, Flynn’s young face instantly wore an extremely vicious and cold expression. It’s that old geezer again!

He pointed at Kimberly’s student ID tag and uttered, “Security guard, look carefully, Kimberly has officially transferred to our school today. This is her student ID tag.”

In the past, whenever Kimberly came to the school to look for Flynn, she was always stopped by Theo from entering the school in a stern manner. As she was not a student from Bayside High School, she would be caught by Theo whenever she tried to sneak into the school even if she wore the Bayside High School’s school uniform.

There are more than 2000 students in the school, yet Kimberly is always caught whenever she comes, so he must be doing it on purpose! He must be intentionally picking on Kimberly because of his daughter! Don’t they know where they stand? Aren’t they aware of their backgrounds? As lowly commoners, how dare they dream of laying their hands on me as the rightful heir of the Clark Family! This time, Kimberly has transferred over to Bayside Highschool. I wonder what he can do about this!

The more Flynn thought about it, the angrier he became. He was punished today because of Carmen’s complaint and now her ignorant father came to find fault with him. He intentionally took Kimberly’s student ID tag and rudely stuck it in Theo’s face. “Old geezer, see this? Kimberly is now a student of Bayside High School and she is my fiancée. Don’t fantasize that I will fall in love with your daughter so that she can marry into a wealthy family and become rich. Your family background is no match to mine!”

Theo still had a cold expression, but Carmen and Poppy rushed out from the security room. He sure has a death wish! How dare he speak so rudely to the old man!

Nevertheless, he coldly stretched out one of his arms to stop them from rushing over while his other hand pushed away the student ID tag in front of his face as he coldly uttered, “Kimberly has transferred to high school senior year Alpha Class. The school security system has been updated, so I am aware of it.” He then pointed at Kimberly’s beautiful blond wavy hair. “According to the school rules, students are not allowed to dye their hair, perm their hair, and wear flashy accessories as well as thick makeup. Kimberly will have to rectify her looks before returning to school.”

Everyone looked at Kimberly; she not only had blond, wavy hair, but a thick makeup as well as a pair of large hoop earrings of the latest trend—it was a new product under the luxurious brand of the Ronney Group.

What he said was indeed accurate!

Kimber’s expression fell. It was how she usually dressed to school when she was previously a student of an international high school and the security guards had never stopped her!

Only an arrogant and ignorant lowly commoner like Theo had such courage!

Everyone gloated at her now that she was in an embarrassing situation. At the same time, they were curious about how Kimberly and Flynn would react and what Theo would do next.

Theo was working in the school for a year, but he had offended countless students with wealthy backgrounds.

Although the school was helping him to deal with all of the troubles he encountered, what about that time? If he continued to do things his way, sooner or later, he would surely be fired! The pair of father and daughter were indeed fearless!

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