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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1468

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1468

Poppy had also attended school at South Bayside High School, but she was always playing truant and being involved in fights. She was preoccupied with her underworld business, so she did not pay much attention to things like the school hunk or love stories within the campus. About someone like Flynn, who was from a poor family, she did not have a clue about him, so it was her first time meeting him in person.

I didn’t expect him to look exactly like my godfather, Michael Fletcher, who is also Carmen’s biological father. At a quick glance, he truly resembles him based on our memories. Eleven years ago, Michael was placed under cryopreservation and he has been in a state of deep sleep. Once the technology has matured, he will be resurrected again. Carmen was 6 years old at that time whereas I was the same age too. Talking about him causes pain in everybody. Furthermore, I am afraid that I’ll age as I grow up and I might not be able to see Michael regain consciousness from the cryogenic sleep.

Now that she saw the man who closely resembled Michael, she felt a lump forming in her throat, and a surge of emotions within her chest. Tears started to brim in her eyes and her body slumped weakly. She loosened her fist while she stared in a daze at his face.

Although ten years had passed, Michael was still the national idol. His movies were still given awards and his work were classics. There were many people imitating his style within the entertainment industry, but nobody could exceed his performance.

The man in front of me looks exactly like the gentle and dignified man from my memory.

While watching the two girls being stunned to the spot, Kimberly burst out laughing as she jeered at Carmen, “I know that you are irrevocably in love with Flynn, but you should reflect on your family and background. Flynn is the successor of the Clark Family, while you are… Well, if your dad wasn’t the security guard at school and the school had reduced your tuition fees, I’m sure you wouldn’t have ended up sitting beside Flynn. You should know your place, so stop your daydreaming!”

With that, Kimberly held Flynn’s hand to march into Audistin.

He remained silent throughout the ordeal and quietly left with her.

The two young girls snapped back to reality after the couple left. Carmen let out a sob and she started to cry softly. Initially, Poppy was ready to punch him, but she held back as she thought, I can’t possibly hit that face!

At that moment, she had no choice, but to soothe Carmen, “Alright now; stop crying. I will be honest with you—that b*stard has shown his true colors and you should give up on him! He has been lying to you all along. He claims that he’s keeping the relationship a secret for your sake, but he’s been cheating on you in reality. That scumbag is not worth your tears!”

Carmen did not reply to Poppy; instead, she tightly held onto the dog leash. Then, the two of them entered the elevator with the dog to leave the club.

Although it was the start of spring, it was still chilly in Bayside City. The two of them were waiting for the bus at the roadside, but it was nowhere to be seen even though it was already around 8 to 9:00PM.

Carmen was quiet, but Poppy was especially chatty.

“Just look at you. I told you that men are b*stards in general, but you refused to believe me. Look at you—you’ve been fooled! Men are the same—they have a honey tongue and a heart of gall. In fact, they are mostly double-faced!” Despite her constant scolding, Poppy was already planning on different methods to break Flynn’s leg after school the next day.

Flynn might be the successor of the Clark Family, but the Clarks… are nobodies! It is undeniable that the Clarks have been rather successful in Bayside City after being involved with the Fletchers, but as the Young Miss of the Winston Family, I can beat him up as I please. If the Clarks were to investigate, I’d beat up the entire registered household. I’ll do it repeatedly until they stop investigating! The Clark Family has no familial ties with the Fletcher Family. However, a year ago, the Clark Family suddenly learned that their family member, Quinton Clark, who has been long dead, has been living in the Fletcher Residence.

In fact, they found out that Quinton has been reinstated in the genealogy record book as Hope Fletcher. Nevertheless, Hope was still in contact with the Clarks, so the Clark Family has claimed to be related with Bayside City’s military commander-in-chief, the Fletchers. In any case, they are not truly related; yes, they are barely related. Anyway, that is the reason why the Clark Family’s net value has increased drastically. Therefore, the distinguished and rich families, who previously couldn’t be bothered with them, started reconnecting to discuss the betrothal of the younger generation.

The two girls failed to catch the bus, so they stopped by a street stall to have some barbecue food, which was Poppy’s treat. They chatted while enjoying the food. Carmen’s mood lightened over time, but she was still holding onto her phone, as if she was still expecting a phone call.

“Here, Judge! Have a chicken drumstick.” Poppy fed the dog a drumstick. The husky was Judge’s great grandson and it was born last year. It lived in Carmen’s house the moment it was born, so it was especially clingy to her. It would always follow her whenever she went to school.

The two girls and the dog were hanging out at the street stall when Poppy suddenly lamented, “Sigh, it is honestly rare for ultra-rich successors, such as ourselves, to have the freedom of dining in a street stall.”

The other successors would require a barrage of bodyguards each time they headed out because they could be assassinated or kidnapped at any time.

However, those two girls assumed low profiles as the Winston, Mitchell and Fletcher Families took very good care of them. Therefore, their identities had never been exposed before, which was the reason why they could enjoy their freedom for now. Nevertheless, they would not have that freedom in the future once they had to socialize within the upper class social network sooner or later.

Carmen had been studying abroad all along and even if she had no idea about the upper class society in Bayside City, she was still the daughter of Taylor Murray—someone who was extremely popular once upon a time.

She had always used her pet name ‘Carmen’ when she debuted in the film industry all those years ago. Therefore, her legal name had never been revealed.

She left the filming and variety show industry at the age of seven to focus on her studies and to stay out of the public eye. As it stands, she was no longer popular and she had grown up. Hence, there were some changes compared to the time when she was still a child. Therefore, nobody recognized her as Taylor’s daughter even though she studied at South Bayside High School for half a year.

I love my family, but I do not like my background. That is why I’ve never revealed my family background to outsiders. The glory of my family feels suffocating. Outsiders are only able to see the brilliance and wonderfulness of a successor, but they never see the pressure we endure and the struggle that comes with it. My mother, Sophia Edwards, is the vice president of Ronney Group, and she is also the person in charge of the Cethosian and African regions. Besides, my grandmother, Anna Yard, is the president of Ronney Group.

There is no introduction needed for my grandfather, Cooper Mitchell. In addition to that, my uncles’ net worth increases one after another. Furthermore, I have a few older brothers and they are either directors or CEO’s. I am the poorest and most useless one in the entire family. Thanks to my remarkable family background, everybody tends to pay attention and scrutinize my every action. People tend to compare me with my other family members. I have a grandfather with a double degree when he was 18 years old whereas an uncle was involved with business management at the tender age of 15.

They have achieved great things and it weighs down on my shoulders. I was constantly tense and stressed during the time I was in Eaton College and university. Furthermore, since I’m Carmen Fletcher, there’d always be a large group of people discussing me, even though I just happened to decide to cross my legs.

“Look, the granddaughter of Fass Michel and Anna Yard is crossing her leg! Why would their granddaughter cross her legs?!”

I’ve had enough of that kind of life. That is why after I obtained my doctorate when I was 16 years old, I abandoned everything to leave the university to return to Cethos. I hid my true identity to blend in at South Bayside High School. To begin with, I want to experience a normal life like my peers; next, I want to embark on a journey of fearless love. In any case… I’m not even sure if I’ve experienced love. Do I love Flynn or do I love that face embedded in my childhood memories from years ago? In hindsight, if a dog were to have the same face, I might throw myself forward to pursue it too! I think I love that face which closely resembles my father. I wish to spend time together with the person with that face, even if it’s just for a chat—I’d be beyond happy.

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