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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1465

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1465

Those were Quinton’s pair of corneas.

Although he was suffering from amnesia, he learned about the past from others and that included the fact that Michael was still in cryogenic sleep.

Hence, before his death, Quinton donated his corneas to Sophia because he owed her his sight.

She lost her eyesight because of him and she had been using a pair of artificial corneas ever since.

Now, they no longer owed anything to each other.

In reality, she had a pair of usable corneas for a long time. They belonged to Anne, but she had never used them.

Two years ago, Anne was involved in an accident and rejected cryopreservation moments before her death in the hospital. On top of that, she specifically donated her corneas to Sophia.

In that way, even in death, Anne would be able to use her eyes to look at Cooper every day.

He did not even respond even after learning about her accident. While holding onto her last breath in the hospital, she finally passed away when she received news that he and Sophia had agreed to accept her corneas.

Nevertheless, Sophia had never used the pair of corneas. Instead, she returned them to Anne’s parents.

However, Sophia accepted Quinton’s corneas this time. After replacing her artificial corneas with the donated ones from him, she regarded her reflection in the mirror. She felt as though he was just beside her. I’ve long forgiven Quinton, but Michael might not wake up forever…

Within the same year, Carmen returned from Eton College during her break to visit Mark at the Fletcher Residence. Medical technology has recently improved by a great length. He had an especially strong will to survive and he was physically active. Hence, he was full of vitality. Somehow, he was able to make a full recovery in the few times that he was critically ill. He succeeded in surviving up until now. In fact, he vowed that he would not die if Michael did not live.

Sophia followed her to the Fletcher Residence. Upon arriving there, she saw Quinton playing chess with Mark.

Upon hearing their voices, he turned to look at them with her eliminated, hand-me-down artificial corneas. His eyesight was clear and with a sharp gaze.

Previously, he lied to Sophia because he merely sustained a serious injury when he was admitted to the hospital. He survived the ordeal, but he claimed to have passed away. The Fletcher Family proceeded to remove Quinton’s existence to officially include him as Hope Fletcher in their genealogy record system. Since then, he moved into the Fletcher Residence. A living person is not allowed to donate their corneas and even if I were to donate mine, Sophia might not accept them. That is why I spread rumors that I’ve passed away and I even donated my corneas before my death. Furthermore, since I didn’t have a salary as a volunteer teacher, I had no savings in my pocket. Artificial corneas are pricey and a pair would have cost me hundreds of thousands. In fact, a pair of good quality ones would cost millions. In the end, I had no choice, but to use the hand-me-downs from her. In any case, I am grateful that I have my eyesight. Currently, the Fletcher Family has arranged a job for me and it’s a steady nine-to-five job. Besides, I’ve connected with the Clark Family. The Clarks just assumed that I’m lucky to have survived all those years ago, but my face has been destroyed. Later, my biological paternal family found me. To sum it up, I am just Hope Fletcher right now, whereas Quinton Clark, the Phantom Wolf, has completely vanished. The earthquake has put an end to the complicated and evil deed.

Sophia’s heart was still and tranquil in the tenth year that Michael was in cryopreservation. It seemed that she was mentally ready to spend the rest of her life alone. Even if I can’t witness him waking up, my next generation will continue the fight. I’m sure that he will wake up one day. I will be happy even after death as long as I know that he will wake up. Michael might blame me for being cruel, but this is the only thing I can offer him.

The project had some development that year—there was a breakthrough in the project for stem cells of the deciduous teeth and it had the clinical trial phase. Unfortunately, the results were not as promising since the effects were not good enough. Its application on medical treatments was still premature, so more time was needed.

Carmen was also 16 years old and she had completed her studies in Eton College too. She enrolled in one of the top-five universities in the world and even started to study hard for her doctorate.

Compared to an ordinary person, her speed was considered as fast. However, for such a high-achieving family, it was merely the norm. Furthermore, some could even comment that she was a late bloomer. In any case, her current progress was a result of Sophia’s insistence for her to slow down.

She is still a child, after all. Carmen needs to spend time with her peers to grow up in a healthy manner. She should date and experience puppy love, at the very least… If she were to procure her degree and join the family business at such an early age, she would be surrounded by sleazy old men in their twenties and thirties. Well, that wouldn’t be puppy love anymore because they will be taking advantage of her.

Unfortunately, Carmen had high expectations, so she was not interested in her peers at all. The ones she was interested in were not within her age range. Hence, she set aside the issue of dating; instead, she focused on studying to obtain her degree and certificates to the point where she even abandoned her online shop.

Sophia once had high hopes for Bailey and she even collaborated on some projects with him throughout the years. Nevertheless, Carmen had been pursuing her studies abroad. Hence, Sophia did not have the chance to match-make the two of them, which was an annoying issue for her.

It was also in that year when Sophia brought Carmen and Celine to dig the time capsule that they buried ten years ago.

Sophia was already aware of Michael’s illness when they buried the item, but she endured her pain to proceed to hide the time capsule. Initially, I wanted Michael to leave something for me as a token of remembrance. Unfortunately, he did not make an effort. Besides, it’s been ten years and everybody has forgotten what they’ve buried. I only remember that Celine has a huge stash of delicious snacks.

“Nate! Please open this because I’m sure that it’ll stink! All the food must have gone bad!” Sophia beckoned Nathan while instructing him to harrow out the time capsule.

Ten years had passed by and Nathan, who was once a quiet and distant teenager, turned into a cold youth who spoke little. He quietly picked up the hoe to dig the spot that contained the buried time capsules.

On the other side, Sophia’s other two children were cheering him on.

The 26-year-old Nathan had turned out different than before. He inherited a tanned, bronze complexion from his ancestors, which made him look especially handsome. Among a sea of conventional, fair-skinned and good-looking young men, he stood out because he looked especially stunning. In addition to that, he did not join the army when he came of age and instead chose to be in the business world. After Michael had been placed into cryopreservation, Nathan joined Asco International to be involved in their administration. Currently, he was the director and he combined Justin’s security company and Asco International. Nathan had been doing very well, indeed.

Surprisingly, after opening the time capsule, Sophia noticed that they did not smell as bad as she expected. No food was in Celine’s time capsule, but there were many small gifts inside. There was a small present in Carmen’s time capsule too. However, Sophia also noticed that there was a letter in her time capsule.

She stared at the yellowish envelope while looking at the words—‘Dear Wife, Sophia Edwards’—in a daze. Did Michael put this in?

Carmen opened the present to see a broken lipstick inside and immediately burst into tears. Dad gave me this!When dad was placed under cryopreservation, I was only 6 years old and I’m already 16 now. My childhood memories are getting blurry now and I can’t even recall the feeling of having a father. I didn’t expect to receive the lipstick that he gave me ten years ago.

Sophia took the letter and left without saying a word.

That night, she took a flight to leave Cethos and headed to the headquarters of Michel Medical Technology Company in Africa.

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