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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1471

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1471

Greg was thunderous as he yelled, “You’re going to let them off the hook like that?”

The security guard stepped aside and watched Carmen and Poppy leave before turning his attention to Greg with a raised brow. “What would you have me do instead, sir? Kill them?”

With that, he turned to leave and did not bother to stay for whatever retort that Greg would have.

An outraged Greg threatened loudly, “I’m going to file a complaint against all of you!”

“Have a nice day,” the guard replied nonchalantly before he exited, leaving Greg high and dry at the entrance.


Greg wanted to rush after the guard to confront him, but he refrained from doing so when he remembered that there were more important matters at hand. With that in mind, he turned to address the mogul, who was still sitting in the private booth.

After all, it was the mogul who deserved every bit of Greg’s attention.

He was about to sit down so that he could resume his conversation with the mogul when much to his surprise, the latter abruptly stood up and started toward the door.

“Mr. Adams, where are you going?” Greg asked with widened eyes as he scrambled after him. However, the other man did not respond as he left the booth.

Greg picked up his pace as he tried to catch up to the mogul. He lowered his stature and began to explain frantically, “Mr. Adams, what happened just now was an accident! The thesis really was written by Flynn. If you don’t believe me, we can go somewhere else and I’ll have him discuss the contents of the thesis with you. M-Mr. Adams—”

The man said nothing despite Greg’s efforts to convince him. He was powerful and untouchable and not even the likes of Greg, who was the head of Stafford Group, could ever measure up to his stature.

At a young age, the mogul had managed to build a business empire that was powerful beyond imagination. His accomplishments were legendary and the same had been circulating for the past decade. There would undoubtedly be more stories of him in the next ten years, although he would have achieved countless other milestones by then.

He was once known as the teenager with the highest net worth in the world.

Now, he was one of the youngest to have made it to the top of the millionaires list.

He had lost his parents and his brothers at the tender age of ten; as a result, he was forced to take over the family business as the director of the conglomerate. The rest of the world thought that the Adams Group was on its way to its demise, seeing that it was desperate enough to push a child into taking over the business, but the same youngster proved to be far more capable than perceived. Time and time again, Adams Group had thrived miraculously under the boy’s leadership and achieved success that was far beyond anyone’s expectations.

Even though he was in his fifties, Greg could not even hope to compete against a man as accomplished as him.

Greg never thought that he could ever meet a big shot like him—not by his own efforts, at least. In fact, they could never have crossed paths in the current lifetime if it had not been for the invitation from Adams Group.

The only reason why the mogul had wanted to see Greg in the first place was because Flynn’s thesis on the future of insurance, which was featured in a journal publication, had caught his eye. Even the director of Adams Group—otherwise known as the king of international insurance—was impressed with how the thesis provided a fresh perspective and a new insight into the topic.

The thesis was well-structured and meted out cogent reasonings, thus alluding to the author’s in-depth research on the insurance industry. Aside from the obvious fact that the author of the thesis had acquired first-hand information for the dissertation, he was also able to succinctly state his findings and draw a clear conclusion. The author was strong in his delivery and offered a refreshing outlook through his work. The mogul was further convinced of the author’s talent after pursuing his few other theses.

Furthermore, there was information to show that the author was an honors high school student whose remarkable academic performance was bolstered by the many awards he had won.

Seeing as the mogul happened to be collaborating with Stafford Group and upon discovering that they kept in touch with the Clarks, he had asked Greg to arrange a meeting with the author in person. Who could have thought that the meeting would come with a plot twist instead?

However, he could not say that he was completely surprised by how things had turned out. It made sense that the theses were written by the girl; the possibility of it was neither far-fetched nor unexpected. In fact, if she was indeed the one who wrote the thesis, he would think she was rather behind on her development.

After all, she came from a family of exceptional talent.

Meanwhile, Carmen and Poppy were standing on the pavement outside Audistin while they waited for the bus to arrive.

Carmen extended her arm and revealed the kids watch on her wrist. “It’s already ten. I think it’s too late for us to catch a bus,” she said with a frown on her face.

However, before Poppy could give an answer, an expensive car drove out from the garage and pulled up in front of them. The door opened and Flynn angrily alighted from the vehicle before he charged toward them like a rabid dog. He then growled, “Do you realize what you’ve done, Carmen? What you did back there cost me a huge opportunity—did you know that? Did you know that? Are you trying to ruin me because you can’t have me?”

Flynn was losing his mind. The reason why Greg brought him to Audistin in the first place was because the mogul had taken an interest in his thesis and wanted to meet him in person. Flynn had been ecstatic because most people would kill for an opportunity like that, but Carmen showed up and ruined everything for him.

His fists were clenched as he marched over to her.

Upon seeing this, she instinctively backed away with what appeared to be panic in her eyes and asked, “Are you going to hit me? I’m warning you—my mom’s a farmer and my dad used to be a construction worker. Strength runs in our family’s blood. I won’t hesitate to kick your *ss if you take one more step toward me!”

However, Flynn was like a beast filled with rage and he paid no heed to her words.

Kimberly, on the other hand, was watching the show from the sidelines as she stood with the men who worked for Stafford Group. This little wench has some nerve, she thought.

If everything had gone as planned today, Flynn would have piqued the mogul’s interest and it would not take long before he could start paving his way to success, but any chance of that happening was non-existent now; the wretched peasant girl even had the audacity to take credit for his work.

Flynn was a well-known honor student who won countless awards and all his dissertations had astounded the academic world. He had a bright future ahead of him that was paved with opportunities. The Clark Family had almost crumbled away into nothing, but that was before they formed a union with the Fletchers, thereafter producing a genius like Flynn. It was only a matter of time before the Clarks reclaimed their place in the social hierarchy.

The opportunity for their glorious comeback had presented itself today, but Carmen came along and ruined everything.

Kimberly fumed. This lowly b*tch doesn’t even know how much trouble she’s caused!

As of now, Carmen was backing away from Flynn, but just as he swung his fist at her, she whipped out her ancestral Taser and swiftly ducked under his arm. She then shoved the Taser against his stomach. On the other hand, Poppy leapt into the air and jump-kicked Flynn with such force that it sent him flying.

She had been waiting for that day for a year, one month and ten days.

The *sshole had taken advantage of the fact that he looked like Taylor Murray—who was Poppy’s godfather—and posted videos of himself acting flirtatious online, thereafter becoming an influencer. He even went to the extent of asking social media marketers to hype up his image as an honor roll student who not only looked like Taylor but was also a powerful heir to a huge family fortune.

Poppy wanted to spit at him because he had neither money nor power. In fact, he was an heir to nothing more than a disgraced family name!

Her godfather could have retired from the entertainment industry for over a decade, but he was still known all over the world. His movies still held the highest ratings and they were also the most-watched movies of all time. It was his work that still garnered the most discussion among fans and movie buffs alike. Anyone could easily gain their fifteen minutes of fame if they were so much as associated with Taylor, including Flynn.

If it had not been for those flirtatious videos over the internet, Carmen would never have known about him. She certainly would not have given up on earning her second Bachelor’s degree overseas to return and attend high school.

Finally, after months of waiting, Poppy could finally beat Flynn into a pulp!

After having been electrocuted with the Taser, he now lay spreadeagled on the ground. The two girls then lunged forward and wasted no time in beating him up.

Carmen had moved on; all the theses she’d written for him, the competitions she’d entered on his behalf and the prize money that was rightfully hers—she no longer cared about any of these.

So, all that was left for her to do was to punch and kick him to her heart’s content. Goodbye, first love.

Meanwhile, a couple of luxury cars had driven out of the garage and were pulling up by the pavement. One of the cars had its windows rolled down and the person watched the scene from within the shadows while his green eyes glinted with amusement.

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