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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1464

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1464

Throughout the period that Michael was placed in cryogenic sleep, Sophia threw herself into work to distract herself. She devoted all of her time to her career and her children; in fact, she did not allow herself to have any free time. I’ll recall his name whenever I’m free. Those two words make me feel suffocated.

During the winter in the second year of his cryopreservation, she followed Daniel to inspect the Remote Mountains Health Club Villa that they collaborated together. While they were in the area, they took the opportunity to visit Dragon Mountain. Once upon a time, I used to feel relieved whenever I’m here. Now, I am just like a lamb, who has lost its way because I’m back, seeking answers here. .

The Dragon Mountain no longer looked as shabby as before. There were currently countless joss sticks burning at the temple with hundreds of devotees gathered around to pay their respects too. Unfortunately, the first monk master had passed away.

She left the area without achieving what she had set out to achieve. In the end, she continued living like a lost lamb.

Soon, it was the fifth year of Michael’s cryogenic sleep and time swiftly passed by. Sophia had celebrated her 35th birthday.

Many things happened in the fifth year. For example, Carmen was preparing to pursue her studies abroad alone.

She had always received the best education available since she had elite private tutors. Therefore, she had the best options for her studies. She started junior middle school when she was 11 years old and now, she finally received the admission letter from Eton College.

Cooper started to line up to apply for a spot in Eton College the year he found out about Carmen’s existence. On top of that, he simultaneously fought for the rights of female students to be enrolled into the college.

Due to the combined powerful influences of Cooper and Carmen’s three families and thanks to the support from a large number of people eager for change, the administration of Eton College finally accepted female students in secret after many years of tradition. She was part of the first batch and they only took one class of female students with less than twenty girls.

The enrollment quota of less than twenty female students had been selected through thousands of candidates. Upon learning that Eton College was accepting female students, the local noble families tried sending their daughters into the college and even the aristocrats abroad tested the waters too.

After enduring countless rounds of interviews, Carmen succeeded to secure a seat. She had worked hard and tirelessly for the spot in the college apart from her family’s support.

Despite her petite figure, Carmen knew early on about the importance of self-importance. Throughout the years, she had continued to operate her store on Amazon while developing her talents and potential in different fields. Her store was now operating like a proper business.

She stopped being involved in movies and reality shows, which was most probably due to her boredom. It was time for her to transform from a young idol to a straight-A goddess.

The interview for Eton College was much more difficult compared to the kindergarten interview that she had in the past. Furthermore, the college would inspect the family situation and background beforehand. Fortunately, Sophia had already obtained a postgraduate degree from Bayside University, so she did not weigh her family down.

Carmen simply packed her luggage and left the home which she lived in for the past eleven years to further her studies abroad…

In any case, Sophia started to pack her daughter’s luggage while nagging her along the way. It was obvious her heart was breaking for her daughter. My dear baby is leaving for such a far place for the first time to attend boarding school. She does not have any family there. I just can’t help but feel worried despite sending somebody over to look after her daily needs.

On the other hand, Carmen seemed annoyed as she commented, “Mom, I’m leaving to pursue my studies. It’s not like I am going to war. I will not end up dead, so you do not have to worry about me. Here, have a look! I’m already using sanitary pads. I am a big girl, which means I am no longer a baby.”

Sophia felt even more desolated when she heard that. My daughter is all grown up now; she’s even using sanitary pads these days.

Carmen left swiftly and from then on, she left her home for many years to make a living outside.

Within the same year, Linus and Callum still remained single while Sophia’s twins had a growth spurt too. By the end of the year, Cade regained consciousness.

After five years, the drug for treating GvHD was finally developed. The moment he woke up from his cryogenic sleep, he found himself coming face-to-face after opening his eyes with Sophia and Anna, who had bloodshot eyes.

“Mom?” Cade, who had just woken up, was emaciated. After being in cryogenic sleep for such a long time, it was natural for the body to be especially frail. Hence, he needed a certain amount of time to recover before he could receive treatment.

He looked at Anna and Sophia before asking, “Mom, Sophia, hasn’t the cryopreservation started?”

From his point of view, he had merely lost consciousness temporarily, so he felt that he quickly woke up from his sleep. He did not realize that time was so cruel and elusive.

It was not until he noticed the fine lines etched across Anna’s face as well as Sophia’s longer hair and matured expression that he finally realized five years had already passed.

In the end, Cade was injected with the latest drug and his body made a swift recovery.

He felt the vast changes of the world after he fully recovered. After he left Michel’s Castle, he returned to Ronney City, where he met Callum, who was once ten minutes older than he was. However, Callum was now older than Cade by five years. I can’t believe time has quickly passed by.

With Cade’s return, they brought him up to date with current affairs to ensure that he was informed about what he had missed throughout the five years. He returned to the Ronney Group to continue as one of the twin directors with Callum.

Unfortunately, Michael still did not regain consciousness.

Furthermore, there was not much breakthrough in the medical field technology. Hence, they needed more time.

Sophia stood in the middle of the cryopreservation center while observing Michael, who was deep asleep. She seemed calmer and more grounded without having the initial heart-wrenching despair and suffering from the past. Nevertheless, under her calm façade, she harbored a seed of hope—deep down in her heart. I will never give up.

In the same year, the cryopreservation project caught the public’s attention. Michel Medical Technology Company was the first to commercialize cryopreservation. Besides, there were many successful examples within the enterprise, so their business continued expanding. They were racing against the God of Death, and the company had repeatedly won.

However, many people lost hope on cryopreservation because they chose to accompany their family. They wanted to face death calmly and gracefully.

The Academy Award Winner, Taylor, had disappeared from the public’s eye for five years. It was similar to what happened many years ago—the news of his death spread like wildfire. In any case, his agency remained mum and they refused to release any information about him.

The agency was convinced that once the fervor of the news had passed, his passionate fans would disperse as expected. However, five years had passed, but there were still large groups of fans checking on the return of their idol, Taylor, by visiting the social media platforms and his fan page.

Unfortunately, they heard nothing about him.

Sophia did not expect many people to continue waiting for him even though five years had passed. It’s a shame that I have no idea what to say to his fans, which is why I choose to remain silent. Five years is a long time for different things to happen, but these are all insignificant to me. Sometimes, time seems to fly, but at times, it seems to crawl as slow as a snail.

During the seventh year, Quinton suddenly lost his mind and he resigned from Michel Medical Technology Company.

During his youth, he injected large amounts of stimulants to help with bodybuilding. Recently, the side effects were becoming more apparent. Initially, they were just normal headaches, but gradually, he had short-term memory loss and periods of insanity. In fact, he started experiencing hallucination. After a proper course of treatment, his condition finally stabilized.

However, he lost a portion of his memories—and it was a rather huge chunk of it.

Quinton was packing his luggage when Sophia dropped by to send him off. Upon noticing her, he smiled. “I am leaving to work as a volunteer teacher. Sophia, please remember to visit me often.”

He has forgotten his identity and everything that he did as the Phantom Wolf. However, after waking up, he still remembers that he’s getting ready to work as a volunteer teacher in the mountains.

It was then when she realized that volunteering as a teacher in the mountains had always been his dream. He had kept it a secret for many years without bringing it up.

After losing his memories this time, he was only able to hold onto the deepest obsession in his heart. That was most probably why he demanded to leave once his body recovered.

As of now, his body function had deteriorated and he was no longer the agile, skilled assassin he used to be. He was almost like an ordinary human being, so he was no longer a threat. Sophia found a primary school within a poverty-stricken mountainous area to send him there.

Quinton left in excitement. After arriving in the area, he sent her photos on a daily basis.

He seemed to have become the legendary Professor Clark, who was well-loved by both teachers and students alike in Bayside University. It almost felt as if nothing had happened during those past few years.

Unfortunately, bad news arrived in the ninth year of Michael’s cryogenic sleep. There was an earthquake at the school where Quinton was working. He was still in class during the disaster, so he sent all of the children to safety. Initially, he could have saved himself, but he returned to the school to save more of them. In the end, he was buried in the collapsed roof.

He was at the brink of death by the time they rescued him, but he used his body as a shield to protect two children. He used his life in exchange for their lives.

Unfortunately, he did not survive the accident.

When Sophia received the news of his death, it was accompanied with a message of his last words and a pair of his corneas.

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