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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1467

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1467

Throughout the journey of every person’s growth, there would always be a time when they’d abandon rationality, fail to adhere to their values or even act in a strange manner. Some would even want to knock their heads against the wall upon recalling what they had experienced over the past ten years.

During that period, the collective term used was ‘Adolescent rebellious syndrome’, also known as ‘Teenage Period’.

During the Teenage Period, Michael was convinced that he would spend the rest of his life with Irene whereas Sophia assumed that Richard was the love of her life. Currently, Carmen felt that Flynn Clark was an angel.

It was nighttime in Bayside City. The best nightclub, ‘Audistin’, which was also known as the ‘money-squandering den’ by the rich and wealthy, was crowded with people from all walks of life. It represented a hedonistic lifestyle—in the club, the lights were shimmering in all directions and one would easily be transported to a sense of overwhelming happiness.

Two petite girls, who wore senior high school uniforms, were hidden in a corner as they down their drinks.

Glug, glug, glug—

After downing a glass of coke, Poppy Winston, who was wearing her school uniform, aggressively slammed the cup on the table in front of those two girls. She slammed the table before standing up abruptly while scolding Carmen, who sat across her, “Carmen Fletcher! You are an id*ot! You have already received your doctorate. I can’t believe you’re back here to attend senior high for a lousy man. Aren’t you embarrassed of yourself? Don’t you think that you’re a fool?! Just look at the man that you’re in love with! Everybody knows that he’s cheating on you! You have become a laughing stock! Please give up! We are born with a silver spoon and we are the next generation of the ultra-rich! People like us can’t possibly find true love. Even if you were to hide your identity and pretend to be a security guard’s daughter, you would never find true love! You should be a good girl and return to complete your second doctorate or join one of the companies owned by either your dad, mom, brother, uncle, grandmother or grandfather. Be obedient and inherit your family business! Flynn, the poor man, isn’t right for you—just look at his family! He is so poor that his yacht and private jets are second hand vehicles!”

Poppy’s face flushed red as she exclaimed indignantly. Apart from feeling frustrated, she looked as if she wanted nothing more than to charge at Carmen to strangle her.

However, Carmen seemed unperturbed; she was instead busy using her phone.

An underage person would not be able to purchase alcohol at a place like that. If it were not for the fact that they owned Audistin’s shares from birth, they would not have been able to enter the club.

Carmen took a sip of the hot milk tea, but her mind was preoccupied with refreshing daydreams. It was just like her current mood—she was blinded by the phone display in front of her, which had a boy on her phone screen.

The boy had an exceptionally handsome face with prominent features. He was about her age and he looked like the school hunk of every girl’s dream.

It was her boyfriend, the school hunk from Bayside City’s high school for aristocrats, South Bayside High School. His name was Flynn Clark and he was from the high school senior year Alpha Class…

Somehow, his face had the alluring charm, which bewitched her, because she seemed to be intoxicated. She kept staring at her phone as though it was the most enjoyable thing for her.

She recorded the video when they were previously having a video call. Upon playing the clip, she heard a warm and breezy voice speaking to her and it was rather intoxicating. She propped her cheek against her palm while listening to his voice. She seemed to have forgotten about the rowdy noise around her because she only had eyes for him.

“Carmen, promise me that you will never suspect me or leave me, no matter how hard the future is, alright? Kimberly Stafford and I have been betrothed to each other since birth, but our parents made that decision. In any case, please don’t worry because I’ll try to call off the engagement as soon as possible. We will be able to be together openly soon. I love you—you are my angel. It is my honor to have met you in my lifetime. If doomsday arrives and there’s only a minute left in our lives, I must be with you to spend the last sixty seconds to love you.”

From Carmen’s point of view, it was as perfect as a teenage idol drama series. However, from Poppy’s perspective… “Isn’t he being deliberately ambiguous? Let me see! I’d like to have a good look at the b*stard’s face!”

Carmen immediately kept her phone away. “Poppy, you don’t understand. This is love.”

Poppy impatiently clucked her tongue. “I’ve dated more men than you have! Why are you declaring your love so casually? Let me have a look!”

“No!” Carmen took her phone away and she picked up her bag. She left the private room with her dog in a hurry. Poppy chased after her from behind.

She was one of the children whom Sophia fostered all those years ago. Harry eventually took her from Sophia and raised her as his own.

There were three children in the Winston Family. The oldest son was Hope Winston, whereas the third son was Seek Winston. They were named as such to represent the hope of seeking for a younger sister.

Hence, the daughter was named Poppy Winston, in the hopes for her to excel in life. Her nickname as a child was Poppy.

The two young girls had their playful banter while walking across the boisterous hall of the nightclub. They made their way out whereas a large husky followed them from behind.

The security guards in the nightclub did not seem surprised by that. They acted as if they had not witnessed two underage girls breaking the rules by entering the nightclub with a dog.

Nevertheless, countless eyes stared at them pointedly the moment they entered the doors because they were the bosses’ daughters, after all. They were no doubt super successors, so nobody would be able to bear the responsibility if something were to happen to those two.

The two girls left the nightclub, one after the other. They had just arrived at the main entrance and they were about to press the button for the elevator when the doors of the VIP elevator unexpectedly opened.


There was a light chime when the elevator doors opened. The lights shone bright and golden and illuminated Carmen’s face.

Under the brilliant lights, she saw a couple walking out while holding hands.

Similarly, they were underage. While Poppy and Carmen were wearing normal school uniforms, Poppy inherited the Winston Family’s underground styles. It did not matter what season they were in because her uniform would always be unbuttoned to expose her inner top and she would deliberately wear a skull accessory around her wrist. The hem of her pants would always be of different lengths to show off the tattoo on her ankle.

On the other hand, Carmen would be dressed in a regular manner without any makeup on. She would wear a pair of canvas shoes and her school sportswear. She would usually have her hair tied into a neat bun while her large spectacles framed her classically beautiful face. However, the shadows underneath her eyes were especially obvious from her staying up late.

They were a stark contrast compared to the couple opposite them. The man was wearing a suit—he was dressed as a typical aristocrat with a tailored suit. Each piece of clothing draped nicely across his figure and it made him look especially tall; the girl was wearing a long dress with a dipping neckline to expose her cleavage which had just begun to take shape. However, her thick and exquisite make-up made her look mature.

As the best nightclub in Bayside City, the club had a membership system, so only members were allowed to enter the premises. A server immediately showed up to welcome the guests once they entered the venue.

The couple stepped out of the elevator entrance and they spotted Carmen and Poppy, who were standing nearby, straight away.

“It looks like it’s the school entrance’s security guard, Theo’s daughter, Carmen—” The girl with the dipping neckline gown immediately recognized Carmen. In fact, she knew who her father was.

Last year, after receiving my doctorate from an elite university abroad at the age of 16, I adamantly returned home. I refused to attend classes at Bayside University; instead, I started studying junior year at South Bayside High School regardless of my family’s opposition. After learning that I’m back at Bayside City for my studies, Grandpa applied for the position as a security guard to pick me up after school every day. Unfortunately, he looks too young, so nobody believes that he’s my grandfather. In the end, I introduced him as my father to outsiders. In any case, my biological dad is still under cryopreservation.

Nevertheless, Carmen did not seem to hear the sarcasm in that girl’s tone because she was focused on the man standing beside her.

He was none other than her boyfriend, Flynn. He claims that he doesn’t love his fiancé, Kimberly, while he’s passionately. pursuing me, but right now, he’s holding her hand.

She stared at them in silence and she seemed to have understood the truth. Tears started to brim in her eyes whereas Flynn, who was standing opposite her, did not look sorry at all. In fact, he discreetly looked away.

Kimberly was tossing her maroon, wavy hair around. Her voice sounded cold and distant with an arrogant gaze. She was not even bothered to meet Carmen’s eyes. “I’m telling you again today—Flynn is my boyfriend and we will get married in the future. It doesn’t change anything even if you pursue him until the whole school knows about it. I suggest you preserve some dignity for yourself!”

Carmen remained silent; it seemed as if her beliefs and insistence all along had been quietly crushed into pieces at that moment.

The eerie silence lasted for a few seconds. In the end, Poppy’s cries of surprise broke the silence sharply. “Oh, my God! Are you Flynn Clark?”

In the blink of an eye, Poppy charged toward Flynn with her fist raised, but she paused in an odd position just inches away from his face…

She stared at him and something instantly clicked in her mind. I think I know why Carmen fell for such a pretentious and poor man. He… looks exactly like Michael Fletcher.

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