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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1460

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1460

It has been a while since the entire family went for a trip so Sophia had gone back home to make the necessary preparations. The most dangerous and fragile period during her pregnancy was now over, so her life was pretty stable right now.

As they were planning to live in Africa for a while, they had to make many preparations beforehand.

Michael also helped in the preparation. It’s good to go for a trip there. Since it’s the Michel Family’s turf, they have very good medical facilities there. If any emergencies happen, it could be quickly dealt with. It’s just that the time is too short for me to make the preparations.

Before they headed out, Michael asked all his friends and families over.

Harry, Justin, and Sean, who had become a woman, had arrived.

Michael had a hunch that he might not make it back from Africa this time. He felt that his body was already failing him. Hence, before he left, he had to bid farewell to all his friends. After all, this might be the last time they saw him.

Joel was also here, but not Stanley, because he could not keep any secrets. He did not know about Michael’s health. Otherwise, he might blabber to the entire world about it.

In his own house, Michael drank with them one last time.

Everyone raised their glasses but none felt the past joy when they came over, even though this was Michael’s most generous occasion—he brought out all the best-quality wine that he could not bear to drink from the cellar.

While holding the glass, Michael looked at the people around him—they had known each other for almost three decades. There was Joel who competed with him from a young age, Quinton who changed his entire life, Justin who worked with him for many years, both Harry and Daniel, who had strived hard alongside him, and many others.

Looking back at the past, everything is like a dream.

It’s so surreal.

“Everyone, it’s my honor to meet all of you in this lifetime. Cheers!”

Everyone raised their glasses but a heavy feeling and forced happiness loomed over all of them.

He can actually… What a pity!

After they finished drinking, everyone left with a depressed feeling. Before they left, they saw Sophia burying something in the garden with Carmen digging in the ground happily next to her.

They look so happy now. What a pity! I wonder how long this happiness can last.

Harry and Daniel were the last to leave. Before they left, Michael told them heavily, “After I’m gone, the business and company will be depending on you. I’ve already transferred my shares—chica, Nate, and Celine have parts of it. Oh, and my father also has some of my shares.”

With that, he patted Harry’s shoulders, who merely lowered his head and grunted in agreement. Under such circumstances, Harry had no idea what else he could say.

Michael acted as though he was merely going for a trip, but Harry knew that he would not return after this.

They were about to leave tomorrow and it was highly possible that this was their final reunion.

After toasting to him, Harry drank the wine sullenly and left.

However, when he reached the front door, he could not help but turn back once more.

Michael was about to get up to watch him leave. The afternoon sun shot through the window, casting a long, dreamy shadow behind Michael, who looked as though he just walked out of a dream. In that instant, it was rather surreal, as though the person in front of him was an apparition who could disappear anytime.

We’ve worked together for more than 20 years now.

He still looks the same as before—deep and profound. With just one look at him, I can remember his features immediately. It’s not because of his handsome appearance, but it’s his attractive eyes that have many stories hidden in them.

In that instant, they seemed to travel back to two decades ago at the military training for first-years. Michael was the instructor while Harry was an arrogant delinquent.

Michael had chased after him and hit him until he admitted defeat.

What a pity…

With that, Harry and Daniel left.


Sophia, who was at the door, suddenly called out to Michael. After putting down his wine glass, Michael saw Sophia and Celine digging under the tree with the kids, as though they were burying something.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

Celine replied happily, “We are sending presents to our future selves!”

Sophia opened a huge ceramic pot with some accessories inside—jewelry, necklaces, and a picture of the both of them. Carmen had also put her picture into it.

“This is a time capsule! After I bury it, I will wait for another 20 years before opening it again. It will be a present to my future self!” Sophia explained joyfully. While packing, she asked Michael, “Your bottle is placed there. What would you like to give your future self?”

Each of them had a bottle for themselves and there was an empty one that was for Michael.

A time capsule?

What a pity. I’ll be gone soon.

I wonder what I can send to myself.

No one will collect it anyway.

Since Michael knew that he was about to be gone, he wished to decrease the proof of his existence so that the people he loved would get used to the world without him much sooner.

After thinking about it, he shook his head and murmured, “You didn’t inform me before this, so I didn’t prepare anything. I won’t put anything into it now.”

Carmen took Michael’s bottle and put her belongings into it—the keychain that she made herself, her pictures, and her crayon drawings.

Even Judge ran over to put a ball into it for his future grandson.

“Celie, what are you putting into it?” Michael crouched and looked at Celine’s time capsule.

“Good food!” Celine replied happily, to which Sophia immediately muttered, “I already told you many times that you shouldn’t put food into it. After a few days, it will turn bad. A year later, everything will already be rotten!”

However, Celine insisted on putting food into the bottle. Apart from that, she also put a picture of her and Michael when they were kids into it. Their miniscule selves looked exactly the same as they took the picture, standing next to each other while holding hands.

Looking at the picture, Michael smiled bitterly.

There were four holes under the tree, each for burying Sophia, Michael, Carmen, and Celine’s time capsules. After they buried it, Celine even planted a small tree on top. Since it was probably not a good idea to plant trees in the summer, she asked their servants to look after it everyday.

As they were leaving the next day, both Sophia and Carmen had gone to bed early. When midnight came, Michael quietly walked out and dug up the spots where they buried the time capsules during the day. He opened Sophia’s bottle that contained her favorite things and a picture of them taken a few days ago.

There were only both of them in the picture that was taken at the hospital and they had blissful smiles on their faces.

Everything seemed to have stopped the day before.

Michael took a small box that he prepared—it was a present for Sophia, Celine, and Carmen.

He gave Carmen a lipstick. Even though it could not be used after it was dug out, he felt that as a father, he should give his daughter something symbolic.

He also gave Celine some knick-knacks, but he left a letter for Sophia.

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