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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1475

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1475

Upon hearing Bailey’s voice, Hope seemed to give a loving smile. This is expected from the old son-in-law. He has become more successful over the years to the point where even Cooper is shocked.

The more successful the old son-in-law became, the prouder Hope felt—although there was still a long way for him to go.

He uttered in a straightforward manner, “This is what happened—today, someone reported that one of the students from our class went to a nightclub last night. The student said that he was supposed to meet you there, so he had no choice but to enter the nightclub. Well, I’m sure that you are aware that students, who are minors, are not allowed to visit a nightclub. However, it would be another story if it was true that it was you who requested to meet the student there.”

Bailey asked, “What’s the name of that student?”

Hope replied, “Oh, his name is Flynn Clark. You must have an impression of him if you have met him before—he looks a lot like Taylor Murray.”

At that moment, Flynn was brimming with pride. I am someone whom Bailey has requested to meet!

Unexpectedly, the voice from the other end of the line instantly shattered his confidence. “I’ve never met him before.”

The whole class fell silent. Flynn’s expression tremendously changed and his face blanched.

As Hope felt awkward by the turn of events, he immediately apologized to Bailey.

The scene was so embarrassing that even words could not describe it. The students whispered among themselves and discussed Flynn in groups of two or three—words of disdain, suspicion, gloat and the like spread throughout the class, but none of them were positive words. Flynn, who was humiliated in public, felt so embarrassed and felt that he was being burnt in fire.

Every glance that the students cast at him resembled a handful of cumin and pepper of sin being sprinkled at him.

No, there must be a misunderstanding. Bailey was the one who requested to meet me.

He calmly thought about the events that happened and finally recalled it. After he entered the private room, before he could speak to Bailey, he was interrupted by Carmen, who rushed into the room. Then, he was driven away by the security guard.

Bailey never noticed Flynn in the first place, so it would only be natural for the former to reply that he had never seen him!

Not only did he not manage to speak to Bailey, but he was humiliated in public today and he would even need to bear the consequences of being punished for going to a nightclub. All those were because of Carmen!

Flynn suddenly pointed at Carmen, who was beside him, and loudly reported, “Mr. Fletcher, I have something to report too—Carmen went to the nightclub last night as well and she is also a minor!”

The class burst into an uproar and everyone looked at her in disbelief. Everyone’s impression of her was a boring nerd who wore glasses all day long and never wore makeup. A girl like her actually went to the nightclub as well?

Besides, the kind of night club, which Flynn had gone to, would probably be high-end. Was she able to enter that sort of a place with her family background?

Before she could reply, a deep and adamant voice was heard from the other end of the line. “I indeed met a high school student named Carmen Fletcher who was working part time in Audistin last night. She was washing plates in the kitchen.”

The whole class fell silent again.

Bailey remembered her, but not Flynn.

After receiving a large blow, Flynn’s expression changed—it transitioned from being ashen to dark.

A chuckle broke out amidst the silence, which made everyone turn to the source of laughter in unison. It was Carmen and she was seen laughing while blocking her face with a book.

It never occurred to her that Bailey would actually remember her as well as the excuse she used when she lied to the security guard last night.

Although it was just a fleeting smile, which was quickly replaced by a stern, nerd look, the blush on her face revealed her charm as a young lady.

The man with green eyes on the other side of the phone was resting his eyes in the car. Upon hearing her gentle chuckle through his bluetooth earphone, the corner of his lips curled up into a peculiar curve.

He heard her laughter, which simultaneously made him recall her angelic voice.

“Bailey, drink some water!”

“Bailey, eat some apples!”

“Bailey, goodbye.”

Nothing about her had changed. When they were in Audistin, he recognized her the moment she appeared although they were far apart from each other. Her looks showed that she did not become uglier as she grew older.

In the classroom, Hope hung up on the call after some exchange of pleasantries. Then, his smile was instantly replaced by gloom as he glared at Flynn. How dare he lie in front of the old son-in-law!

“Flynn, from today onward, move your desk next to my table!”

Flynn, who was still immersed in his anger from Carmen’s laugh of ‘mockery’, suddenly heard those words. What? Next to his table?

Everyone was shocked as all of them knew what that seat represented—only the naughtiest and most disobedient student with the worst academic result sat there!

To an elite student like Flynn, sitting there would be a disgrace to him!

He was puzzled. “Sir!”

However, Hope changed the subject in displeasure. “Alright, let’s start our self-study session. We will have to spell 50 Spanish words in 20 minutes.”

Just like that, Flynn moved from the seat beside Carmen to the ‘royal throne’—a seat which was forever filled with the smell of marker pen—and became every subject teacher’s ‘favorite’ student.

Carmen kept quiet for the entire self-study session in the morning. She silently revised on her own and did the Spanish spelling with a calm and peaceful look.

Although she was a beautiful young lady, she seemed a little different than her peers. Perhaps it was because she had left her family and studied abroad when she was still young, which resulted in her independent character.

The classes in the morning ended in an uncanny atmosphere. The school bell rang, which indicated that all classes in the morning had ended and the subject teacher left the classroom. Before the students even rose from their seats, they suddenly heard a thunderous roar from Flynn, who had been sitting in the first row while enjoying the smell of marker pen writing on the white board for the whole morning. “Carmen, stand right there!”

Carmen, who was packing her stuff and preparing to leave, adjusted her glasses and asked, “What’s the matter?”

He tried his best to look calm. There were a lot of people looking at them in the classroom, so he could not continue to embarrass himself. He uttered, “I will wait for you in the little woods on the hill behind the school.”

After saying that, he took his bag and left.

Tsk, lunatic. She packed her things and left the classroom.

Everyone looked at them. All they saw in the past was how Carmen chased Flynn but was rejected by him. From the looks of it now, there could be some inside story which they did not know of.

The bunch of students skipped their lunches and swarmed toward the little forest on the hill behind the school and hid somewhere.

Unfortunately, she did not show up.

Everyone usually had their lunch in the school cafeteria during lunch time. They seldom headed out of the school to eat since their time was limited in their senior year.

In the security guards’ office at the school entrance, on top of Theo’s office table was a delicious lunch that had just been sent over from home. He was serving her some dishes. “Come, darling, have some more.”

Carmen, who disliked the food that was served in the cafeteria, always thought that the food served at home was the best. She served him some dishes as she ate. “Grandpa, you should eat more too.”

As he looked at her, he thought that she looked beautiful from all angles. She is still a dazzling little angel!

As they were having lunch, Theo seemed to have something to say. After some hesitation, he asked, “I heard from your mom that you are going to use a condom?”

“Pffft—” Carmen spat out the food in shock.

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