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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1470

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1470

Unfortunately, the security guard did not show up.

Instead, it was Carmen who adjusted her large spectacles while she smirked in a domineering way.

“However, I’ve just published the completed thesis earlier. Furthermore, it is published under my name, so the thesis is mine. I’m afraid your wish to enroll in Bayside University by increasing your marks through this thesis will be in vain! I might be a commoner and I’ve never come across or used any luxurious brands and might even not know what a luxury brand means, but this thesis belongs to me—alone. Flynn, I’m afraid I’ve just stolen months of your hard work. Why don’t you sue me if you have the capability to do so?”

Flynn’s expression instantly soured. If it weren’t for her good grades or the fact that she’s able to complete my assignments while being able to participate in competitions on my behalf, I would never date a disgusting commoner! The thesis isn’t important right now. However, it will be troublesome when this issue of mine offends the important figure, which then results in Kimberly’s resentment. It looks like I have to take a forceful stand to prove that I am not guilty.

“Miss, the whole school knows that you’ve been pursuing me aggressively and everybody knows that I’ve rejected you countless times. Nevertheless, you have been relentlessly shameless in your pursuit. I’ve never blamed you for that, but I did not expect you to spout nonsense here. Are you insane?!”

Everybody nodded in agreement and they assumed that the young girl in front of them had a loose screw. She is a typical case of a daydreamer. She is too vain, so she starts hallucinating after not getting what she wants.

In any case, Carmen was not bothered with whatever they said. I was too stupid previously. I can’t believe I completed his assignment for him just because of his looks. I even participated in competitions on behalf of him. In the end, he was the one who received the prizes. I shouldn’t have done all that; well, I was too young. Flynn, that pretentious man, does not deserve that face!

She exhaled slowly while staring at Flynn and chuckled at his misfortune. “It’s my business as to whether I’m insane or not, but in regards to the thesis… Feel free to sue me!” I wrote 90% of the thesis, and Flynn merely contributed 10%. Right now, I’ve officially taken over 10% of his work! He will not have the courage to sue me because I’ve handed in and published the completed version whereas he only has the unedited draft!

Poppy nodded in agreement at the side. Awesome! This is the Carmen Fletcher I know, who has been crushing her peers in terms of education and intelligence! She’s finally awoken from her stupor! Well, more often than not, women will only improve after being fooled by a b*stard. I learned this when I was in kindergarten. I stopped believing in men ever since an idiot squandered a few days’ worth of my snacks and pocket money during kindergarten!

At that moment, the security guard, whom the Staffords had been summoning for the longest time, finally arrived.

Once Flynn saw the security guards arriving, he instructed in a hurry, “Security! These two here are causing trouble. Kick them out!” I’ll deal with the thesis in the future, but I can’t embarrass the Staffords right now!

The head of security wore a frosty expression, but it turned into one of constipation when he turned to glance at the two young girls in school uniforms. These two kiddos are on the go again!

Carmen suddenly pointed at Flynn and Kimberly while exclaiming loudly, “Mr. Security Guard, I want to report these two people. They are underage! Underage personnel aren’t allowed in a nightclub!”

Her finger was aimed in Kimberly and Flynn’s direction.

Audistin was a well-known nightclub, so according to the rules, underage personnel were not allowed on their premises, but since Mr. Stafford was a member, the management of the nightclub turned a blind eye as Flynn and Kimberly were both invited by him. How could we not serve him despite the fact that he is a few months away from being 18 years old?

“Enough with the nonsense. Kick them out. Otherwise, they’ll be disturbing an important figure!” Flynn urged the security guard in exasperation. He was afraid that Carmen would spew more truth to the crowd.

However, she was unfazed by the so-called important figure.

She suddenly took out her cell phone to video-record the situation while exclaiming loudly, “Flynn, you are done for! Not only are you in a nightclub, but you even had alcohol! I can clearly see your glasses of liquor on the table. You’ve simultaneously broken two school rules. Just you wait—I’ll lodge a complaint about you tomorrow for your merit points to be deducted!”

Flynn burst out laughing when he heard that. With my status and family background, nobody would bat an eyelash even if I were to rape a common female student in school! Let alone drinking liquor outside school or visiting a nightclub. “Security! What are you standing there for? Toss these two out!”

The head of security had a cold, constipated look, but he suddenly charged forward. He did not grab the two girls; instead, he extended his hand in Flynn and Kimberly’s direction. “Let me see your ID cards.”

Flynn and Kimberly were both stunned into silence. This isn’t our first time in Audistin. Why would he want our ID cards?

He chuckled awkwardly. “Are you sure you need to check our ID cards?”

The security guard repeated in a ruthless tone, “Let me have a look at your ID card.”

Kimberly and Flynn exchanged glances with each other, but they just would not take out their ID cards. Hence, Mr. Greg tugged at the security guard to explain in a hushed tone, “Well, look. I have… There’s a VIP here. I brought the children to meet with him. Let’s forget about the ID cards—”

Poppy immediately yelled, “These two are underage! There’s no escaping it! Mr. Security Guard, toss those two out!”

The head of security felt his skin crawl. We can’t afford to disobey the instructions from these two young Misses.

Greg panicked when he saw the security guards about to make their move. I’m not sure what’s happening today. Usually, they aren’t bothered with such matters, but they’re getting involved this time. Someone must be trying to get me into trouble. Otherwise, it’s impossible for these two girls to mobilize the security guards in Audistin. Lots of people are jealous of the Staffords having a meeting with the important figure here. After all, not everybody has the opportunity to meet with such an important person.

He held his stand when he asked the security guard icily, “I think you are making a mistake. If it’s true that you do not serve underage personnel, what’s up with these two young girls?”

The security guard glanced at Carmen and Poppy before explaining with a stoic face, “They are working part-time here by washing dishes in the kitchen. It is not illegal to hire students as part-time workers.”

The moment an arm was being raised, the security guards entered the private room to chase Flynn and Kimberly out. Once they noticed that the security guards were about to kick them out, they voluntarily stood up to leave because they wanted to preserve their dignity. At the same time, he turned to the important figure who had remained silent. “There seems to be a misunderstanding. So, we shall take our leave first.”

“Get lost! Just wait to receive your punishment tomorrow, you scumbag!” Poppy snarled.

Flynn and Kimberly glared at them moments before the security guards whisked them away.

Greg was utterly humiliated in front of the important figure, so he was even more convinced that Audistin and his competitor could have deliberately sent those two young girls to make a fool of himself. Therefore, he was fuming by that point. “As students who are working as part-timers, you are terribly rude! Is this the Audistin’s attitude in treating their clients?”

The head of security answered, “This is our mistake, indeed.”

Then, he turned to Carmen and Poppy and barked coldly, “Part-timers, you have been fired. Collect your salary from the finance department and leave!”

Carmen and Poppy answered happily, “Sure thing! We’ll head over to collect our salary now!”

The head of security waved his hand dismissively. “Fine, please leave right now. Do not come here again to disrupt our business!”

Both girls had already picked up their bags to leave.

Just before they left the room, Carmen seemed to hear a clear, husky chuckle.


She glanced into the private room, but it was extremely dim. As she had walked far away, she could not tell who was laughing.

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